Upper Canada Village Ontario, Canada

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In the Upper Canada Village store

Learn about Ontario's history in Upper Canada Village Ontario. Imagine: a village through which a brook babbles in its bed to a pond. It is lined with bushes. In between them, meadow flowers peek out. The water of the brook is diverted into canals. These lead to craft businesses from which the hustle and bustle can be heard.


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Machine noise indicates that people are busy working and producing behind the stone walls of the building. Flour, yarn, fabrics and clothes are created. In the sawmill, boards are cut from tree trunks. They are used to make houses, barns and fences in the village.



In the Upper Canada Village in Ontario, Canada, the good old days are revived

At the craft shops in Upper Canada Village in Ontario Millers, woodworkers, weavers and tailors work every summer with original machines from the 19th century. They give village life an atmosphere of nostalgia that makes the “good old days” seem very real. In between, women in dresses with hoop skirts stroll along the gravel roads. On the way they come across a horse-drawn carriage with visitors or an ox cart on the way home from the field.

On the river, a boat transports guests from one end of the village to the other. Just as was the custom two centuries ago. At the time when loyalists loyal to England began to settle in Upper Canada at the beginning of the 19th century.


In the Upper Canada Village store
In the Upper Canada Village store

Americans fled the US revolution to Ontario

Many of them had fled to Canada in the turmoil of the American Revolution. The neighbors of the new United States of America were still under the control of England. There they could continue to live under the crown of the royal family. They were people who already had pioneering experience. They knew how to build a life with the local conditions.

In doing so, they made use of the innovations of the time. They built craft businesses with hydropower. These produced everything that was necessary for life on site. This made them self-sufficient in practically all areas of life. What they did not produce, traders delivered via the Sankt Lorenz Strom. Most of what they needed, however, they made on site.


A chat in the afternoon
A chat in the afternoon

Nostalgia lives on a walk through Upper Canada Village

We too are gripped by the magic of the good old days on our walk through this museum village. In the tavern we meet the host who is greeting his guests. At that time women and men were entertained in separate guest rooms. They still exist today. Life in the village goes smoothly. In front of the tavern, a villager is having a chat with the coachman who is waiting for customers.

On the other side of the village street, a pair of oxen trot in front of a cart on their way home. A farmer is explaining to his boy how to treat plants in the home garden. Something is missing in this village. The hectic pace of everyday life that is typical of life today. So make sure you have time when visiting the Upper Canada Village. Enough time to be able to enjoy this life and tranquility for a few hours.

If you really want to get to know the village, you should plan for three to four hours. If you want, you can stay in some of the houses in Upper Canada Village. However, you have to book early. Waiting periods of up to one year are not rare.


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Upper Canada Village address
13740 County Road 2
Morrisburg. ON K0C 1X0

Opening hours:

May 21 – September 18, 2022
9:30 p.m. - 17.00:XNUMX p.m.

Upper Canada Village Questions and Answers

Where is Upper Canada Village?

The Upper Canada Village open-air museum is located near Morrisburg on the St. Lawrence River. It is located between Toronto and Montreal.

How far is Upper Canada Village from Ottawa?

It takes about ninety minutes to drive from Ottawa to Upper Canada Village. The route is 90 kilometers on the Trans-Canada Highway.

How far is Montreal from Upper Canada Village?

It's almost 150 km from Montreal to Upper Canada Village. You need about 1 hour 40 minutes for this.

How far is it from Kingston to Upper Canada Village?

The distance by road is almost 150 kilometers.


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Upper Canada Village Ontario
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Upper Canada Village Ontario, Canada

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