Top hotel in the Vienna Woods

The Vienna Woods is a region that impressed us with its landscape, its wooded areas and hilly landscapes, but also with its wine regions and its offers for connoisseurs. This hotel in the Wienerwald near Vienna has contributed a lot to our judgment.

Sustainable vacation in Styria

The Lambrechthof offers in the nature park hotel in Sankt Lambrecht promise enjoyment with a natural experience. We are on the way with gourmet chef Erich Pucher to his suppliers from the region and explore the Dürnberger Moor, a remnant from the Ice Age.

Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden

See Schloss Ort in Gmunden am Traunsee Many of you will be familiar with the Seeschloss Ort in the Salzkammergut from the television series “Schlosshotel Orth”, the last episode of which flickered on our television screens in 2004. Only - there is no such thing as a castle hotel. Instead, the beautiful and beautiful castle in the Traunsee in Upper Austria in front of Gmunden is open to visitors, [...]

Pictou Nova Scotia - Dinner with a view

Eating with a view What actually defines a gourmet hotel? The question is not that easy to answer, especially when I think of the Pictou Lodge Beachfront Resort in Nova Scotia. It lacks the cosiness that I normally look for in a luxury hotel. Nor does it have any charm that could induce me to offer you this hotel [...]

Culinary tour of Toronto

Culinary tour through Toronto On our culinary journey through the world, we don't want to miss an insight into Toronto's cuisine. With its population, Toronto is ideal for a food tour through Toronto, and we are sure that we will discover a lot of interesting and, above all, delicious things. Therefore close[…]

Glass factory in Vermont with a covered bridge

It's pouring rain. it's pouring And it's pouring. The sky empties buckets of water on us. Not exactly the best weather for outdoor attractions, so we're very glad that a glass factory in Vermont is on our agenda today. As it turns out, this is exactly the right occupation for such a day.[…]