The best breakfast in the world?

We wanted to test the American gigantomania and were drawn to the promises of the Lighthouse Café on Sanibel Island. The claim to serve the best breakfast in the world is emblazoned here - directly under the restaurant name on the doorstep.

A breakfast with a view of Luxembourg

In Luxembourg we spent two nights at the Sofitel Le Grand Ducal, a hotel in Luxembourg City. It is one of the luxury hotels in Luxembourg City. Even if you live on the other side of the gorge that separates the old town from the surrounding area, it is only a few minutes' walk to the center of town.

Make your own pancake dough for an American breakfast

With this pancakes dough you can prepare a breakfast like in America at home. Making pancakes dough yourself is easy. Breakfast in the US or Canada looks different than ours. It is one of the most important main meals of the day there. Especially on weekends, you take the time to have a long and extensive breakfast.

Eat vegan breakfast – fair and delicious

Eat vegan breakfast Admittedly, we are not vegans. However, since we were served a purely vegan menu on a press trip, it has often been the case in our kitchen at home that we do without meat. We would describe ourselves as flexitarians, if such terms have to be used. I don't usually like to be in[…]