Good food, wine and the Moselle in Luxembourg

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Discover Luxembourg sights for connoisseurs

We discovered three Luxembourg sights where you can enjoy life in Luxembourg on our drive through the country. What could be better than enjoy your meal, Wine and a romantic river like that Moselto enjoy life? Along the line between Rheinland-Pfalz and Luxembourg we find it all. After our visit to the spectacularly located Castle Vianden in the Luxembourg Ardennes We drive a few kilometers to the south in a small place called Wallendorf-Pont, which is separated from Germany by a bridge.


Trout in the Dimmer restaurant in Wallendorf-Pont - Luxembourg Sights for connoisseurs


Good food in the country hotel

Can restaurants be places of interest in Luxembourg? If they serve specialties, yes. The Dimmer restaurant is located on the bank of the border river, the Sauer, which separates the two countries from one another. When we get there, the restaurant is almost empty. However, that changes quickly the further lunchtime progresses.


Champagne bottle - Luxembourg sights for connoisseurs
Champagne bottle in the Caves St. Martin in Remich - Luxembourg sights for wine lovers


Apparently the restaurant is quite well-known in the area, because although we are here on a Tuesday, it will soon be filled to the limit and there is no more space on the terrace either. “A good sign when it comes to the quality of the food,” I think to myself and both Petar and I enjoy our trout and salmon, both of which are superbly prepared. The only thing we regret is that the service is so overwhelmed by the many guests that we can no longer order desserts because the next appointment is already waiting for us. We would have liked to have tasted another dessert here.


Salmon with asparagus
Salmon with asparagus in the restaurant Dimmer in Wallendorf-Pont
Sandy Rischette
Also our companion Sandy tastes the food in the restaurant Dimmer


Restaurant and hotel dimmer

Borderline, 2-4
L-9392 Wallendorf-Pont
Tel. + 352 83 62 29
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Boat trip on the Moselle - Luxembourg sights for connoisseurs
A boat trip on the Moselle - definitely one of the Luxembourg sights for connoisseurs


A boat trip on the Mosel

We continue our journey through the Sauer valley and pass small villages that invite you to explore them more closely. Our destination is further south in the Moselle valley. The place Remich is only separated from Germany by a river, only this time it is the Moselle. It is surrounded by vineyards, between which the Moselle, which we already have this year  at Alf have gotten to know better, flows quietly there. A place for connoisseurs, one would think, right? And what could be nicer than exploring such a river and its surroundings by boat? So we board one of the excursion boats that travel up and down the Moselle from Remich to see the river and the wine-growing region. The slopes of the Moselle valley are well suited for wine growing. No wonder, then, that this region enjoys an international reputation as a wine-growing region.


Vineyards - Luxembourg sights for connoisseurs
Vineyards on the Moselle - Luxembourg sights for connoisseurs
Fun on the Moselle
The boat mooring of Remich in Luxembourg looks almost Mediterranean


The vineyards on the Moselle are Luxembourg sights for connoisseurs

Our boat first steers for a quarter of an hour in one direction from Remich, then turns around and repeats the whole thing in the other direction. On the first half of the tour we will pass vineyards. These rise not far from the river. On the shore we can watch sun worshipers enjoying the early summer day in their bathing bays. This occurs again and again on this part of the Moselle. Others look for a place under deciduous trees to cool off in the sun. Still others plunge into the water to swim or follow our boat with their yachts or jet skis. In between we repeatedly pass places where the houses and trees along the bank are reflected in the water of the Moselle.



The second half of our boat trip takes us under the bridge between Remich and Germany and past a number of wineries. These invite you to linger with villas and wine bars. I would have liked to have continued the second part of our Moselle tour. After a quarter of an hour, however, the boat turned around and brought us back to the boat dock in Remich.



Caves St. Martin - Luxembourg sights for connoisseurs
In the Caves of St. Martin in Remich in Luxembourg


Wine from the caves of Caves St. Martin

What would a gourmet tour through the Moselle valley be without a wine tasting? We tell ourselves that and visit a winery: the Caves St. Martin in Remich. It is one of the Luxembourg attractions that wine lovers like. At the beginning of the 20th century, the founders of this winery recognized that the rock south of Remich was suitable for the production of sparkling wines, the Luxembourg Crémants. They created a tunnel system in this rock. The corridors extend one kilometer into the mountain. The wines of the Caves St. Martin mature in the corridors to this day. They are made using the Méthode champenoise. This was developed by the Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon centuries ago. Up to 50.000 bottles have to be turned by hand by the cellar masters in these cellars every year. This is the only way to create the sparkling wines Brut, Demi-Sec and Rosé-Brut.


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Caves St. Martin - Luxembourg sights for connoisseurs
The Caves St. Martin in Remich, Luxembourg Sights for wine lovers


The corridors of the Caves St. Martin - Luxembourg sights for wine fans

We meet with the owner of Caves St. Martin. She leads us through the corridors. This is certainly one of the Luxembourg sights that wine lovers will enjoy. For example, she shows us the concrete tanks in which the house wines mature. We also see the metal tanks that are reserved for the winery's top products. On our tour she shows us bottles in which we can even observe the yeast. This accumulates in the slanted bottle neck during the ripening process. Afterwards we can see how the wines were once painstakingly bottled and corked by hand.

“Today, machines do this work,” she explains to us. “The neck of the bottle is still frozen today. Only then can you remove the yeast. What we fill the bottles with remains our secret,” she laughs mischievously. She then lets us try the winery’s crémants. This case shows that the taste of wine does not always depend on the price. I like the Crémant St. Martin Brut much better than the Rosé Brut, which costs more. Enjoying wine is a matter of taste. Our companion also confirms this. She also admits that she likes the brood better.


stainless steel tanks
The Crémants of Caves St. Martin mature in these stainless steel tanks
Yeast in the bottleneck
The yeast collects in the bottleneck
bottling plant
Luxembourg sights for connoisseurs - this line used to be used to fill bottles
Pinot Noir
The Pinot Noir from the winery St. Martin


How about a dinner at the winery?

If we had been traveling alone, we would certainly have taken the time to enjoy the estate's wines over dinner with a view of the Moselle in the Caves St. Martin pavilion. This would be the perfect end to our tour of the Luxembourg sights for connoisseurs. However, since our stay in Luxembourg is limited, we make our way back from here to the capital.

The winery Caves St. Martin can be found here:

Caves St. Martin

53, rte de Stadtbredimus
L-5570 Remix
Tel. +352 23 69 97 74

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Good food, wine and the Moselle in Luxembourg

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