Experience the Wachau in autumn

Experiencing the Wachau in autumn is an experience. On the south-facing slopes in the western part of the Wachau, the sun shines on stone terraces on which wine varieties such as Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Neuburger Smaragd thrive. The vineyards change color. Winegrowers decorate their wine shops for autumn.

Discover the Wachau Austria for connoisseurs

The Wachau in the Weinviertel is a destination for connoisseurs. It is the part of the Danube between Krems and Melk. There it dug 36 meters deep into the truncated mountain landscape of the Bohemian Massif over a distance of 700 kilometers. The Wachau separates the Dunkelsteinerwald in the south from the Waldviertel in the north. We can recommend these excursion destinations for connoisseurs along the Danube.

Vienna Bratislava by boat

Vienna - Bratislava in 75 minutes. And that without traffic jams, without hectic rush and with great views of nature and the Danube. Perfect for an afternoon outing. This is possible with the Twin City Liner, which departs from the Schwedenkai in Vienna and goes to Bratislava.

Monastic gardens in Lower Austria

We were en route for three days on our Klostergarten route through Lower Austria. We visited five monastery gardens. We promised ourselves a pleasure for the eyes and senses. But the trip held a lot more surprises in store.

Offbeat Places to Visit in Austria - Tips for Trips to Savor

Enjoy the Waldviertel Austria For three days we were out and about in the Waldviertel Austria. For the first time. So far I had only heard of the Waldviertel in Lower Austria and, apart from a lot of forest, couldn't imagine much about it. We start our journey in the Gartenhotel & Weingut Pfeffel in Dürnstein in the Wachau, a gourmet hotel directly on the Danube. This represents [...]

Hike through the Pesenbachtal

The hike through the Pesenbachtal beckons us. Witches and devils are supposed to be up to mischief there. There are also stories of shamans and healers. On a sunny midsummer day, we set out in cool morning temperatures. From the Kurhaus in Bad Mühllacken we start our hike through the Pesenbachtal.