Dream trip, where money does not matter

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Dream Trip - The East Coast of Labrador

One may still dream, right? And especially when it comes to our dream trip in regions for which we have all the financial means to realize this. When I saw Janina's and Katharina's call for her blog parade on SOS Wanderlust with this theme, I immediately came across the Arctic, a destination I've traveled to several times. However, there is a journey that Petar and I have been dreaming of for years, but which we simply could not afford: a cruise with a research ship through the Northwest Passage. Preferably from Greenland to the west coast of Northern Canada, past large icebergs, through pack ice deserts, large walrus colonies and perhaps with the view of one or the other polar bear.


Dream Trip - A river like a scar of the earth in Labrador
A river like a scar of the earth in Labrador


Our dream trip goes over the northwest passage through the northern polar sea

Once upon a time, we were close to one another - at least on one of the research vessels doing this adventurous and exciting tour through the icy waters along Canada's Arctic coast. In St. John's in Newfoundland A few years ago we stayed in a hotel overlooking the harbor, where one of these ships was anchored. They are not very luxurious, these ships. Most of them are icebreakers trying to make their way through the northern pack ice from Greenland to the west. Sometimes they manage during the summer months, but that's not guaranteed. It depends on the ice conditions on site. In these journeys nature determines how far you can get.


Dream Trip - Deserts in Labrador
Deserted spaces in Labrador


Experience the adventure

But it is precisely this uncertainty that irritates us. This uncertainty. This adventure. This risk. On top of that, we find ourselves in the footsteps of such adventurers Captain Bob Bartlett or the Frobisher Expedition, some of whom returned successfully from their ventures, but others not. Taking this risk with an icebreaker is certainly not as dangerous as their voyages were. But on such a trip we could experience a little of what it must have been like to venture into unknown areas from which it was not safe to return home.

When cruising through the Northwest Passage, there is still a risk that the journey cannot be completed as planned. How we would love to cheer with the crew to see if we can make it through. And even if we don't make it - what would there be to talk about afterwards! The stories we would bring home! The impressions of magnificent landscapes that we collect along the way! Animal experiences we could talk about for hours! You never forget a trip like this for the rest of your life. And that's exactly what we hope for from our dream trip.

Can we experience this dream trip? It's set in the stars.

Do you already know?



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Dream trip, where money does not matter

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12 thoughts too "Dream trip, where money does not matter"

  1. Wow this is really a dream, we were already playing with the idea of ​​traveling to the Arctic. Would not it always be weider this money. Well, we poor backpackers will hopefully someday meet the dream. Until then, we first experience adventures in other countries. Fortunately, the world is quite big

    All love continues,
    Helena & Tobias

    1. We have had this dream for years. We have already sniffed a few places in the Arctic - but we have not experienced them so long. We still dream about it :)

  2. Hello Monika and Petar,

    we too would accompany you immediately. Normally, we love the warmer regions, but on such a dream trip, we would also like to endure the cold ;-). But financing is another thing in which we can agree with you. Who knows, maybe you or we will one day succeed in realizing this dream. But you can dream before ;-) !!

    LG from the time-out nomads

  3. I would come immediately.
    Because it fits so well that Lynn is already too cold anyway. Will not be so full on the boat. :-)
    But then the Antarctic Tour appeals to me (with the MS Hamburg, I think) a bit more. To fight fish with a giant horseman penguins sounds pretty romantic to me now.
    Greetings, Max of continued.tv

    1. Yes, such a trip is certainly not everyone's taste, but definitely a one-time thing that remains unforgettable. The Antarctic would also like us :), but unfortunately also far beyond our wallet ...

      Best regards,

  4. Hello Monika and Peter,

    I can understand your fascination well - loneliness, hostility to life and yet full of life - clear beauty - all these images arouse the thought of the Arctic (and show your pictures a bit). Above all, I like your thought that it will be a truly unforgettable journey that you can dream and tell for a very long time.



    1. Hello Daniela,

      Your dream trip to Botswana is also great! I used to work there as a tour guide and can easily remember the many impressive animal observations. Since it pulls me for a long time again. These are nature trips that are fascinating because you can not guarantee the experiences.

      Best regards,

  5. I will always travel to the polar regions at the show, cold ..: D
    But you probably still find the last adventures on this planet. Very nice article, which also fuels my wanderlust.

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Lynn,

      It is not that cold in the polar regions - at least in summer. On the contrary, just because the pack ice melts, the passage through the Northwest Passage is (maybe) possible in the meantime. Several years ago I visited the Arctic Ocean in the Canadian Northwest Territories several times. There, even the water was so warm (and shallow) that the children of Tuktoyaktuk, a small town on the Beaufort Sea, were swimming in the sea.

      Best regards,

  6. Dear Monika, dear Petar,

    we are very happy about your blogpost !!! And frankly, we are also a little jealous of your many travels that you have already experienced;)
    At the time I was working for a tour operator who also had polar trips in my program. Whenever I saw the pictures of the blue ice giants in the sea and the people who stood so cheerfully on the deck of the research vessels, I became very wistful.
    And I think you are right! Travel to the polar regions are probably the last real adventures that our beautiful earth has to offer yet.

    Many thanks for your contribution.

    Janina, Katharina and Oddy

    1. Dear Janina, dear Katharina and Oddy,

      Yes you are right. There one is still traveling because of traveling, not for the sake of arriving. That is not even sure. But that is what makes the charm of such a journey.

      Best regards,
      Monika and Petar

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