Things to do in Quebec City for slow travelers and connoisseurs

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Things to do in Quebec City

Quebec City is a place full of history and culture. As Tour guide and travel blogger We have been there several times and each time we discover new sides of this charming city. We are convinced that you need to take your time here to really appreciate the little joys and details. In our list of things to do in Quebec City, we'll show you the best places to do it.

In the old town we walk along cobblestone streets, immerse ourselves in a world of past centuries and enjoy the flair of it UNESCO protected city. In the Petit Champlain district we explore small boutiques and settle down in the cafés. Every corner has its own stories and invites you to let life flow more slowly.



During our culinary discoveries, we sample regional specialties that reflect the city's rich culture and history. Local markets, family-run restaurants and hidden bistros bring us closer to the flavors of the region and make every meal a special experience.

In this article we share the best things to do in Quebec City so you can experience the city as intensely as we did.

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Things to do in Quebec City for slow travelers and connoisseurs

Here is a list of must-dos in Quebec City to enjoy the city in all its facets.

Take a stroll through Old Quebec City

Petit Champlain District

Walking through the Petit Champlain district is like taking a trip back in time. Because this path takes you through narrow streets, past historical buildings whose roots go back to the 17th century. At the same time, the charming boutiques, art galleries and cafés allow us to immerse ourselves in the creative flair of the district. Artworks from local artists hang on the walls, while the small shops sell handicrafts and regional specialties. Finally, this path ends at the foot of the stairs that lead directly to Château Frontenac.


Stroll in the Petit Champlain District
Things to do in Quebec City: a stroll in the Petit Champlain District


Promenade Dufferin

The Dufferin Promenade also offers you a relaxed promenade with a view of the St. Lawrence River. The wide wooden walkways extend directly in front of the imposing Château Frontenac. There are also pavilions on the promenade from which you have a wonderful view of the Île d'Orléans and the opposite bank. In summer, street artists and musicians meet here, while in winter it becomes a popular place for ice skaters. A visit to the Dufferin Terrace will also take you to the ancient remains of the fortifications and cannons that once protected the city.


Quebec City ramparts
Things to do in Quebec City: visit the ramparts


Fortifications Walk

This walk takes you along the preserved city walls that surround Quebec City. Here you can explore the history of the fortifications that once protected the city. The 4,6 km long route takes you past gates, bastions and towers. It gives you insight into the strategic importance of Quebec City and the developments in fortification technology over the centuries. The fortifications are also interesting Quebec City Citadel. However, you can only visit these with a guided tour.

Each path brings its own perspective on the city. Simply choose the one that suits your mood of discovery, or enjoy all three to get the complete picture of Quebec City!


Fudge Saucissons
Things to do in Quebec City: Discover Fudge Saucissons


Culinary experiences in Quebec City

A culinary tour awaits you in Quebec City and shows you the regional cuisine. Here you will find the best culinary delights.

Poutine is the undisputed star of Quebec cuisine. This dish of fries, cheese curds and gravy is a real highlight. In one of the cozy ones Pubs in the old town you can try the authentic version. Here you can experience poutine in its original, unadulterated form. Another classic is the tourtière, a spicy meat pie that is particularly popular in the cold months. In the traditional restaurants around Château Frontenac you will find some of the best examples of this specialty.

Since the Marché du Vieux-Port has been closed for a few years, we recommend a visit Marche Sainte-Foy. This market is a meeting point for local producers and offers a wide range of fresh produce and artisan delicacies. Here you can taste local cheeses, fresh fruit and handmade chocolate directly from the producers.


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To really immerse yourself in the culinary culture, be sure to take a guided food tour. Because these tours not only offer you taste experiences, but also interesting information about the history and culture of the dishes you try. The guides are often passionate foodies and locals, who in turn will give you insight into hidden cafes and specialty bistros that you might not have discovered on your own.

Come with us on this culinary journey of discovery in Quebec City. Together we explore the worlds of taste.


Montmorency Fall near Quebec City
Montmorency Fall near Quebec City


Pure nature: excursions into the surrounding area

If you're visiting Quebec City and are craving nature, don't miss these destinations. They offer us the opportunity to intensively explore the surroundings.

The Chute-Montmorency Park is only 15 minutes from the city center. The 83 meter high waterfall is higher than Niagara Falls and impresses with its power. We walk across a suspension bridge to see the fall from above and explore the hiking trails around it. If you're looking for more action, ziplining directly over the waterfall is an unforgettable experience.


Things to do in Quebec – A trip to the Ile d'Orleans


The Ile d'Orleans, an island in the St. Lawrence River, is a connoisseur's paradise. Orchards, wineries and traditional businesses invite you to enjoy tastings. We drive from farm to farm and taste cider, wine, strawberries and maple products. We get an impression of rural life and meet people who are deeply connected to their work.

The Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier lies northwest of the city. The expansive river valley and mountains are an outdoor enthusiast's dream. We can canoe, fish, hike or just enjoy the view. The river winds through deep gorges, making the park an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Each of these nature experiences has its own charm. Whether you want to feel the power of the water, experience the tranquility of the wineries or explore the mountains, Quebec City's surroundings have it all.


The Citadel of Quebec
Things to do in Quebec: visit the Citadelle de Quebec


Things to do in Quebec City: Cultural discoveries

If you're looking for cultural discoveries in Quebec City, there are many places you shouldn't miss. We present the highlights to you here.

The Museum of Civilization takes us on a journey through the past and present of Quebec. We learn more about the indigenous peoples, the colonial period and modern developments. Interactive exhibitions and diverse programs offer us exciting insights into the region's heritage.

Im National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec we see impressive works by Canadian artists from different eras. The collections are housed in four buildings, including a former prison, which gives the museum a special character.

The citadel is located on a hill and offers fantastic views of the city. We walk through the fort and learn more about Quebec's military history. The Royal Regiment's Guard regularly conducts ceremonies and parades that give us a glimpse of the soldiers' daily lives.


Chateau Frontenac
Things to do in Quebec City: visit the Chateau Frontenac


The Chateau Frontenac, the landmark of Quebec City, impresses us with its architecture and history. A guided tour of the hotel reveals the secrets of this building, which has attracted visitors since it opened in 1893.

Finally, it's worth taking a stroll through the local galleries and art markets. Small galleries display contemporary art, often inspired by local themes. At the markets we find handicrafts and meet the artists who talk about their works.

Things to do in Quebec: Wellness and deceleration

If you're looking for relaxation in Quebec City, you've come to the right place.

Spas and wellness resorts

There are numerous in Quebec City and the surrounding area Spas and wellness resorts*. We can relax with massages, in hot pools or in saunas. Some of these resorts offer outdoor spaces where we can enjoy nature and forget about the hustle and bustle. The facilities in the mountains north of the city, which allow you to take a break with a view of forests and rivers, are particularly recommended.


Along the St. Lawrence
Things to do in Quebec City: Stroll along St. Lawrence


Walks along the St. Lawrence River

The promenade along the St. Lawrence River then invites us to take a leisurely stroll. We start this at the Promenade Dufferin and stroll to the Parc de la Plage-Jacques-Cartier. On the way we discover parks, observe the shipping traffic and find numerous places to rest. Finally, the course of the river and the vastness of the landscape have a calming effect and we leave everyday life behind us completely.


Stores in Quebec City
Things to do in Quebec City: Browse in shops


Cozy cafes, shops and bookstores

Old Quebec City is peppered with cozy cafés, shops and bookstores. So we stop at a café and watch the goings-on outside with a cup of locally roasted coffee. Afterwards we explore the small shops and browse through handmade goods. The bookstores are also well stocked and surprise us with rare books.

All these oases of relaxation give us the opportunity to experience the city in peace. That's why it's worth slowing down in Quebec City and consciously taking your time.

Practical travel tips for experiencing the Things to Do in Quebec City

Are you planning a trip to Quebec City? Then these tips will help you.

Best travel time for slow travel and pleasure trips

The best time to travel to Quebec City is certainly early autumn. This is when the leaves turn colorful and the weather is pleasant. The city is also less crowded than in summer, which in turn allows you to explore at your leisure. Another insider tip, however, is late spring, when the cafés open their terraces and the city finally comes to life.

Recommended accommodations

There are a variety of accommodation options in Quebec City. Boutique hotels in the city center* offer you a charming stay with local flair. You will find them mainly in the old town, close to all the sights. If you prefer more independence, Apartments* a good choice. Many of them are located in the historic districts and offer you the opportunity to experience life like a local. You can also search for suitable accommodation on this map or take a look at this page. which accommodations we recommend for slow travelers:


Transportation in Quebec City

The city is easy to explore on foot, but there is also excellent public transport. Buses serve the main routes and are therefore a cost-effective option. For even more flexibility, you can also rent a bike. There are also bike stations throughout the city. And if you're planning trips to the area, a rental car could make sense. There are rental stations both at the airport and in the city center. With these tips you will be well equipped to discover Quebec City in a relaxed way.


Things to do in Quebec City
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Things to do in Quebec City for slow travelers and connoisseurs

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