neander country logoWe were in Neanderland in North Rhine Westphalia. Until our invitation to this region we did not even know that there is an area of ​​this name at all. Good - we had of course heard of Neanderthals, but that there is also a region of this name, we have learned only through our visit to this region. It was interesting for us that it is not only worth seeing because of the archaeological finds. In our articles we introduce you to the places and regions that we found particularly interesting. There are certainly more, but maybe our list of destinations and pleasure tips makes you want to visit this region? We would be glad. If you have your own tips for Neanderland, please let us know in the comments of each post. Maybe we'll go there again and research them for the blog and introduce them here.

Apartment like home in Erkrath

A holiday home like home: on our #winter happiness trip to North Rhine-Westphalia in December, we stayed in the factory owner's villa in Erkrath *. We felt very comfortable in the two days that we stayed there, so we don't want to miss out on introducing the apartment to you.

Enjoy a Bergische coffee table

Pastry cakes and cakes - fresh every day -, Bergisch waffles in various sorts and the Bergische coffee table - "Drinking coffee with everything dröm and drom" - are advertised on a slate on the facade of the nostalgia café in Velbert Neviges in North Rhine-Westphalia.