Cooking in a motorhome or houseboat

Cooking in a motor home or houseboat needs to be carefully considered. Because there is only little space in the galley as well as in the kitchenette of a mobile home. During our trips with the motorhome and the houseboat, we have gained experience of what to look for in a small kitchen.

By houseboat on the Mayenne

On the way with the houseboat on the Mayenne in the Pays de la Loire in western France, we discover a region and a river that could hardly be more relaxing. From Château-Gontier we drive to Laval and back in three days and experience a journey past châteaus and small villages.

Houseboat tips for beginners

We spent three days as beginners with the houseboat on the Mayenne. The Mayenne is a river in the Pays de la Loire not far from the border with Normandy and Brittany and flows into the Loire at Angers. It is one of the rivers in France that beginners can navigate without a boat license. What should you know beforehand?