Miami Beach insider tips for slow travelers and connoisseurs

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Miami Beach Insider Tips

Miami Beach in Florida is a mosaic of colors and cultures. Here you will discover a world full of surprises. In our Miami Beach Insider Tips we take you on a journey through Miami Beach and show you extraordinary places and activities. Since we are not partygoers ourselves and are more interested in nature, art and culture as well as good food, our insider tips for Miami Beach primarily revolve around these topics.



Imagine strolling through streets filled with vibrant colors and the scent of exotic cuisines. Every corner tells its own story, every district reveals its own rhythm. Miami Beach is a melting pot of cultures that you can experience both in its cuisine and with its people.

Nature also plays a major role here. Feel the wind blowing from the coast and enjoy the warm rays of sunshine on your skin. Miami Beach is not just a place to see, but to feel. Here you can relax, discover and be inspired.

For slow travelers and pleasure travelers who are looking for authenticity, Miami Beach is a paradise. In our detailed guides, which we link to in this article, you will find even more insider tips and recommendations. Let's explore the facets of Miami Beach together and collect experiences.


Discover our Miami Beach insider tips in our Miami travel blog

In our Miami travel blog we take you on a journey through the city and share our best insider tips for your stay.

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The overview here is even better.

Insider tips in the Art Deco district

A whole range of Miami Beach insider tips are waiting for you in the Art Deco district, known for its colorful architecture. We'll show you where you can find real treasures off the beaten track. We have this neighborhood on our own and with one gourmet tour visited through the region. We found a number of tips that are not found in every travel guide.

Start your tour on Ocean Drive. The famous Art Deco buildings are lined up here. But the real Miami Beach can be found in the side streets. Stroll along Collins Avenue and see buildings that many miss.


Miami Beach Insider Tips - the Carlyle Hotel
The Carlyle Hotel in South Beach is one of our Miami Beach insider tips Leonard J. DeFrancisci, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Look out for that one Essex House* or the Carlyle*. These hotels are not only architectural masterpieces but also perfect photo spots. Their Art Deco facades offer the perfect motif for your travel album.

Visit the small art galleries and boutiques. They are often hidden in inconspicuous corners, but it's fun to rummage through them for souvenirs. You often find surprising things.

If you need a break, sit in one of the small cafés. Enjoy a coffee and watch the hustle and bustle. In these moments you feel the true spirit of Miami Beach.

It's best to go to the Art Deco District early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This is when the light is best for photos and the streets are less busy.


North Beach
Miami Beach Insider Tips – North Beach, where the beaches are almost deserted


Sights outside the mainstream

Don't just take a look at the tourist hotspot of South Beach, but also take a detour to North Beach. This quieter part of town offers, among other things, relaxed cafes and parks. For example, take a walk along the North Beach Oceanside Park Beach, a perfect place for a picnic or to enjoy nature.

This is also an insider tip Miami Beach Botanical Garden. This peaceful retreat in the middle of the city is a plant lover's paradise. Here you can discover exotic plants and enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

For art lovers, a visit is worthwhile Bass Museum of Art. It's off the beaten track and houses a collection of modern art.

It also offers an authentic experience Biscayne Point. From this place you have a beautiful view of Biscayne Bay. Here, enjoy the sunset in one of the two public parks (Stillwater Park or Crespi Park), away from the crowds.

You can also explore Miami Beach by bike. Many of the hidden places are best reached on two wheels. This way you can experience the city from a completely new perspective.


The South Pointe Promenade
The South Pointe Promenade iJammin, CC BY 2.0 License, via Wikimedia Commons


Miami Beach Insider Tips: Parks as oases of peace

The parks of Miami Beach are also good retreats for slow travelers and pleasure travelers who are looking for relaxation and nature experiences. In addition to the North Beach Oceanside Park and the Botanical Garden, which we have already mentioned, there are other parks that we include among our Miami Beach Insider Tips:

The South Pointe Park is an insider tip. Here you can relax by the water and enjoy the view. The park also offers quiet corners, perfect for a book or a picnic. Or instead, watch the ships go by and let your mind wander.

The Flamingo Park in the heart of Miami Beach is also worth a visit. In addition to green spaces, this park also offers sports facilities. Here you can relax or get active, just as you like.


Miami Beach beach
Miami Beach Beach Photo: Radomian, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Beaches – More than just sunbathing

Miami Beach is known for its lively beaches, but there are also quieter corners just waiting to be discovered by slow travelers and leisure travelers.

An insider tip is North Beach. It is often quieter here than on the famous South Beach. Enjoy the sun and the sea, away from the big crowds. North Beach also offers beautiful walks along the coast.

Another quiet spot is 85th Street Beach. This section of beach is less well-known, so you'll often find more space here. Ideal for relaxing or reading a book.

For activities other than sunbathing, we recommend beach yoga in the early morning. Many places in Miami Beach offer free yoga classes. A perfect way to start the day.

Or try stand-up paddling. It's a great way to be active while enjoying the tranquility of the water. Many beach providers rent equipment and offer courses.

Boat tours with a twist

These boat tours are ideal for slow travelers and leisure travelers who are looking for something special. We have tried several of these tours on our trips to Miami. During the trips that I accompanied as a tour guide, I often went on tours through Millionaires Row and looked at the mansions of the super-rich. But it can also be more individual. For example, you can have one Zodiac tour to Stiltsville do as we did on our last visit.


Discover private boat tours, for example. There are operators in Miami Beach that offer individual trips for private groups. You can choose the route yourself and explore hidden corners. However, these tours are not cheap since you charter the entire boat. Enjoy the drive along the coast and discover Miami Beach from a new perspective.

A tour at sunset is definitely a special experience. Watch the city glow in warm colors. This is a very special experience, especially in Florida. These tours offer a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.

For the more adventurous, there are also tours with water sports activities. Try water skiing, wakeboarding or snorkeling. These activities offer fun and action on the water.

Eco tours are an insider tip. These are usually available as excursions towards the Everglades. You will get to know the local flora and fauna. Such tours are informative and also offer insights into nature.

Be sure to book your tour in advance. This way you can make sure you get the appointment and route you want.


Bass Museum Miami Beach
The Bass Museum in Miami Beach, photo: Phillip Pessar from Miami, USA, CC BY 2.0 License, via Wikimedia Commons


Miami Beach Insider Tips: Museums – culture beyond the familiar

Miami Beach has a number of smaller, lesser-known museums. These museums are a good tip for slow travelers and leisure travelers who are looking for unique cultural experiences.

The Wolfsonian-FIU Museum is such an insider tip. It houses a fascinating collection of 20th century art and design. Discover rare works here and learn more about the history behind the objects.

This is another gem Jewish Museum of Florida. It tells the story of the Jewish community in Florida. The exhibitions are informative and offer a good insight into the local culture.

The Art Deco Museum is also worth a visit. It explains the famous architecture of Miami Beach. Here you will learn more about the origins and meaning of the Art Deco style.

For contemporary art, after all, this is it Bass Museum of Art the right adress. It shows modern works of art and offers changing exhibitions. A place that always opens up new perspectives.

Be sure to check the opening times and exhibitions online before your visit. Then you can plan your visit optimally.


Hotel in Miami Beach
Hotel in Miami Beach


Hotels in Miami Beach – Sleep in style

There are a variety of accommodation options in Miami Beach, but a few hotels in particular stand out. For slow travelers and pleasure travelers who are looking for stylish and unique accommodation options, these special hotels offer an authentic experience away from the big chains. Here you can sleep with local flair.

One such hotel is the “The Plymouth South Beach*“. This boutique hotel combines modern comfort with historic charm. Here you will find a quiet atmosphere, ideal for relaxing after a day in the city.

The "Cadet Hotel*“ is another insider tip. It's on a quiet street, close enough to the action but away from the hustle and bustle. The hotel impresses with its elegant design and personal service.

For an authentic Miami Beach experience, the “Hotel Gaythering*" a good choice. This hotel is aimed at LGBTQ travelers but offers a warm atmosphere for all guests. Here you will experience a lively community and unique events.

The "Casa Faena*“, on the other hand, brings Spanish colonial style to Miami Beach. This hotel offers a mix of traditional decor and modern luxury. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and excellent service.

Be sure to book your room early. These special hotels often fill up quickly, especially in high season.


Coxinha - a Brazilian specialty
Coxinha – a Brazilian specialty


Restaurants and culinary insider tips

Slow travelers and pleasure travelers who are looking for authentic and special culinary experiences can find Miami Beach insider tips here. We'll also show you where you can enjoy real local Miami Beach cuisine.

One such insider tip is “Joe's Stone Crab“. This restaurant is known for its Stone Crab Claws, a local delicacy. Here you can, for example, try traditional cuisine in a cozy atmosphere.

The "Puerto Sagua Restaurant“ offers an authentic Cuban experience. Enjoy classic dishes like Ropa Vieja or Arroz con Pollo. The warm hospitality makes the visit unforgettable.

An insider tip is also “Yardbird Southern Table & Bar“. Enjoy southern cuisine with a modern twist here. The fried chicken is an absolute must.

Be sure to reserve your table in advance, especially on weekends. These restaurants are popular with locals and visitors. And another tip: avoid the restaurants and bars on Ocean Drive. The prices there are grossly overpriced. Since we're not interested in muscle men and beach beauties, a walk along Ocean Drive is enough for us to see him once.


Lomo Saltado -Peruvian cuisine in Miami Beach
Lomo Saltado -Peruvian cuisine in Miami Beach


Culinary experiences – eat like a local

There are many hidden food spots and local delicacies to discover in Miami Beach. We'll tell you where to find the best dining experiences in Miami Beach.

A real insider tip is “The Sandwicherie“. This small sandwich cafe offers fresh, delicious baguettes and croissants. Be sure to try the avocado sandwich, a local favorite.

The food trucks in Miami Beach are also worth a visit. They often offer innovative and delicious snacks. Or explore South Beach on one of the food tours like we did:


We got one on our last visit to Miami Beach Food tour of the Art Deco district made. We particularly liked the fact that on our walk we got to know the different cuisines that are available in the typical restaurants in South Beach and also received background information about the Art Deco architecture.


Lincoln Street Mall in Miami Beach
Lincoln Street Mall in Miami Beach, photo: Hugh Millward from Dartmouth, Canada, CC BY 2.0 License, via Wikimedia Commons


More Miami Beach insider tips

Miami Beach has even more to offer. Aside from the well-known attractions, there are other insider tips that will make your trip unforgettable. For example, go shopping away from the main shopping streets, experience the nightlife and enjoy cultural and artistic activities.

The Lincoln Road Mall provides a shopping experience. Here you will find small boutiques as well as local designers. Discover fashion you won't see anywhere else. Enjoy the lively atmosphere of the pedestrian zone. For a break in between you will also find nice street cafes here.

Miami Beach nightlife offers more than just clubs. Try the rooftop bars for a relaxing evening. “Juvia“ offers great views and delicious cocktails. For live music “The Betsy Hotel“ a good address. Here you can enjoy jazz in a cozy atmosphere – exactly our taste!

Another tip is the “New World Symphony Wallcast“. There are classical concerts there in the open air. Bring a blanket and then experience music in a unique setting.

Conclusion on our Miami Beach Insider Tips

Miami Beach offers much more than just its famous beaches. For slow travelers and pleasure travelers who are looking for special experiences, Miami Beach is a true paradise. With our Miami Beach Insider Tips you can easily get to know this city on your own.

Discover hidden parks, quiet beaches, and off-the-beaten path dining experiences that let you taste the cultures that make Miami Beach a multicultural city. Experience authentic Miami Beach in small restaurants and hidden cafes.

Miami Beach nightlife offers more than just clubs. In rooftop bars you can experience relaxed evenings and listen to live music in a cozy atmosphere. For culture and art lovers, there are numerous museums and galleries to discover that are outside the mainstream.

Set out to explore Miami Beach with your eyes open. Take time to explore the city on foot or by bike to discover its true character.

You can also find more detailed information and other insider tips in our article collection, which we linked above. There you will find more details you need for your Miami Beach experience.


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Miami Beach insider tips for slow travelers and connoisseurs

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