Over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen

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Oeresund Bridge

Over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen

To drive over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen once, that was my dream. The Baltic Sea locations that serve as a backdrop are fascinating. I'm a big fan of Scandinavian crime novels. I like it when the tension in these stories builds up from episode to episode. Often, at the end of one, I can't wait for the week to go by to see how the plot continues. These stories keep me in front of the television even late at night, which I rarely turn on. I need to know how the story goes on. “The bridge” through which Saga Norén and Martin Rohde carry out transnational policing between Denmark and Sweden is one of the addicting stories. So I really wanted to drive over the Øresund Bridge. Here we introduce them to you. You will find out everything about the bridge and the Öresund Bridge costs, prices and tolls.

Copenhagen over the Öresund Bridge - Öresund Bridge Costs, prices and tolls
Over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen - The Öresund Bridge costs are paid when you drive up

“The bridge”, which connects the two countries and which takes you from Copenhagen to Malmö in just over half an hour, has already played a major role in two crime stories. So it goes without saying that I have to see them and - even better - have to cross them.


Car Rental Trelleborg *

A tip for budget travelers: take the ferry from Sassnitz to Trelleborg. Pick up your rental car in Trelleborg and continue from there.


Trelleborg in Sweden
Arrival of the Stena Line ferry Sassnitz in Trelleborg in Sweden

Ferry Sassnitz Trelleborg

We had to be at the ferry terminal in Copenhagen at a certain time in order not to miss our onward journey to Oslo. So we had to get there on time. The ferry crossing with Stena Line from Sassnitz to Trelleborg in southern Sweden was the ideal solution. It was necessary to get up early to drive from the manor Bömitz to the ferry port in Sassnitz. The morning ferry departs at 8:00 a.m. So we passed most of the route at a time when most people are still sleeping. So free travel!



Breakfast on the Sassnitz
Breakfast for two in the cafeteria of Sassnitz


On board the "Sassnitz"

We had received our tickets from Stena Line via email and only needed to show them when entering the terminal and exchange them for a boarding pass. Simple. The entrance to the ferry is just as easy, and our car is the last one in line on the car deck of the "Sassnitz". This makes it easy to find it quickly when you arrive: just go back on deck 5 until you can't continue.



We have booked the ferry for the return trip and can try out the two restaurants on board the "Sassnitz". On the outward journey we treat ourselves to breakfast in the cafeteria, for which we pay 11,50 euros for two. On the way back, however, we use the large ship buffet for dinner, which costs XNUMX euros per person and is clearly the better option. We can use the starter, main course and dessert buffet as often as we want.


Starters buffet on board the Sassnitz
Starters buffet on board the Sassnitz from Stena Line


The rest of the crossing we finally make ourselves comfortable in one of the reclining chairs or one of the cozy seating niches in the middle part of the ferry. And since nothing else shows up in front of the big windows than the wide expanse of water of the Baltic Sea, which reaches to the horizon, we doze off soon. Therefore, the crossing passes quickly. And the sea is so mirror-smooth that not even I get a queasy feeling in the stomach, because I am not straight sea, although I love the sea. So I can leave my traveling trays so stuck.


Spring in southern Sweden - Oresund Bridge Costs, prices and tolls
Over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen - Pretty, right? Spring in southern Sweden

Trelleborg and over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen

The disembarkation in Trelleborg is done quickly. So we are finally on the way to Malmö. We want to get to Copenhagen as soon as possible and reach the southern Swedish town after half an hour's drive past yellow rapeseed fields. Spring in Scandinavia starts later. We enjoy that, it extends our spring by a few days.


Visit Öresund Bridge

If you want to take the time to visit the Öresund Bridge, we recommend staying in Malmö. Here and around the city there are good lookouts on the bridge. The bridge itself is neither accessible by foot nor by bike.


Tanker at the Öresund Bridge - Öresund Bridge Costs, prices and tolls
Oresund Bridge Pictures - Over the Oresund Bridge to Copenhagen - This is the view from the Oresund Bridge after the toll


The bridge to Copenhagen

Shortly after Malmö signs above the motorway announce the last exit on Swedish soil. As there are tolls for crossing the Öresund Bridge, we join the tollgate for credit card payers. On Ticket for the Öresund Bridge you can also buy online. This saves waiting time when crossing. Then we see it: the bridge. A superlative must be: it is currently "the world's longest cable-stayed bridge for combined car and rail traffic". The four pillars that support the central part of the bridge remind me of a cathedral. Let's go to Copenhagen over the Öresund Bridge.

What Attractions in Denmark are also worthwhile, you can read about it at the Phototravellers.


Take a photo of the Öresund Bridge

  • At Lernacken near Malmö in Sweden: Map.
  • From Camping Sibbarp you also have a good view of the bridge: Map.
  • Vågbrytarvägen in Malmö-Limhamn: Map.


Some data about the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen



In Copenhagen
One of the many places in Copenhagen - The Oresund Bridge Costs, prices and tolls are behind you


A highlight for me: as we approach the piers, a large container ship heads for the piers. This reminds me of a scene that could have come from one of the thrillers with Saga Norén and Martin Rohde. Rammed in one of them a leaderless freighter one of these pillars. Our ship passes the passage under the bridge without incident. After the Öresund Bridge Tunnel on the Danish side we finally reach the Downtown Copenhagen, These we cross without stopping on the way to the ferry terminal. So we reach after a good hour drive from Trelleborg the Ferry terminal in Copenhagen, From there is ours Continue to Oslo planned.



Copenhagen Malmö from Denmark to Sweden

For the return day from Copenhagen over the Öresund Bridge to Malmö and on with the ferry to Sassnitz we had no fixed program. We wanted to make that dependent on the weather. In the rain we would have stayed longer in Copenhagen or looked at Malmö. In the sunshine, we wavered between a day on Öresund or a trip to Ystad, which is of course equally interesting for a crime fool like me. Who does not know Commissioner Wallander's cases, which he resolves in and around this city.


Tips for Malmö

If you decide to stop over in Malmö, we recommend these things to do:


Skanör in southern Sweden
The old town center of Skanör in southern Sweden - You paid the Öresund Bridge toll


Skanör to Trelleborg

It should be sun on the day of our return. Therefore, we choose a day at the sea. We reserve Ystad for another trip. “The bridge” fascinates us too much. As landlubbers from southern Germany, we want to see them from the coast and at the same time enjoy the sea for a few hours. And so we drive past Malmö to the south and follow a tip from our guide to Southern Sweden, which is a detour Skanör and Falsterbo recommends.

On one of the photos shown in it, we see colorful bathing houses that are lined up on the coast like a string of pearls. We want to look for them. From there you should have another look at "the bridge" from a distance. The perfect combination for our farewell to Scandinavia: the beach and the Øresund Bridge. Since we forget the Oresund Bridge prices.


Bathhouses in Skanör
Colorful bath houses on the coast near Skanör in southern Sweden


Village by the sea with a view over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen

The places are easy to find. Leave the motorway at Vellinge and follow Route 100 in the direction of Höllviken to Skanör. There we do not drive to the center, but turn at the roundabout in the first exit and follow the road to the end. There we find a delightful village center with a village church and a village square. Around these are grouped low houses that are typical of this region.

Our guide shows us the way to a promenade that leads through a bird sanctuary. Over the plankenweg we go through the wetland and watch a pair of swans along the way, which eats on the edge of one of the many pools full of fresh grass. On the other side of the trail, a large group of gray geese land in the wetland. This is obviously a place they love, because on the way we see many of them.



The Öresund Bridge from Skandör - Öresund Bridge Costs, prices and tolls
From Copenhagen via the Öresund Bridge - View of the Öresund Bridge


View of the Öresund Bridge

“The bridge” appears again on the horizon. To the left of it a group of wind turbines are turning their wings in the wind, and on the right we see the Malmo skyline. The path finally leads us out to the beach. There we discover the bath houses that led us on this excursion. While Petar is looking for a motif for his video, I sit on a bench and enjoy the day, the sun, the light breeze from the sea and the view back to the Øresund Bridge. A nice end to our whirlwind trip through Sweden, Denmark and Norway from Trelleborg via Copenhagen to Oslo and back.



My advice: Obtain the guide to Southern Sweden incl. Stockholm from Sabine Gorsemann (Michael Müller Verlag) in any case. We followed his advice and became aware of this corner that we would never have seen otherwise. And the tip of having a coffee break in Anna's Bakeri was just as good. The cakes in this bakery are melting away and the owner is extremely hospitable. A great recommendation from the travel guide, which we are happy to pass on.

Must-dos in Copenhagen


Tips for Copenhagen

In Copenhagen we recommend these things to do:

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Do you have any other tips for travelers? Maybe you've discovered another worthwhile viewing point. Or you remember the bridge for another reason. Tell us about it in a comment.

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Oeresund Bridge Travel
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Source for Over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen: On-site research. We would definitely like to thank Stenaline for inviting us on these ferry trips. Our opinions definitely remain our own. Öresund Bridge costs, prices and tolls can be found via the link in the article.

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Over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen

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