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Discover Salzburg and the surrounding area

Discover Cities to Savor

With our suggestions you can savor the cities in this collection. Our list of cities will help you to discover the ones, where you can do that.

Enjoy and Savor these Cities


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Suggestions on how to Savor a City Break

I'm sure you know that. You go to a city to get to know it better. The best way to do this is to go on a journey of discovery on foot. That's why your feet show you on the first evening that rushing from sight to sight is very tiring. So why don’t you take more time and enjoy your visit to these cities? With these travel tips from TravelWorldOnline you can experience enjoyable.

  • Hotels play a big role in making a city trip memorable. We suggest Hotels for that.
  • To experience a city with pleasure, you have to know good restaurants. Our restaurant tips help with orientation.
  • Both urban cities and small towns can be experienced with pleasure. Here you will find tips for that.
  • In order to savor a city, you need time.
    • Sit in a street cafe and watch the hustle and bustle in the city. Observe the people.
    • Stroll through the city park and spend time on a park bench with a picnic.
    • Enjoy the best views from selected vantage points.
    • Use time for a market stroll.
    • Visit a museum and savor a picture that you like most by taking your time looking at it.
    • Book a cooking class to get to know the regional specialties.
    • Join a food tour of the city. You can look behind the scenes and taste local delicacies.
    • Listen to street musicians playing music.
    • Visit a concert in the city of your choice.


Plan enough time to explore a city. There are always opportunities to savor a city in a memorable way.

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