Hiking & Wine: Discover the treasures of Würzburg am Stein

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Würzburg wine hike on the Stein

Würzburg, the charming city on the Main, is a jewel in the Franconian wine region. Viticulture has shaped the culture and history of the city for over 1.200 years. As one of the oldest wine-growing regions in Germany, Würzburg is particularly important for Franconian wine. Top wines that are equally popular with connoisseurs and connoisseurs thrive here. A special way of experiencing the Würzburg wine culture up close is the Würzburg wine hike on the Stein. It combines the joy of nature, the fascination for culture and the enjoyment of the Würzburg wines. Along the vineyards you can enjoy views of the Main Valley and the surrounding vineyards.

We did the wine hike through the layers of the Würzburger Stein Steinburg Castle Hotel turned off. Its restaurant with its beautiful terrace is also a great place to rest if you are doing the wine hike from Würzburg. Then you can take a break here with a great view. Or you do as we do and stay overnight there. This saves you the steep ascent from Würzburg, because the hotel is located above the vineyards of the Würzburger Stein.

The wine hike on the Stein takes you through the city's famous vineyards, past wineries and sights. In addition to nature and the vineyards, a variety of cultural highlights await you.

Experience a wine hike on the Stein in Würzburg and immerse yourself in the world of Franconian wine. Discover the beauty of nature, get to know the culture of the region and enjoy the exceptional wines that have their origins here. An unforgettable experience for all senses awaits you.



Best travel time for wine hikes in Würzburg

Typically spring and fall are the ideal times of year as the weather is pleasantly mild and the vineyards can be seen in their full glory. Blooming landscapes await you in spring, while autumn lures with bright colors and the vintage.


That has to be in your suitcase

  • Comfortable shoes, which you can also use to walk over uneven terrain. The wine hike near Würzburg also leads over uneven paths.
  • A  backpack, for example by taking your equipment with you for a day. A Picnic You can definitely include a view of the Main in your hike.
  • In the summer you also need one hat that protects against the sun. The vineyards for hiking are on the sunny side of the valley.
  • Also, you should always have one weatherproof jacket have with you to be prepared for rain showers.
  • Did you pack everything for a hike? With our hiking checklist  you can easily check that.



View of the Marian festivals
View of the Marian festivals


Route and highlights along the Würzburg Weinwandern am Stein

The starting point of your Würzburg wine hike is at the Würzburg Residence, an impressive baroque building and UNESCO World Heritage Site. From here you embark on a journey of discovery through the vineyards and the rich culture of the region.

The first stop on your route is the Weinberg am Stein, which stretches across the slopes of Würzburg's local mountain. Here you can enjoy views of the Main Valley and get a first impression of the diversity of the Franconian wine landscape.

Once at the top you can stop off on the terrace of the Schlosshotel Steinburg and enjoy the great view with a glass of wine. On the way back to the city center you can choose the route via the Weingut am Stein and the Weingut Juliusspital.

At the end of your wine hike on the Stein you reach the lively city center of Würzburg. Here you have the opportunity to visit other sights such as the Old Main Bridge and the Marienberg Fortress or to end the day comfortably in one of the numerous wine bars and restaurants.

Alternatively, you can do as we do and start your wine hike below the Schlosshotel Steinburg. This saves you the climb and you can enjoy the view of the city and the Main.



View of the Main during the Würzburg wine hike
View of the Main during the Würzburg wine hike

Wineries and ostrich inns along the Würzburg wine hike on the Stein

The Weingut am Stein is one of the most famous wineries in the region and not only impresses with its first-class wines, but also with its idyllic location. Take the opportunity to participate in a wine tasting and learn about the different types of wine. In addition, there are regular events where you can learn more about winegrowing and the history of the winery.

Another renowned winery in the area is the Juliusspital winery. Here, too, you have the option of Wine tastings to take part and to discover the variety of Franconian wines. Find out about the events and guided tours to delve even deeper into the world of wine and get to know the winery better.

In addition to these two wineries, you will also find ostrich inns and wine bars along the wine hike on the Stein, which invite you to stop by. You can taste regional specialties and wines in a cozy atmosphere.


View from the Schlosshotel Steinburg on the Würzburg wine hike on the Stein
View from the Schlosshotel Steinburg on the Würzburg wine hike on the Stein


Wine festivals and events

A special highlight is the Wein am Stein festival, which attracts numerous visitors with wine and music every year. For two weeks everything revolves around the famous Steinwein, Franconian joie de vivre and musical entertainment. If you plan your wine hike in Würzburg accordingly, you can combine both.

The farm festivals at the wineries in the region are also an integral part of the calendar of events. Here the winegrowers open their doors and invite you to taste their wines on site and learn more about the cultivation and production. Not only culinary delights await you at these festivals, but also a program with music, art and culture.

Wine festivals in Würzburg and the surrounding area offer you the opportunity to experience the variety of Franconian wines in a convivial atmosphere. Discover the wine festivals, which usually take place in summer and autumn, and enjoy the unique mix of wine, cuisine and culture. At these festivals you have the chance to get to know local winegrowers, taste their wines and experience the Franconian way of life up close. We provide one Selection of wine festivals in this article.

Cultural and historical sights in Würzburg

Start your journey of discovery at the Würzburg Residence, one of the most important baroque buildings in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be amazed by the beauty of the architecture and the impressive frescoes.

Afterwards, it is worth visiting the Marienberg Fortress, which towers high above the city and was once the residence of the prince bishops of Würzburg. Explore the historic walls and enjoy the view of Würzburg and the Main Valley.

The Old Main Bridge, one of the city's landmarks, connects the old town with Marienberg Fortress. Stroll across the historic bridge, which impresses with its baroque statues, and enjoy the unique atmosphere on the banks of the Main. Here you can also enjoy a bridge shop with a great view.

Another highlight is the Käppele, a baroque pilgrimage church. Admire the filigree architecture, the magnificent frescoes and let yourself be touched by the atmosphere of this place.

Last but not least, a visit to the Juliusspital winery is a must. This winery, which is part of the Juliusspital Foundation, offers you an insight into the long tradition of viticulture in Würzburg and the opportunity to taste first-class wines on site.


Restaurant terrace in the castle hotel Steinburg
Restaurant terrace in the castle hotel Steinburg


Accommodation and gastronomy along the Würzburg wine hike on the Stein

There are various types of accommodation available for wine hikers that are tailored to a wide variety of needs. Hotels and guesthouses offer you comfort and service so that you can relax after an eventful day. We recommend staying overnight Castle Hotel Steinburg *, which lies above the Würzburger Stein vineyard. Alternatively, you can stay in holiday apartments and private rooms, which offer you a homely ambience and individual charm.

Gastronomy in Würzburg and the surrounding area is characterized by a rich culinary tradition. Enjoy the hearty specialties of the Franconian cuisine in the pubs and restaurants that focus on regional dishes and seasonal products.

Wine taverns and taverns are central points of contact for wine lovers and, in addition to a selection of first-class wines, also offer small dishes and a cozy atmosphere. Here you can taste the regional wine on site but also enjoy the Franconian hospitality.

For those who are looking for modern and international cuisine, Würzburg also offers a variety of options. Discover trendy cafes, upscale restaurants and exotic cuisines that will broaden your culinary horizons.



Summary of the Würzburg wine hike:

The wine hike on the Stein in Würzburg is an unforgettable experience that combines nature, culture and enjoyment. You'll have the opportunity to explore the region's vineyards and landscapes while learning about wine culture and the delights of Franconian cuisine.

The highlights of the wine hike include visits to wineries, ostrich farms and wine bars, which offer you an authentic insight into the Franconian world of wine. The sights of Würzburg, such as the Residenz, Marienberg Fortress or the Käppele, complement your experience.

In conclusion, it can be said that the wine hike on the Stein in Würzburg is an experience that inspires every wine lover and nature lover. The combination of vineyards, Franconian wine culture and culinary delights makes this hike a highlight of your stay in the region. The beauty of the landscape and the variety of Franconian wines will inspire you. Also enjoy the hospitality of the people in Würzburg and the surrounding area.


Travel Arrangements

Parking at the airport

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Arrival by plane, car, bus and train to the wine hike in Würzburg

For example, book your journey here by flight, bus or train*. The nearest international airport is definitely Frankfurt. You can then rent a rental car. It is also possible to travel to by train Würzburg.

By rental car to the Würzburg wine hike:

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Accommodation in Wurzburg

Hotels and Accommodations in Wurzburg * you can, for example, easily book via our partner booking.com.


Accommodation in Würzburg *

For example, these hotels are particularly popular with connoisseurs and wine lovers:

Hotel Melchior Park*:

The Hotel Melchior Park offers a view over the city of Würzburg and the Main Valley. Each room is modern and stylishly furnished and offers all the amenities you would expect from a four-star hotel. The highlight of the hotel, however, is the roof terrace, from which you can enjoy views over the city as well as the vineyards.

Maritim Hotel Wuerzburg*:

The Maritim Hotel Würzburg offers a wonderful view of Würzburg and the surrounding countryside. The hotel is particularly interesting for wine lovers, who are invited to the Franconian wine bar. The hotel also offers a wide range of wines from the region.

Hotel Wuerzburger Hof*:

The Hotel Würzburger Hof is a historical building in the heart of the city and offers a mixture of modern comfort and traditional charm. The rooms are elegantly furnished and offer a cozy ambience.

Hotel Greifensteinerhof*:

The Hotel Greifensteiner Hof is located in a quiet area on the outskirts of the city and offers an oasis of peace and relaxation. The rooms are spacious and comfortably furnished and offer all the amenities you would expect from a four-star hotel. The hotel also has an idyllic garden where you can sit back and relax.

Schlosshotel Steinburg Würzburg*:

The Schlosshotel Steinburg in Würzburg is a hotel that is suitable for both business travelers and holidaymakers. It lies on a hill above the Main and offers a magnificent view of Würzburg and the river. The hotel also has an in-house restaurant that is known for its excellent cuisine. We stayed at the Schlosshotel Steinburg itself. We describe our experiences in this article.

Wuerzburg Travel Guide

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Würzburg wine hike on the Stein
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