Newfoundland blogs for travel preparation

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Newfoundland Blogs

Gathering information for a trip to Newfoundland, Canada is difficult. Travel guide, you say? Well, there aren't very many of them. This is certainly because Newfoundland is not one of the main travel destinations in the world. Newfoundland is a region that is mentioned in German travel guides to the region as an addition or in an appendix. If you search for “Newfoundland travel guide” on Amazon, a – short – list of Eastern Canada travel guides appears, in which an even shorter chapter deals with the island off the east coast of Canada. Not what I'm actually looking for. And even among English-speaking travel guides, the yield for “Newfoundland” is low. With the exception of Frommer's travel guide Newfoundland & Labrador by Andrew Hempstead, Newfoundland also only exists here in combination with other regions in Atlantic Canada. So what do I do if I want to find out more? We're trying Newfoundland blogs.

Opportunities to discover away from the guidebooks

The information page of Tourism Newfoundland & Labrador is very good and at least helps with the search for accommodation, attractions and other practical things. And there are interesting blogs on the official provincial info site. But I want to know more about the country and the people, what life is like on “the rock”, how people eat there and how people party there. Simply things that make up life there and that I want to experience myself on my journey.

I can't find that on the official tourism website, at least not from independent authors. So only bloggers from Newfoundland remain. In this post I present the blogs that I came across during my research and that I find interesting for planning a trip.

Blogs worth checking out

  • Kayaking dreamin '

Stan MacKenzie out St. John's In his Newfoundland Blog he mainly reports on his passion, kayaking, and he provides fantastic photos of his adventures between icebergs and along the coast of Newfoundland. A blog that whets the appetite to try it for yourself.

  • K. Bruce Lane - Photo of the Day

Above all, icebergs seem to be the passion of K. Bruce, who shows entire photo collections of icebergs in his photo blog. Since 2006 he has published a photo of the day. Other sections of his blog are houses, ships, tulips and sunrises. Explanatory texts are mostly missing in this Newfoundland blog.

  • Missing the Rock

Like many Newfoundlanders, the author of this Newfoundland blog lives and works in another region of Canada. She writes about Newfoundland from the perspective of someone who misses home. This is a bit maudlin at times, but it shows how difficult it is for Newfoundlands to make a living on 'the rock' and what it means for those who leave it.

  •  Newfoundland Nature

Troy Mitchell doesn't blog often or regularly, but what he writes is interesting. Its theme is the nature of the island. He writes about constellations of stars as well as berries, flowers, shells and many other things of interest to nature lovers.

  • Newfoundsander

Another photo blog about Newfoundland that focuses on the nature, wildlife and spectacular landscapes of Newfoundland is the Newfoundsander. The brief captions give clues as to where to see these things, but again, information is missing that leads further. The blog is worth seeing because of its great photos.

  • Rock Recipes

If you are interested in Newfoundland cuisine, this is the place to be. More than 800 recipes have been collected here that are typical of Newfoundland cuisine: there is a photo gallery, a mega cookie collection and, above all, a "Best of Rock Recipes" section. Foodies can get suggestions for their own kitchen here:


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Source Newfoundland Blogs: own research.

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Newfoundland blogs for travel preparation

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  1. LiveRural Newfoundland & Labrador

    A bit of mish-mash, but there are interesting postings about trails, beautiful places and life in Newfoundland. Worth to look inside.

  2. Inside Newfoundland and Labrador Archeology

    This blog looks at the countless archaeological finds in and around Newfoundland and Labrador. It's about the Beothuk Indians, the Inuit, maritime finds, the Mi'Kmaq, the Paleoeskimos, the Thule culture and more. Very interesting.

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