Discover UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen

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Grote Markt Sint Rombouts Cathedral

UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen Belgium

The UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen Belgium put a spanner in the works of our travel plans. We had planned to be in Mechelen to deal with the cuisine of Flanders. But it turns out differently than so often on our travels. When we were there, a topic came to mind that we could not ignore. We were so impressed by the Renaissance and Gothic architecture in the old town that we overturned our plans. Instead of the culinary delights of Mechelen, we devoted ourselves to the city's beguinages. With the Sint Rombouts Cathedral, these are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mechelen. The cuisine was neglected. But it should be worth it. Here we present the buildings that we discovered on our tour:



Big Beguinage UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen
Alleys in the Great Beguinage UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen Belgium

UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen Belgium: the large and small beguinages

Beguinages were everywhere in Flanders during the Renaissance. These were communities of convenience of women. They supported each other and found protection in the community. Most were widows who joined these communities after their husbands died. The beguinages were organized like a monastery. However, the Beguines did not take any vows. So the women could leave the community again as soon as other options were available. The Mechelen beguinages are close together. They belong to the UNESCO world heritage of the beguinages and provide an insight into life at that time. Today families live here in an environment that exudes calm. These pictures give an impression of what the beguinages look like.


Big beguinage
One house follows the next in the Great Beguinage in Mechelen Belgium
Beguinage Church UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen
Behind the Beguinage Church
Architectural detail UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen
Detail of the architecture

The Sint Rombouts Cathedral in Mechelen Belgium

Mechelen Cathedral is dedicated to Romuald. It dates from the 13th - 15th centuries. It can be seen with its tower from the old town. No wonder with a tower height of 98 meters. You can climb the tower via more than 500 steps. This one is unfinished. The climb is worthwhile for the view of Mechelen. The interior of the cathedral is also worth seeing. The cathedral impresses with its stained glass windows, the choir stalls and the paintings, including the altarpiece by van Dyck.


Sint Rombouts Cathedral UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen
The Sint Rombouts Cathedral in Mechelen Belgium
The cathedral fits into the cityscape
Interior of the cathedral
The interior of the cathedral
Stained-glass windows
Stained-glass windows
choir stalls
Sint Rombouts Cathedral in Mechelen Belgium


What you need to visit Mechelen

  • You will do a lot of walking in Mechelen Belgium. Hence are Shoes important, in which you can walk well.
  • If you are planning to go to a restaurant, then you should Pumps .
  • People like to wear clothes in summer. Fit Sandals.
  • Mechelen offers delicacies that are suitable as souvenirs. Chocolate from Belgium or beer are just a few of them. In one backpack you can accommodate them well.
  • Forget yours Camera not, because Mechelen's Renaissance buildings tempt you to take photos.



A walk through Mechelen Belgium is not only worthwhile because of these buildings. Monastery buildings such as the Refuge of the Abbey of Tongeren, the Archbishops' Palace, the buildings that line the Grote Markt and Schoenmarkt, the Palace of Margaret of Austria or Margaret of York and buildings that make Mechelen a showpiece of architecture are worth seeing . You should only bring time to see them all.


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Mechelen Belgium
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Source Mechelen Belgium: On-site research at the invitation of Tourism Flanders

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Discover UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen

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