Holland landmarks

Netherlands landmarks

Discover the Netherlands sights

There are so many sights in the Netherlands that our neighboring country always attracts us. We introduce you to three villages in North Holland that fulfill all the clichés you have as a first-time visitor to Holland. You shouldn't miss the Zuidersee Museum. There you can see how people used to live in Holland. Rotterdam and Amsterdam are big cities to discover. So far, however, we have traveled more in the country and the islands. Texel fascinates us. Just like life in the polder landscapes behind the dike on the Frisian North Sea coast. The Hanseatic cities are also very beautiful. The Netherlands is worth seeing during the tulip bloom. You will also find travel tips in our articles.

Texel sheep with lambs

Experience Texel sheep on the island in North Holland

Texel sheep are known for their robust build and stocky appearance. Ewes reach a weight of 70 to 80 kg and the rams up to 90 kg. Texel sheep breeders also value their wool, which is white and of high quality. This is sheared once a year and provides around 4 to...
On the canals of Hasselt

Hasselt Netherlands - Hanseatic city on Zwarte Water

Hasselt Netherlands Sightseeing The Hanseatic city of Hasselt in the Netherlands is one of the five Hanseatic cities that we visit on our tour through the Hanseatic region. I was particularly excited about her. After all, it was the birthplace of Kilian van Rensselaer. I had heard from him many times on my visits to New York City ...
Museum Elburg Hollands beautiful cities

Hanseatic City of Elburg in Holland - Sights

The Hanseatic city of Elburg and its sights The Hanseatic city of Elburg is one of the towns in Holland that has retained its charm. If you enter the place behind the city wall, which has been almost completely preserved, you have the feeling that you are entering a different time. That may be because the main street ...
Documents to the Pilgrim Fathers in the Museum in Leiden Holland

Pilgrim Fathers Museum in Leiden Netherlands

What do the Pilgrim Fathers have to do with Leiden Holland? Very easily. Before the Pilgrim Fathers started their trip to America, they tried to live according to their ideas in Leiden. The Pilgrim Fathers belonged to a group of radical religious separatists. You said yourself of the Church of England ...
Petar enjoys our boat tour through Leiden Holland

Get to know Holland from the boat

Getting to know Leiden Holland from a boat We have already experienced a lot, but a city tour by boat is not one of the usual experiences on our pleasure trips. Water played a big part in our trip to Leiden Holland. We slept the three nights of our stay in a...
Houseboat in Holland

Houseboat in Holland as an alternative to the hotel

A houseboat in Holland as an alternative to a hotel? We asked ourselves this question when planning our blogger trip to the flower parade in Bollenstreek in Holland. This was because it turned out to be difficult to get a hotel for a group of seven people during the festival period. Simone from nach-holland.de struck ...
The Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam

Tour of the port of Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam We want to experience the port of Rotterdam on a harbor tour. Even if this is not by the sea, this gives us an impression of a holiday in the Netherlands by the sea. Our ship casts off right next to the Erasmus Bridge, which looks like a harp. The sun shines from the sky and ...
Canal in Eenrum - Dutch North Sea Coast

Experience the Dutch North Sea coast on a weekend in Holland

The Dutch North Sea coast and its hinterland We had two days to look at the Dutch North Sea coast between Den Helder and the province of Groningen. The tips we have gathered are perfect for taking a vacation on the Dutch North Sea coast. Our journey began in Den Helder, the city in ...
Ewe with lamb

Texel island of sheep and smart farmers

Texel in North Holland Even from the mainland, the Texel island of sheep in the Netherlands arouses curiosity. A detour to the dike between Den Oever and Oosterland in North Holland gives us a foretaste of what awaits us on the island. From the dike we see our destination in Holland on ...
Rotterdam by night

Famous places in Rotterdam

Rotterdam may be overshadowed by Amsterdam in popularity and activity, but it is by no means a less interesting Dutch city. Rotterdam, the second largest and most important city in the Netherlands next to the capital, is chic, modern, cultural and absolutely beautiful. When visiting the Netherlands, you should definitely visit this amazing ...


Netherlands landmarks
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