Holland landmarks

Netherlands landmarks

Discover the Netherlands sights

There are so many sights in the Netherlands that our neighboring country always attracts us. We introduce you to three villages in North Holland that fulfill all the clichés you have as a first-time visitor to Holland. You shouldn't miss the Zuidersee Museum. There you can see how people used to live in Holland. Rotterdam and Amsterdam are big cities to discover. So far, however, we have traveled more in the country and the islands. Texel fascinates us. Just like life in the polder landscapes behind the dike on the Frisian North Sea coast. The Hanseatic cities are also very beautiful. The Netherlands is worth seeing during the tulip bloom. You will also find travel tips in our articles.

Dinner in the dunes in Nederzandt

Dinner on the beach at Nederzandt Strandplaats

During our trip to the flower parade in Bollenstreek we discovered a great restaurant for a romantic dinner on the beach or a dinner with friends in Noordwijk in Holland: the Strandplaats Nederzandt. The idea of ​​building a restaurant in the middle of the dunes alone deserves respect. From this then such an excellent ...
Renaissance building in Deventer - Holland's beautiful cities - Hanseatic cities in Holland

Deventer Holland - a city for connoisseurs

Deventer Holland - a city for connoisseurs The city of Deventer in Holland was a Hanseatic city. It is located on the IJssel, on which the merchants set out for the trading cities of the Hanseatic League. They brought wealth to the city. You can see this in her to this day. Wealthy merchants established trading houses in the city center. In these lived ...
Wash in the sea wind

North Holland interesting places - Edam, Volendam & Monnikendam

Interesting places in North Holland We visit interesting places in the north of Holland. On our trip to the north of Holland we had two goals. On the one hand we wanted to see the tulip blossom. On the other hand, we wanted to see if the clichés that were circulating about Holland were true. We went looking for cheese, wooden shoes ...
Windmill behind the dike

Experience Texel in Holland

Experience Texel in Holland In the north of Holland you can discover Texel on the North Sea. With these tips, which we have collected on several trips, you will not only find sights, but also suggestions for luxury hotels. Discover good restaurants and the specialties of the island, experience the sea, the beach and the ...
Beautiful cities in Holland - Koornmarkts Tor in Kampen

Explore Kampen Holland

Explore Kampen in Holland After a nice evening by the river in Kampen Holland on our road trip through Holland's Hanseatic cities, we take a look at the city on the IJssel. We get a first impression on board the Het Hendrikje, which gives us an overview of the ...
Landgoed Duin en Kruidberg

Four hotels in North Holland

Four hotels in North Holland Which hotels in North Holland are special? On our spring trip to the tulips we got to know four very different hotels in North Holland. Each of them promises a very special experience. They all had one thing in common. They offer an interesting history and an overnight stay that...
Rembrandt's Night Watch - swarmed by visitors to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Discover the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam entrance without waiting You can order the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam entrance online. This allows you to visit the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam without having to wait. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam should be visited by anyone who is interested in Holland, its art and its history. We are using the departure day of our trip to Holland for a flying visit. We learn...
Texel wellness

Best accommodation in Texel for a luxury getaway

The best accommodation in Texel for your luxury short vacation Discovering the best Texel accommodation in the luxury segment is not easy in the island's localities. The main town of the island, Den Burg, does not offer a luxury hotel. In De Koog, on the other hand, there are three exclusive Texel accommodations. They are behind the dunes but offer ...
Yellow tulips in Holland

Keukenhof Holland to the tulip blossom

When the tulip blooms in Keukenhof Holland From March to May, Keukenhof Holland is a veritable sea of ​​tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. This is why the spring bloom at Keukenhof in Lisse is so popular. We've been here twice and loved it. There are also beautiful spring gardens in other countries, like Noel in his ...
Canal, houseboats and windmill

Holland holidays by the sea means to experience the silence in Polderland

Holland holiday by the sea is holiday behind the dike If you go on holiday in Holland by the sea, that means holiday behind the dike. You can experience this on one of the islands in the Wadden Sea or in one of the coastal towns in the north of the Netherlands. We didn't have on this trip to Holland ...


Netherlands landmarks
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