Tall Ships 2017 on Canada's 150. birthday

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Sails reef on HMS Bounty © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline

Tall Ships 2017 celebrates Canada's 150. birthday

We have been twice to the Tall Ships Festival in Halifax. A great experience that inspires us again and again. The Tall Ships 2017 Festival returns to Halifax. To the 150. Canada's birthday will also include more ports this year. Learn more about the Tall Ships 2017 ships, harbors and events Regatta you can find under this link. Our experiences at the last Tall Ships Regatta in Halifax are summarized in this post.


The HMS Bounty at the Tall Ships Festival 2012 in Halifax She is not in the Tall Ships 2017
The HMS Bounty at the Tall Ships Festival 2012 Halifax - The Tall Ships 2017 Bounty is no longer there


Tall Ships in Halifax

Every few years, historic sailing ships from around the world gather at the Tall Ships Festival in Halifax. Then the otherwise rather quiet capital of the Canadian Atlantic province experiences a rush of ship-loving visitors. These come from all over the world. That Halifax Hotels* we chose because it is close to the port. When checking in, the lady at the reception asks each new guest: "Are you here for the tall ships?" And every second answers the question with "Yes".

As we also find out, those who came to Halifax for other reasons are also under the spell of the impressive ships. It is not unusual for us to hear from other hotel guests in the elevator: “We went for a walk last night. We discovered that the tall ships are in the harbor. ”


Sails reef on HMS Bounty © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Sails reef on the HMS Bounty - The Tall Ships 2017 is missing


Tall ships in the ports of Nova Scotia

It is a special experience when old sailing ships like the HMS Bounty, the Pride of Baltimore II or the Amistad dock at the pier. Then sails are reefed, anchors are set, tethers are thrown out and lashed tight. Ship crews use the time at Halifax Harbor to replenish the supplies on board. In addition, they sniff country air for a few days before the regatta continues. Meanwhile, festival visitors admire the relics of sailing at close range.

The Tall Ships Festival is held every few years in Halifax. Each time the ships arrive at various ports in Canada. There they stop for a few days. At the Tall Ships Festival 2012 they were Halifax, Port Hawkesbury, Pictou, Pugwash, Lunenburg and Shelburne.


The HMS Bounty at the Tall Ships Festival 2012 © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
The HMS Bounty at the Tall Ships Festival 2012


The HMS Bounty at their last big regatta 2012

As 2012 marked the 1812th anniversary of the outbreak of the War of 200, 2012 featured historic ships. In the harbor we saw ships like they could have docked in the ports of North America at that time. HMS Bounty and Pride of Baltimore II were definitely the stars of the tall ship gathering. Both sailing ships proudly hoisted their flags - one the Canadian, the other the American. They weren't vying for control of the Americas this time, though.

Rather, it was about which of them is the most beautiful sailor. The soldiers in the war of 1812 were still concerned with supremacy over the American continent. Instead, in 2012, the “soldiers” competed in front of the tall ships for who drew the most cameras. The HMS Bounty will no longer be part of the Tall Ships 2017. Just a few months after the Tall Ships Festival 2012, it sank during a storm in the Atlantic.


A "soldier" keeps watch at the Tall Ships Festival © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
A "soldier" keeps watch at the Tall Ships Festival


What else you experience at the Tall Ships Festival

A soldier stands guard at his guardhouse. He waits patiently for his changing of the guard in the summer heat. This is celebrated every half an hour. A group of "British Redcoats" poses between the historic ships. They seem to be discussing future strategies. Again and again, loud cannon shots interrupt the background noise of the festival. This comes from music groups, frolicking children and adult visitors. These stroll admiringly between the historic ships. In between, an elegant couple strolls in historical clothing. They give the whole an authentic appearance from around 1812.


A "dead pirate" in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax
A "dead pirate" in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax


Our tip: a visit to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Those who want to deal more intensively with the history of time only need a few steps from the port to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. In the museum, a “dead pirate” shows how villains were dealt with back then. If you want, you can also take the free shuttle bus to the citadel above the city. There he can delve even deeper into the story. In the citadel you can also learn more about the life of soldiers at that time. Of the Public garden right next door is ideal for a break. Take from the farmer's market a picnic with.

If that's too much history at once, you can take a closer look at the ships. Each of them is accessible with an admission ticket. If you want, you can try out what it is like to be out on the high seas with a sailing ship on the "Silva" sailor. Instead, we stroll comfortably past the other ships. We listen to the music groups and the spontaneous performances by festival goers and we try specialties from the chefs from Halifax, which give us an insight into the regional kitchens.


Fireworks at the grand conclusion of the Tall Ships 2017 event

In the evening, we finally watch the fireworks in the harbor of Halifax. We regret that we did not plan on spending even more days at the Tall Ships Festival on our trip. So we miss the sailing parade on the last day of the festival. Definitely a reason to come back.

Who else more about Port cities of the world wants to read, finds in this blog parade appropriate articles.



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Tall Ships 2017 on Canada's 150. birthday

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  1. Hello you two, a really great article you have here. Old ships are always beautiful and romantic ... Greetings Patrick

  2. Your report sounds very impressive as always. Canada would be such a destination for me. This year I have to settle for Ireland - but maybe next year will be something, so far only Lisbon is planned: D

    1. Ireland is beautiful too: D, Anke. But Canada already has something - it's our favorite country.

  3. Surely impressive, such big ships and a great atmosphere at the festival. Would also like to sail with me.

    1. We were so impressed with the ships that we've been there twice. This is a great event, and this year certainly better when Canada gets its 150. Birthday celebrates. You can also sail with us, but over a longer distance.

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  4. Hello Victoria,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I also like such ships.

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  5. I find such old ships always fascinating. I also love pirate stories and always imagine how they lived.
    Great post, you two.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I feel the same way: D. I always wonder how well life was on such ships - and is. It takes quite a bit to venture with such a ship on the ocean.

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    1. It's definitely a spectacle, Silke. The boats are at the pier during the event, and you can visit them. Only at the parade do they sail through the Halifax harbor area, and they are seen as spectators from the land. In Halifax, the harbor is protected from both sides, so you do not notice much of the swell there, and if so, it's just the crews.

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  6. That's a great event! I really want to go to Canada in the next few years! Thanks for introducing the beautiful event, now I know what I should definitely plan if it works :)

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    1. Hello Franzi,

      We've been to the Tall Ships Festival twice, because we liked it so much the first time. It just does not happen every year in Canada. It always takes a few years until the next time.

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  7. Hi monika,
    the Tall Ships Festival is very impressive. Anyway, everything is beautiful on the water! I have never been on a sailing ship before, but I was allowed to go on a regatta with a speedboat. That was unique!
    Thank you for your wonderful travel report!

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    1. Hi Alex,

      I can well imagine that being on a speedboat regatta is an exciting thing to do. At one of the Tall Ships festivals in Halifax that we visited, speedboats were also sailing between the sailboats - I suppose there was press on board to film and photograph the action up close.

      Best regards,

    1. Dear Nicole,

      It has already been, when there are such well-known ships as the Bounty or the Bluenose II in the harbor. Even better was the ship parade, when all participating tall ships sailed full speed through the harbor. That was an experience that I will never forget. But of course you are right: Canada is worth a trip in itself.

      Best regards,

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    I think I'd rather shut up so as not to end up, like the poor guy in the basket ;-)
    Thanks for the great contribution.

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    1. Haha, Katja: D, sometimes that's even better. Whether it was the case, I can not say.

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