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Discover Slovenia travel tips for connoisseurs and Slow Traveler in our series of articles about the land between the mountains and the sea. In our Slovenia tips you will find highlights such as Lake Bled, the fishing village of Piran, Portoroz, the city by the sea, and the capital Ljubljana. We also present insider tips like the wine regions in Slovenia. You will find restaurants where you can eat excellently. We'll show you where the fish come from, which taste so good in the quaint fishing pubs of Piran. Get to know winegrowers who love to serve you. Discover sights off the coast. And above all: enjoy the country with our Slovenia tips.

View of Lake Bled from the campsite

Lake Bled Camping – a selection

Have you ever heard of camping at Lake Bled? If not, then let me tell you about it. Lake Bled Camping is a great outdoor experience in Slovenia. One of the campsites is located on the idyllic Lake Bled and offers a variety of activities for nature lovers and adventurers. Lake Bled is...
Dr. Irena Fonda shows us her fish farm in Portoroz Slovenia

Portoroz Slovenia - Fresh fish from the fish farm

Fish from Portoroz Slovenia We have already told you about our visit to Piran, where we enjoyed fresh fish straight from the fisherman. I still dream of that dinner today. Until then, I had no idea how good stockfish could taste. Or that sea bass has an almost spicy taste. On ...
Anti-aging according to Asian methods

Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels - where anti aging is cult

The Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels Have you ever enjoyed an anti-aging lunch in the Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels? Neither do I. At least not before our stay this year. Strictly speaking, I had never heard of it before our stay at the Hotel Apollo and did not know that there was such a thing. The ...
Slow Travel the Art of Travel

Slovenia's Karawanken in the rain

We had imagined our stay in Slovenia's Karawanken differently. We planned to visit Slovenia's highest mountain pasture in Velika Planina. There we wanted to meet the shepherds who drive their animals to the alpine pasture every spring. But then the rain thwarted our plans. To ...
Top travel destinations Slovenia

Wine lovers like these Slovenia travel destinations

Slovenia Destinations for Wine Lovers We visit Top Slovenia Travel Destinations and Slovenia Attractions for Wine Lovers. We experience Malvasia wine and more Slovenian wines in the Vipava Valley Slovenia as well as in other wine regions of the country. Green hilly landscapes invite you to go on excursions. Winemakers open their cellars to wine lovers. Wine routes attract with landscapes and restaurants. Your ...
Pletna Boat - Lake Bled Activities for connoisseurs

Lake Bled Activities for connoisseurs

Which Lake Bled activities do connoisseurs like? Lake Bled is made for connoisseurs and leisure travelers. Its location and surroundings alone guarantee a holiday with pleasure. There is a lot to do there. But which Lake Bled activities do connoisseurs particularly enjoy? There are some that we present to you here...
Three different roasts in the Grand Hotel Toplice

Three treat tips for Slovenia

These tips for Slovenia for connoisseurs make a tour through this country an experience for all those who love to enjoy excellent cuisine, like to relax in thermal baths and not only experience a meal with the palate, but also want to dine with a beautiful view . With these three pleasures ...
This is how Slovenian food tastes

This is how Slovenian food tastes

Slovenian food Discovering Europe while traveling also means trying the specialties on site. Slovenian food was one of the themes of our trip from the Alps to the Adriatic. We were curious and wanted to know more about it. We had already gathered impressions on our trip to Kamnik in spring. This time ...

Sweet Radovljica in Slovenia

Sweet Radovljica in Slovenia! It is as ambiguous as that sounds. On the one hand, the small town of Radovljica in northwestern Slovenia is a cute little place. It lies below the Triglav massif. Triglav National Park can be reached in a quarter of an hour by car. Its medieval town center is still good ...
Ljubljana fortress

Three sights in Ljubljana

Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia We got to know three Ljubljana sights on a flying visit during our trip through Slovenia. That is by far not all that Ljubljana has to offer in terms of attractions. But our tour showed us that the city has a lot to offer. We stayed in September for a couple of hours ...




Questions and answers about the Slovenia travel tips

When is the best time to visit Slovenia?

The best time to visit Slovenia is in spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October). The weather is mild, the countryside is green and there are fewer tourists.

What outdoor activities can you do in Slovenia?

There is a wide variety of outdoor activities in Slovenia. You can enjoy hiking in the Alps, kayaking down scenic rivers, biking along the Wine Routes and caving in the country's impressive cave systems.

Which cities to visit in Slovenia?

We have some Slovenia travel tips for you: Ljubljana, the charming capital of Slovenia, is a must-see. But also Bled with its picturesque lake and castle, Piran on the Adriatic coast and Maribor with its historical buildings and vineyards are absolutely worth seeing.

Are there any special culinary specialties in Slovenia?

Yes, Slovenia has a diverse culinary scene. Our Slovenia travel tips for connoisseurs: Be sure to try Kranjska klobasa (Kranjska sausage), Potica (traditional nut cake) and the numerous regional cheeses. Don't miss the opportunity to taste excellent Slovenian wines either.

Slovenia travel tips for entry: Do you need a visa to travel to Slovenia?

A visa is not required for most European citizens to travel to Slovenia. However, if you are a citizen of another country, you should check the visa requirements and make sure you have the necessary travel documents before you travel.



Slovenia travel tips
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