Three lovely villages on Prince Edward Island

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Dream House in Victoria By the Sea

Three lovely villages on Prince Edward Island

You like to pass it because they are mentioned in the guidebooks often only as a side note. The small places you often come across by chance rather than by planning. It is often they who are remembered by a journey. Often they exude a very special charm. That's what happened to us on our trip through eastern Canada, where we found three interesting villages Prince Edward Island have discovered. They are not great in the guide announced, but are well worth a visit.



North Rustico Harbor – one of Prince Edward Island's fishing villages

Granted, this little fishing port is likely to be on the route of most visitors to Prince Edward Island. It is located near the Prince Edward Island National Park on the north coast of the island just a few miles away from Green Gables. In this house, the fans of the books of the red-haired heroine Anne of Green Gables pay their tribute. They do, although neither they nor the author have ever lived in it.


The Harbor at North Rustico - Villages on Prince Edward Island
The harbor of North Rustico


Fishing village on Prince Edward Islands coast

North Rustico Harbor is one of those fishing villages where the homes around the harbor are grouped. Among them are amazingly many large villas. These are cheaper here on Prince Edward Island than on the mainland. Our companion Duncan also tells us that their inhabitants no longer work as fishermen. Instead, they travel to work every day in Charlottetown.

“This year we have had a good fishing year. Both the lobster seasons and the herring seasons are very good, ”says Duncan. "For a fisherman that means that he can earn up to $ 8000 in three days with a good catch." With a fishing season of two weeks, a lot comes together. Nevertheless I ask him: “What do the fishermen do during the rest of the year?” He laughs and replies: “If they need more money, they go out again during the fishing season for other fish species. Or they work on their house or their boat. "


The lighthouse of North Rustico
The lighthouse of North Rustico
Photo Opportunities in North Rustico - Villages on Prince Edward Island
Photo opportunities in North Rustico
Lobster trap in North Rustico
Lobster trap in North Rustico


Fishing in the Atlantic provinces

Quite as easy as it sounds now, fishing in the Atlantic provinces of Canada is not. `Not every year the fishing quotas are as good as in this one. And certain species of fish, such as cod, are no longer allowed to be fished today. Due to overfishing stocks have fallen so much that they are put under protection. The cod stock is recovering again in the meantime. But it will be some time before the catch is released again for the fishermen.


Young Osprey in North Rustico
Young Osprey in North Rustico


We really liked the lighthouse in North Rustico Harbor. Its surroundings provide great photo opportunities. But also the harbor area is photogenic. On one of the power pylons, a pair of osprey has set up its nest. The two young birds are currently testing their flying skills. At the pier there are fishing boats waiting for the next exit.

Victoria By the Sea – our favorite Prince Edward Island village

Although easily accessible on the south coast, it is little known. Just a simple sign of the city on 1 indicates its existence, no announcement of the nice craft shops and galleries, the chocolate shop, the village café or the cute Orient Hotel from the year 1900, which is now operated as a Bed and Breakfast, and On the porch invite Muskoka Chairs for a relaxing break.


Nice, is not it? This lovingly tended garden in Victoria-by-the-Sea at Prince Edward Island
Nice, is not it? This lovingly tended garden in Victoria-by-the-Sea at Prince Edward Island

Artist village on the south coast

We park our car on Main Street and take a walk down to the pier, where a couple of boats bob in the calm waters, while from the north, dark clouds pile up that do not bode well for the next day. The wind has already gained strength and tugs at our light summer dresses. But this is a weather I like to like: a fresh sea breeze that dispels the stuffy and sultry midsummer heat and clears the head for the impressions Victoria By the Sea has to offer.



Lobster in Victoriy By the Sea, one of the villages on Prince Edward Island
Lobster for lunch and dinner in Victoriy By the Sea


The Lobster Barn Pub Eatery offers lobster for lunch and dinner, and the neighboring Beachcombers Restaurant praises its breaded scallops with bread and a dessert of choice for 16,95 dollars. Those who are not so hungry can get a bite in the bakery or in the ice cream shop. However, we do without and stroll along the pier, watching the seagulls loudly trumpeting their presence, and looking for beautiful photo opportunities, of which there are many to be found here.


Lobster Boat in Victoria By the Sea - Villages on Prince Edward Island
Lobster Boat in Victoria By the Sea


The boats lying here are apparently used by sport fishermen to sail out to the sea, because some have quite a few fishing rods waiting to be baited and thrown out to catch haddock or other fish species found on the island coast , A blue boat looks like the ones lobster fishermen use to catch their traps off the seabed.


Buoys and Anne of Green Gables hat as a souvenir?
Buoys and Anne of Green Gables hat as a souvenir?


Amber bowl in Victoria By the Sea - Villages on Prince Edward Island
Amber Shell in Victoria By the Sea


Souvenirs and restaurants

The wind has meanwhile driven all guests from the terrace of the Beachcomber restaurant, which is left waiting for the things that build in the sky above it. Reason enough for us, even to look into the small shops that are on the pier so: in front of a hanging square buoys on the wall, which are more likely to ornament rather than use in lobstering. The straw hat of the Anne of Green Gables with its red braids, which is unavoidable in Prince Edward Island, hangs over it. Inside the shop I find a beautiful bowl of amber pieces and polished boards made of natural wood. In a showcase of painted driftwood, I admire the jewelry. I especially like two old chairs that look like they were painted by a child.


Colorful painted old chairs in Victoria By the Sea
Three Featured Villages on Prince Edward Island - Colorful Painted Old Chairs in Victoria By the Sea


We make a small tour through the village and discover lovingly tended gardens behind freshly painted white garden fences, more galleries, the small lighthouse of the place and a house that could even tempt us to stay, it would be for sale: two-story, painted white, with a porch, a white garden fence and white-flowering margarites in front of it. And in the garden is an ancient deciduous tree, which is so magnificent that Petar erupts into true enthusiasm.

Georgetown - one of the must-see villages in Prince Edward Island

In contrast, the small town of Georgetown in the eastern part of Prince Edward Islands is quite different. We reach the place via Kent Street, the main street that leads into the village, passing through the imposing Kings County Courthouse, which, unlike most of the other red sandstone buildings, is built on the island. We spend two nights at the Georgetown Inn. The hotel is known for its good food. We see right away that Georgetown has more to offer.


Town sign of Georgetown
Three Featured Villages on Prince Edward Island - Georgetown Town Sign


A village on the east coast

There is the AAMacdonald Memorial Gardens, a pretty park next to the courthouse, in which more than 15000 annual and hundreds of perennial plants beautify the town center in sixty flower beds. It bears its name in memory of Georgetown's "Father of the Canadian Confederation", AA Macdonald. Behind it stands the stocky-looking St. David's United Church, which the residents of the city affectionately call "Yellow Church".


The "Yellow Church" of Georgetown
Three must-see villages on Prince Edward Island - Georgetown's “Yellow Church”


The King's Playhouse

And on the other side of the park is the King's Playhouse, the center for theatrical performances in East Prince Edward Island. "It is the pride of the city," as Melvin Ford, our host at the Georgetown Inn, assured us immediately. No wonder, since he himself plays a leading role in the piece that is currently running with great success during the summer months. The play "The Drowsy Chaperone" even won a Tony Award. And the fully parked main street on our second evening in Georgetown shows that the theater is sold out. It is worth asking Melvin if tickets are still available because he has some available for his hotel guests.


Fishermen shed at the harbor of Georgetown
Three Scenic Villages on Prince Edward Island - Fisherman's Shed at Georgetown Harbor


Georgetown is one of those places where the streets are drawn like a ruler and collide at right angles. It is located at the mouth of the Brudenell River at Cardigan Bay on the only nearly year-round ice-free port of Prince Edward Islands. It is an excellent base for exploring the east coast of the island along the Point East Coastal Drive, which we will introduce to you in another article.

These three villages up Prince Edward Island are particularly memorable and we would be happy if you liked them too. Perhaps you will discover other small towns on PEI that you can recommend in the comments? We look forward to every tip!


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Three lovely villages on Prince Edward Island

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