North Sea beach vacation - travel tips for a vacation by the sea

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North Sea beach vacation tips

Where can you spend a varied North Sea beach holiday? With these insider tips you can get to know both the sea and the hinterland of the North Sea. There are miles of sandy beaches that stretch along the coast and dunes that serve as a habitat for plants and animals. In the mudflats, on the other hand, you can discover a completely different flora and fauna. But a North Sea beach holiday not only offers coastal attractions, there is also a lot to see in the hinterland. For example, explore the polder landscapes in Holland, where the sea was reclaimed from the land. Canals still run through these landscapes today and often give you the feeling of being near the sea far inland. In our North Sea holiday articles, we present tips so that you can make your stay on the coast exciting.


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Texel island sights and activities on the North Sea

Texel sights & activities in our Texel travel guide In this Texel travel guide you will find recommendations for a holiday on Texel with Texel sights, activities and tips. The island on the North Sea in Holland fascinates. through their people. Because of the proximity to the mainland of Holland. Because of their location in the sea. And ...
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Rent Texel holiday home - a selection to book online

Renting a Texel holiday home Renting a Texel holiday home is probably the best way to spend a holiday on the island in North Holland. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Texel holiday home by the sea, because it is never far away. There are inexpensive private holiday homes that are located in the middle of nature. There ...
Canal in Eenrum - Dutch North Sea Coast

Experience the Dutch North Sea coast on a weekend in Holland

The Dutch North Sea coast and its hinterland We had two days to look at the Dutch North Sea coast between Den Helder and the province of Groningen. The tips we have gathered are perfect for taking a vacation on the Dutch North Sea coast. Our journey began in Den Helder, the city in ...
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Best accommodation in Texel for a luxury getaway

The best accommodation in Texel for your luxury short vacation Discovering the best Texel accommodation in the luxury segment is not easy in the island's localities. The main town of the island, Den Burg, does not offer a luxury hotel. In De Koog, on the other hand, there are three exclusive Texel accommodations. They are behind the dunes but offer ...
Canal, houseboats and windmill

Holland holidays by the sea means to experience the silence in Polderland

Holland holiday by the sea is holiday behind the dike If you go on holiday in Holland by the sea, that means holiday behind the dike. You can experience this on one of the islands in the Wadden Sea or in one of the coastal towns in the north of the Netherlands. We didn't have on this trip to Holland ...


Our tips for a bathing holiday on the North Sea

Are you planning a North Sea beach holiday? That's a great idea! Here is some information that will help you plan your trip and get the most out of your stay on the coast.

First of all, there are numerous places on the North Sea where you can spend an unforgettable beach holiday. From the sandy beaches of Germany to the dunes of the Netherlands to the picturesque fishing villages of Denmark - there is something for everyone. Each of these locations has its own attractions and activities to offer, such as water sports, biking, hiking, wildlife viewing and much more.

Activities on the North Sea

During your stay you should definitely visit the dunes. Here you will find a unique flora and fauna and you can discover rare plants and animals. You shouldn't miss out on a mudflat hike either. In the mudflats you can experience the unique ecosystem up close and have a guide tell you interesting information about nature and the surrounding area.

If you prefer to take it easy, you can also relax in one of the charming coastal towns and enjoy the maritime flair. Here you can try local dishes and specialties in cozy cafés and restaurants or browse in small boutiques and shops.

In addition, we offer tips in our North Sea holiday articles so that you can make your stay on the coast even more interesting. We give you information about local events, sights and activities so that you can enjoy your beach holiday at the North Sea.

Overall, a North Sea beach holiday offers a great way to get away from it all and spend some relaxing time by the sea. Whether you are looking for adventure and action or just want to relax - the North Sea has something to offer for everyone. Rent a vacation home or look for one Pleasure hotel on Texel and spend a great holiday at the North Sea.


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North Sea beach vacation - travel tips for a vacation by the sea

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