Insider tips in the Zillertal: everything you need to know

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Insider tips in the Zillertal

Advertisement – ​​In the Zillertal in Tyrol you will find everything your heart desires. What do you think of challenging hiking trails away from the crowds? Get ideas for your vacation in these insider tips in the Zillertal.

Discover insider tips in the Zillertal

The Zillertal, for example, offers numerous hiking routes that take you through dense forests, across green alpine meadows and to crystal-clear mountain lakes. You can observe the local wildlife and enjoy the fresh mountain air. For the brave, there are via ferratas and high ropes courses that will get your pulse racing.

But the Zillertal is not only known for its outdoor activities. The region is also a feast for the palate. From hearty Tyrolean specialties in cozy alpine huts to fresh trout from the mountain lakes - everyone gets their money's worth here.

The Zillertal is the place where adventurers and nature lovers get their money's worth. Whether you want to climb the heights, ride down the rivers or just unwind, there is something for everyone here. Browse through our insider tips for Zillertal and you're guaranteed to find ideas for what to do there.


Insider tips in the Zillertal
Insider tips in the Zillertal – the nature of the Central Alps


The magic of the Zillertal

Geographically, the Zillertal is part of the Central Alps and stretches over 40 kilometers. It is surrounded by numerous peaks, which are not only for hikers and attract climbers. The four main valleys - the front, middle, back and Tuxertal - offer a variety of landscapes. From dense forests to high mountain peaks, everything is there.

Historically, the Zillertal has a long tradition as a mining and trading region. Silver and copper were mined here as early as the Middle Ages. Later, tourism and agriculture were added, which are now the main sources of income. The history of the valley is also reflected in its villages and towns. From old churches to modern ski resorts, you'll find an exciting mix of old and new here.

But the Zillertal is more than just its history and geography. You can not only experience nature here, but also the culture and traditions of the people who live here. From local festivals to handmade products in small shops, there is a lot to discover.


Hiking in the Zillertal
Hiking – one of the insider tips in the Zillertal for outdoor fans


Insider tips in the Zillertal – outdoor activities

Hiking off the beaten track

The Zillertal in Tyrol is a true El Dorado for outdoor fans. Especially if you like hiking, the valley offers a wealth of possibilities. But it's not just the well-known routes that are worth visiting. There are also less frequented paths that take you to quieter corners of the valley. Discover these insider tips for hikers in the Zillertal.

This is one such insider tip Hiking trail to the Tristenbachalm. This path is less crowded and takes you through dense forests and past small streams. The route is not too demanding, so it is also suitable for beginners. When you reach your destination, you can enjoy the peace and quiet and maybe even spot some wild animals.

Another lesser-known hiking trail is the Path to the Plauener Hütte. This trail is a little more challenging and therefore ideal for experienced hikers. The climb is worth it because once you reach the top you will have a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. There's also a good chance you'll have the view all to yourself.

If you prefer it flatter, this is it Zillergrundweg a good choice. This path takes you along the Ziller River and is ideal for a relaxed hike. Since this path is less well-known, you're more likely to meet locals than tourists.

In short, the Zillertal has much more to offer hikers than just the well-known routes. If you're willing to go a little off the beaten path, you'll be rewarded with peace, nature and unforgettable experiences. Perfect, um walking boots and backpack Pack up and enjoy the mountains in the Zillertal.


Culinary insider tips in the Zillertal
Zillertaler Krapfen are culinary insider tips in the Zillertal Benreis, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Culinary insider tips in the Zillertal

The Zillertal is not only a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, but also for foodies. If you want to explore the local cuisine, there are some insider tips in the Zillertal that you shouldn't miss.

A real insider tip are the “Zillertaler Krapfen”, a type of filled dumpling. You can best find these in the traditional alpine huts. Another delicacy is the “Zillertaler Graukäse”, which you can buy in many small farm shops.

The Zillertal is not known as a wine region, but there are some small vineyards that offer interesting varieties. A visit to “Weingut Zillertal”, for example, is a good opportunity to try local wines.

But the Zillertal is best known for its schnapps and liqueurs. Many farms and small distilleries offer tours and tastings. A highlight is the “Zillertal Distillery”, where you can try the famous “Zillertaler Obstler”.

During a holiday in the Zillertal you should definitely explore the culinary side of the region. From regional specialties in cozy alpine huts to fine wines from small distilleries, there is a lot to discover here.


Insider tips in the Zillertal – craftsmanship


Culture and tradition insider tips in the Zillertal

The Zillertal is not only known for its nature and outdoor activities, but also for its rich culture and tradition.

Craftsmanship in the Zillertal

A special aspect that is often overlooked is the region's craftsmanship. If you want to experience the real Zillertal, you should definitely visit some local craftsmen.

A highlight is the “Zillertal wood carving”. Here you can watch how real works of art are created from simple pieces of wood. The workshop also offers courses if you want to get hands-on. Another interesting craft is the making of traditional Tyrolean hats. In the “Hatmacherei Zillertal” you can follow the entire manufacturing process and even have your own hat made.

But that is not all. There are also numerous potteries in the Zillertal where you can experience the art of pottery up close. A visit to “Keramik Zillertal” is a good opportunity to learn more about this ancient craft and perhaps even take home a handmade souvenir.


Cattle drive
Insider tips in the Zillertal – the Almabtrieb


This accommodation is one of the insider tips in the Zillertal

Are you looking for insider tips for accommodation in the Zillertal? The Zillertal Suites Fügen offer you exactly that. In a sunny location and only 850 meters from the Spieljochbahn, these holiday apartments are the perfect starting point for outdoor activities in the Zillertal. The furnishings are a mix of modern Tyrolean architecture and natural materials such as reclaimed wood and real moss walls.

You can choose between different apartment categories that offer space for up to six people. All apartments are equipped with high-quality furniture, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with rain shower. There is even a separate laundry room for longer stays. And best of all: the apartments are dog-friendly!

But it's not just the apartments themselves that are a highlight. The resort's wellness area offers everything you need for a relaxing break: from various saunas to a heated outdoor pool. And if you want fresh pastries in the morning, you can use the resort's bread roll service.

There is a ski and bike room for active holidaymakers, and thanks to the cooperation with Bründl Sports, you even get a discount on sports equipment rental. As a guest, you also receive a guest card that offers you numerous discounts and free ski buses to the ski areas.


Winter vacation
Insider tips in the Zillertal – winter vacation


Practical tips and information

How to get there

The Zillertal is easily accessible, whether by car, train or plane. If you come by car, the main highways are the A12 and the A93. For those traveling by train, the nearest train station is Jenbach, from where you can easily get to the Zillertal. The nearest airport is Innsbruck, about 40 km away.

Best time to travel

The Zillertal is a year-round destination. In winter, the ski areas attract with snow-sure slopes. The best time for winter sports is from December to April. In summer the valley is a paradise for hikers and cyclists. The months of May to September are ideal for outdoor activities.

Public transportation

The Zillertal has a well-developed network of public transport. There are regular bus connections between the different places as well as ski buses in winter. Many accommodations offer a guest card with which you can travel for free or at a reduced price.

Shopping and supplies

In most places there are supermarkets and smaller shops where you can buy everything you need. Many accommodations also offer a bread roll service for breakfast.

Activities and events

The Zillertal offers a variety of activities, from skiing and snowboarding in winter to hiking and cycling in summer. There are also various events and festivals throughout the year that are worth visiting.

With these tips you will be well prepared for your holiday in the Zillertal. No matter whether you want to hit the slopes, explore nature or just relax - you'll find everything you need for a successful break here.


The Zillertal has much more to offer than just the well-known tourist attractions. If you want to experience the real Zillertal, there are some insider tips that you shouldn't miss. Hidden hiking trails off the beaten track make the Zillertal a paradise for adventurers and nature lovers. And if you want to relax after a strenuous tour, there are numerous small vineyards and distilleries where you can enjoy local specialties.

The Zillertal also has a lot to offer culturally. Visit local artisans and experience the region's craftsmanship up close. Or immerse yourself in the local culture at traditional festivals and events, such as the annual cattle drive in autumn.

The Zillertal offers a variety of options for making your vacation varied. Next time you're in the Zillertal, forget the beaten path and discover the many hidden treasures of this diverse valley. It is worth it!



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Insider tips in the Zillertal: everything you need to know

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