Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle

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Moselle from above

Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle

One day is available for our Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle in Rheinland-Pfalz. Therefore, we limit ourselves to the immediate vicinity of Alf. We stay there in Bömers Mosellandhotel, a small flair hotel. We go on a Moselle tour in a convertible with the hotel owner. We spend the rest of the day on a Moselle tour in the car and drive to Zell and Bad Bertrich. These places are easy to reach from Alf.


The "Kanonenbahn" - Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle - view on our Moselle tour in a convertible
The "Kanonenbahn" on our Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle



Moselle tour in a convertible through Alf and the surrounding area

The place lies in the middle Moselle valley on the narrowest loop of the river. Our Moselle tour in a convertible takes us on the quayside from Alf to Pünderich. That is almost thirteen kilometers. Seen from the air, the two places are only 400 meters apart. This Moselle loop is called "Zeller Hamm". The two river sections are separated by a ridge. This does not make a quick connection between the locations possible. This mood of nature is perfect for great views.




You have to hike from Alf to the Prinzenkopf. The way there is a steep climb uphill. You will be rewarded with a view of the narrowest loop of the Moselle. This is just one of the many hiking trails that we have to choose from.


Our Moselle tour in a convertible through the vineyards around Alf on the Moselle - a lot of fun!
Moselle tour in a convertible through the vineyards on our Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle - a lot of fun!


Moselle tour in a convertible through the vineyards

Since we want to see even more in the short time, we go on a Moselle tour in a convertible with Sonja Gleißner, the owner of the hotel. It shows us places with a view of the Moselle. It's time for a glass from Bahnhof-Schoppen. Sonja shows us the small chapel, which in the middle of the vineyards above Alf serves the winemakers of the region to pray for good weather and a profitable harvest. From here we have a beautiful view of the village of Alf directly below us in the valley.

Arras Castle - a destination of our Moselle tour

On the narrow gravel road, Sonja turns the convertible skilfully and leaves the town in the direction of Bad Bertrich, only to turn left a few hundred meters to go steeply uphill on a winding and narrow forest path. “You definitely have to see Arras Castle. They don't even know some of the residents of Alf, but it's so beautiful that I don't want to withhold it from you. ”Says it, and drives around the last bend with verve, where she stops the convertible in a small parking lot in front of the open castle gates brings.


Trutzig: the Imperial Castle Arras in Alf on the Moselle - destination of our Moselle tour in a convertible
Trutzig: the Kaiserburg Arras on our Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle


Courtyard, torture chamber and knight's hall

We are enthusiastic about Arras Castle, which defiantly watches over the Moselle valley, from which the car noises from the embankment can hardly be heard. Petar and I take a closer look at the courtyard with its restaurant terrace and discover the old torture chamber that belongs to the castle museum. We take a look into the knight's hall, in which real knight armor reminds of the time of the robber barons who were once up to mischief here. Today, however, the long table is set with fine dishes for a robber baron meal that is planned for tomorrow. The castle can be booked for all kinds of private events, and weddings are especially romantic in this setting. There are also a couple of hotel rooms where you can feel like a damsel for a while.


Hiking trails around Alf ad Mosel

To do this, you need to know most of these Walking start in Bullay or go through Bullay. The place is located across from Alf on the other bank of the Moselle and can be reached by ferry. Some hiking trails You can also take a Moselle tour by car.

    • The Moselle winter hike from Reil to Bullay: 8,1 km, 2:45 hours, ascent 210 m, descent 185 m, difficulty: easy. Further information
    • You can also start this circular walk through the Moselle valley in Alf: 15,6 km, 4:04 hours, ascent 137 m, descent 130 m. Further information
    • Two castles tour: 11,4 km, 4:22 hours, ascent: 554 m, descent 554 m Further information
    • The Moselhöhenweg and Moselsteig Trail from Kövenig to Bullay: 17,3 km, 5:24 hours, ascent: 372 m, descent: 353 m. Further information
    • Bullay - Neef - Sankt Aldegund - Alf: 17,8 km, 5:08 hours, ascent: 447 m, descent: 453 m. Further information
    • Bullay - Neef - Sollig - Alf - Bullay: 19 km, 5:44 hours, ascent: 576 m, descent: 581 m. Further information
    • Our tip: Use the Outdooractive maps offline as well Outdooractive Pro*.


Beautiful half-timbered buildings in Zell am Mosel
Beautiful half-timbered buildings in Zell an der Mosel - a destination of our Moselle tour by car


Zell - Weinort and the Zeller Schwarze Katz '

Before our convertible tour through the Alf area, we use the day for a Moselle tour by car into the wider area. Only about six kilometers away from Alf is the town of Zell, which is known to wine lovers because of the Riesling that is grown in the vineyards above the town: the Zeller Schwarze Katz '. Therefore, on our stroll through the pedestrian zone of Zell we meet the black cat again and again: on menus, as a wine bottle, as a pub or hotel sign and very large as a sign in the vineyards behind Zell, where the vines are grown. A “Celtic Black Cat” is even offered on the drinks menu in the local Irish pub. Guinness is secondary there.



Good Riesling wines thrive on the vineyards above Zell
Good Riesling wines thrive in the vineyards above Zell along our Moselle tour by car



Wine hiking trail Zeller Schwarze Katz '

The "Zeller Schwarze Katz" wine hiking trail begins at the town hall, where we can find out more about winegrowing in Zell. Over a length of three kilometers, we follow the cat tracks that show us the direction and learn interesting facts about viticulture in Zell, the wine situation of the "Zeller Schwarze Katz", the "Saufbähnchen", the dry stone walls and other finesse of the winegrowing in the region. If you like, you can climb the Collis steep path to the Colli tower (via ferrata included). However, we like it more comfortable and prefer to go down to the Moselle, where we watch the ships leisurely going up and down the river from one of the banks on the riverside.


That has to be in your suitcase, are you planning a hike

  • Comfortable shoes, with which you can also walk over uneven terrain. There are beautiful hiking trails, although they lead through rough terrain.
  • A backpack, for example by taking your equipment with you for a day. A Picnic with a view of the Moselle you can plan your hike well here.
  • In the summer you also need a hat that protects against the sun. The vineyards for hiking trails are on the sunny side of the valley.
  • Did you pack everything for a hike? With our hiking checklist you can easily check that.


The Moselle in the morning mist from the Marienburg
The Moselle in the morning mist from the Marienburg


Marienburg - a detour on our Moselle tour

On the way back to Alf we finally make a detour to Marienburg, a former monastery located on the crest of the hill that separates the Moselle loop. Today it houses a youth training center. From the top of the hill you definitely have a beautiful view of the arms of the Moselle that flow along both sides of the hill.


Do you prefer to travel by motorhome?


Splendid resort architecture in Bad Bertrich
Magnificent spa architecture in Bad Bertrich - easy to reach on our Moselle tour by car



Bad Bertrich - a gem for wellness lovers

Because we still have time, we finally leave Alf and the Moselle valley and drive a few kilometers north to Bad Bertrich, where, as we were told at the hotel, we can use the spa's wellness offerings. However, since the sun is already shining so warmly from the sky on this first day of spring, we decide to forego hot baths instead. Instead, we drink a cup of Lavazza coffee in the center of the seaside resort of Bad Bertrich, look at the aging Parkhotel and the facades of the spa architecture along the main street and watch the passers-by as they - like us - catch the first warm rays of the sun Enjoy spring sunshine.



You need that for a stay in the thermal bath

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Other destinations on the Moselle


A perfect weekend on the Moselle! Alf and his surroundings convinced us, and the Moselle will certainly see us again.

For example, we stayed in this Flair Hotel. From there you can also go on excursions in the hotel's own convertible.

Bömers Mosellandhotel
Ferdinand Remy Street 27
56859 Alf on the Mosel
Information, availability check and online booking*
So we experienced the Bömers Mosellandhotel

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Moselle tour in a convertible
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Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle

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