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Rent holiday home Texel

Texel holiday home rent

Renting a Texel holiday home is probably the best way to spend a holiday on the island in North Holland. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Texel holiday home by the sea, because it is never far away. There are inexpensive private holiday homes that are located in the middle of nature. There you will experience the closeness to nature particularly intensely. If you don't want to be so exposed to the elements, it is advisable to rent a holiday home that is protected behind the dunes or by a forest. From there it is often just as easy to get to the beach or to one of the Sights of the island like a Texel holiday home by the sea.



Landal Villapark Vogelmient
Landal Villapark Vogelmient (c) Photo: Landal

Texel holiday home in the holiday park Villapark Vogelmient near De Koog

Dive into the blue water on beautiful beaches, breathe in the scent of sea lavender in a purple sea or follow the swell in the dunes on a bike - that is holiday on the Wadden island of Texel. It is also the ideal holiday destination for everyone who enjoys active holiday planning. Long walks on the beach or long bike rides along the bike paths through the dunes are a must.

Landal Villapark Vogelmient is located on the outskirts of De Koog, just a five-minute walk from the beach. The terraces of the holiday homes are ideal for spotting migratory birds with binoculars or enjoying a home-cooked local specialty.

  • 500 meters from the beach
  • Detached villas for up to 8 people.
  • Bike Rental



Beach Park Texel holiday park near De Koog

At Holiday Park Beach Park Texel you will find detached holiday homes for four to eight people. Your Texel holiday home by the sea is also included. How about a visit to the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site or Oudheikamer Texel in Den Burg?



Lighthouse on Texel on the North Sea
Lighthouse on the island of Texel on the North Sea


Rent a Texel holiday home at the Sluftervallei holiday park near De Cocksdorp

Wind, waves and dunes – the trees bend far above the streets and form a green tunnel. This is De Cocksdorp, the youngest and northernmost village on Texel. Right next to De Cocksdorp is Landal Sluftervallei, in the middle of the dunes. The park is in close proximity to the bird sanctuary 'De Slufter', with an impressive flora and an endless number of birds. You may even be able to watch them from your holiday home. The holiday homes are definitely close to nature.

Here the numerous seagull species find a unique refuge. So it's worth roaming through the dunes, giving in to the wind and waves and letting your soul dangle.

  • At the De Slufter nature reserve
  • Various accommodations for up to 24 people.
  • There's also a swimming pool, restaurant and bicycle rental



Landal Sluftervallei (c) Photo: Landal
Spend the night in the middle of nature at holiday park Landal Sluftervallei (c) Photo: Landal

Texel Rent a holiday home in the coastal part of Texel

The Kustpark on Texel is a holiday home park in the dunes near De Koog. From here you can reach the Ecomare, the national park and the beach in a few minutes. De Koog is also easy to reach. There is a swimming pool and many sports facilities in the park. You can also go on bike tours from here.



The houses are well equipped
Renting a Texel holiday home definitely guarantees a holiday to your liking

Apartment complex Bosch en Zee at De Koog

The apartment complex Bosch en Zee is about ten minutes' walk from the center of De Koog. Here you will find apartments for two to four people. The Ecomare and the national park invite you to watch animals and go hiking. You can go on bike tours. Or do you like to have a look at what the jutters (beachcomers) find on the beach? This is possible in the Maritime and Jutter Museum.



Rent a Texel holiday home on

At you will find detached holiday homes outside of holiday parks. These are often in the middle of nature. But you can also find holiday homes in places like De Burg, De Cocksdorp or De Koog. You have the choice whether you want to stay in the middle of nature or prefer to stay in the island towns instead.



Lots of space in a Texel holiday home
You have plenty of space in this Texel holiday home, for example


Enjoy a carefree vacation with family or friends in a Texel holiday home. Regardless of whether you are on vacation in one of the island locations or prefer to plan a vacation in a beach house, Texel has the right house for every taste.


Tastefully decorated
The holiday homes on Texel are definitely tastefully furnished


In a holiday home you can definitely enjoy your privacy. Grid on the terrace. Prepare a meal according to your taste. Shopping in Den Burg is also never far away. If your Texel holiday home is in the countryside, you can also set off on a bike tour or a hike right from your front door. Let them wake you up sleep, which often graze on the polder meadows on the island. Get your cheese from the sheep farmer in the neighborhood. There might be bread there too. But you can also bake it yourself De Bonte Belevenis. In any case, a holiday in a holiday home on Texel promises plenty of fresh air and the freedom to do whatever you feel like doing. It doesn't matter if that's a walk on the beach. A visit to one of the beach restaurants. Or a shopping spree through Den Burg. In any case, we wish you a nice holiday on Texel.


Texel holiday home rent
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Rent Texel holiday home - a selection to book online

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