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Library at Travel Charme Ifen - Winter Wellness Austria

Check-in at the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal

Our Indulgence in Austria starts with the check-in at the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal. Instead of filling out the registration forms at the reception as usual in hotels, we are led straight to the cozy lobby library. There we quench our thirst with a glass of orange juice. By the way, the gentleman from the front desk puts the registration papers on the table and says: "If you are ready, we will be happy to show you your room." In the meantime, our luggage will be taken out of the car. Hard-working helpers park the vehicle in the hotel garage. As soon as we check in, we feel welcome at this five-star hotel in Hirschegg Kleinwalsertal, And so it continues:


This is how we sleep in the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal
This is how we sleep in the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal


Rooms at Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal

Our room is on the top floor of the house. From there we look down towards Riezlern. On the day of our arrival, the sun is shining, making it hot and humid. However, we didn't notice anything in the room. We can relax in a comfortable temperature. Our companion explains to us everything we need to know. We find it particularly pleasant that the non-alcoholic drinks in the minibar are free. A circumstance that we are happy to make use of during our stay.


Cozy sitting area in a suite at the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal
Cozy sitting area in a suite at the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal


Subtle colors

The room itself - like the hotel - furnished in beige and wood tones and distracts so not from the grandiose nature in front of the window front. The Italian architect Lorenzo Bellini has also designed the interior of the hotel. Furniture, lamps and accessories are creations of the architect for the hotel. He chose wood and granite as materials, thus providing the hotel with warm red, brown, beige and gray tones that create a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, the device does not detract from the prospects.


Discuss in the bar with friends
Discuss with friends in the bar of the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal


Public rooms in the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel

The public rooms of the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel between the lobby area and the restaurant are inviting. They are equipped with sitting areas along a window front. We meet friends there. Enjoy a drink before dinner. We just relax from the many impressions that the valley offers us. I also find the open library corner particularly pleasant, where interesting books invite you to browse. Just right for me bookworm!


The staff welcomes guests everywhere.
The staff welcomes the guests.


Friendly service

The staff of the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel is very friendly. Already after one day it knows us by name. A fact that we greatly appreciate. On our second evening hotel director Nikolaus Jäger personally welcomes us with a welcome drink together with other guests. This opens up new and friendly contacts with other hotel guests right at the beginning. During our visits to the restaurant and in the bar of the hotel we are served very competent. Their dealings with guests go far beyond the treatment that is common in many hotels. So the waiter asks us at dinner what we did during the day. He also gives us great tips for activities in the region. We will gladly put these into action in the next few days.


What you can do in Kleinwalsertal

There are more tips here:


Slow down in the Puria Spa

The hotel was kind enough to invite us for a facial at their Puria Spa. An experience that I don't want to miss. On the one hand because of the effect that cleaning and care has on my skin, which is stressed by sun, wind and sea. On the other hand, because of the friendly manner of the young lady in the spa, who just lets me relax. I start a conversation with her and ask her whether and why she likes it at the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel. She laughs and says: “Oh yes! Especially since Nikolaus Jäger has been managing the hotel. He always comes to visit us in the spa area and is like a father to us. ”“ May I publish that? ”I ask with a laugh. And she says: “I'd love to. I'm sure he'll like it. "


Veal with heart-cherry sauce - you eat well at the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal
Veal with heart-cherry sauce - you eat well at the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal


Already Heinz Rühmann felt comfortable here

We are not the first to feel comfortable in the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel. The hotel has played a role in the Kleinwalsertal since its opening in 1936: during the Second World War it served as an "honor prison" for prominent prisoners of war. Here, however, important personalities also met. Among them were guests like the philosopher Theodor W. Adorno or the actor Heinz Rühmann. He even made a film in the Hotel Ifen.

Chef Sascha Kemmerer does a lot to make you feel comfortable in this hotel. He has a Michelin star and 16 points in the Gault Millau. In the gourmet restaurant "Kilian Stuba" he reinterprets the regional roots of Walser cuisine. He is on vacation when we visit, so we cannot get to know his culinary skills. But the kitchen crew's kitchen can be seen without their master. We dine excellently in the restaurant of the Ifen Hotel.

Our Conclusion

Our conclusion about the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel! A hotel that can be highly recommended with friendly care and a feel-good factor that is difficult to top. The hotel has a big part in that our three days in the Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg become a special experience.

Travel Charme Hotel Ifen Kleinwalsertal
Top street 6
6992 Hirschegg
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This is what you need for a trip to the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal

  • We recommend comfortable walking shoes for a hike in Kleinwalsertal, Vorarlberg.
  • Practically for traveling is one backpackin which you drink, snack, a Jacket and store odds and ends.
  • For dinner at the Travel Charme Hotel Ifen, I am happy to take Pumps mit.
  • What you need for a picnic – You can have a picnic on one of the mountain meadows with a view of the mountains of the Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg.
  • Binoculars * - On this hike you can watch birds and look for other animals.
  • With these you are well equipped for hiking in Kleinwalsertal, Vorarlberg, Austria Hiking maps * and Hiking guides *.
  • Do you have everything? With our hiking checklist you can easily check that.
  • In winter the Kleinwalsertal offers ski areas for winter sports enthusiasts. Our Packing list winter vacation helps with packing your suitcase for your winter vacation.

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Travel Charme Ifen Hotel
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