Salzburg Christmas in the Stiftskeller

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The most beautiful Christmas tree in Salzburg in the restaurant Stiftskeller St. Peter

Salzburg Christmas in the Stiftskeller St. Peter

We went to the St. Peter's Abbey Cellar for Christmas in Salzburg. As is usually the case before Christmas: once we have started visiting Christmas markets, we want to see more and more. The Christmas spirit is contagious. Salzburg at Christmas is ideal for this. Then we can't get enough of it. So we go to the end of November the first Krampus runs in the Mozart city, Christmas is here for us, and we have time to discover new Christmas insider tips. Here, too, we were in Salzburg for Christmas: the Christmas wonder in the courtyard of the Stiftskeller St. Peter in Salzburg is a real gem, but from the outside you can not see the oldest restaurant in Europe, what is behind it. And yes, you read that right: the Stiftskeller next to St. Peter's Church is mentioned for the first time in the year 803 in historical sources, making it the oldest restaurant in Europe.



The building has hosted guests since that time and has had a good reputation throughout its long history. Michael Haydn, the brother of the famous composer, once stayed above the guest rooms in the inn. From the early 18th century, the Stiftskeller was a popular meeting place for the nobility, the bourgeoisie and the clergy, the Haute-Volée of Salzburg, so to speak. Salzburg at Christmas is a great experience.


The reindeer with his sled Salzburg for Christmas
The reindeer with his sleigh - Salzburg Christmas


Lunch in the Stiftskeller - Salzburg Christmas

We are invited for lunch in the restaurant, but we have some time before to enjoy the Christmas courtyard of the "Christmas wonder world" and to warm our hands and throat over a mug of orange punch Stroll over the Christmas market of Salzburg. And it's worth it! This inner courtyard, which is hidden behind the garland-decorated entrance to the monastery cellar, is actually something of a Christmas wonderland. Festive Christmas trees stand under ancient vaults. In between, seating groups are distributed on which tired Christmas market visitors can relax Mulled wine relish.


Christmas spirit in the vaults of the Stiftskeller Salzburg at Christmas
Christmas mood in the vaults of the Stiftskeller - Salzburg Christmas


Coat of arms hang on the walls. And from the ceilings dangle decorated with antlers Advent wreaths, on which provide electric lights for Christmas spirit. Rudolf, the reindeer, must not be missing in this ensemble. Put on a sled, in which plush reindeer, Santa dolls and other tand spread Christmas atmosphere. This may not please everyone, but the visitors who are here with us seem to like it. On the roof above the entrance to the restaurant hang big wooden stars.


Homemade wooden stars as Christmas tree decorations Salzburg for Christmas
Salzburg Christmas - homemade wooden stars as Christmas tree decorations


The most beautiful Christmas tree - Salzburg Christmas

If you follow our advice and have lunch at a visit to Salzburg in the Stiftskeller St. Peter, then you should not miss a glimpse of Salzburg's most beautiful Christmas tree on the first floor of the restaurant. He stands in the baroque hall of the Stiftskeller. You can have a look at the tree, which is not only nicely decorated, but also stands in one of the most beautiful rooms of the restaurant.


Bon appetit Salzburg Christmas
Salzburg Christmas - Bon appetit
Tafelspitz is served in the pan at Salzburg Christmas
Tafelspitz is served in a pan - Salzburg Christmas
Petar's surprise from the monastery kitchen Salzburg Christmas
Petar's surprise from the monastery kitchen - Salzburg Christmas


Table reservation is advised

We reserved a table for you Christmas dinner. We recommend that too, because there is a lot of rush in the monastery cellar, even at late lunchtime. To ensure that the restaurant is filled to capacity, our food is served promptly. Hats off to this gastronomic masterpiece. I order a boiled fillet of beef, and Petar has a starter platter called a “surprise from the monastery kitchen”. What he gets is a potpourri of fish and cheese specialties with a pile of couscous and several vegetable dips. Even our blogger colleagues who only like vegan food can easily find dishes that suit their taste. This is how Christmas in Salzburg is fun.

The most beautiful Christmas tree for Salzburg Christmas

This Christmas tree is undoubtedly the most beautiful Christmas tree in Salzburg with its silver balls and long tinsel strands, but above all because of its location in the baroque hall of Europe's oldest restaurant. Despite its name, the baroque hall was not built until 1903. It impresses with its crystal chandeliers, stained glass windows, a vault and an ambience that transports guests back to the times when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived in the city. If the tables are then set in white, as during our visit, the Christmas tree comes into its own. Salzburg Christmas is particularly beautiful here.

The Mozart Dinner Concert takes place in the Stiftskeller for Salzburg Christmas

Every evening, the hall becomes the venue of a musical and culinary event that has been taking place here for years: the Mozart Dinner Concert *. To experience Salzburg Christmas is a very special experience, especially at the Mozart Dinner Concert, because the guests dine to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This is performed by musicians who revive the Baroque era with their music and in their costumes. The restaurant is located in the district of the same name in Salzburg in the immediate vicinity of the Church of St. Peter below the Hohensalzburg. The baroque hall is on the first floor of the restaurant and is visited by groups during lunchtime. However, the hall is openly accessible, so you can see the great Christmas tree even if you are not traveling with a group.


The most beautiful Christmas tree in Salzburg in the Stiftskeller St. Peter restaurant Salzburg Christmas
The most beautiful Christmas tree in Salzburg in the restaurant Stiftskeller St. Peter


The Stiftskeller St. Peter restaurant has thus met all of our expectations. We can highly recommend a visit to this inn for Salzburg Christmas. Just don't forget to reserve a table!

Christmas in the basement

From November 17, 2022 to January 08, 2023

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Stiftskeller in Salzburg
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Salzburg Christmas in the Stiftskeller

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