Lloret de Mar sights

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The Jardin Marimurtra in Blanes

Lloret de Mar sights

Beach vacation on the Costa Brava, where you lie on the beach all day, is not our way of traveling. After an hour in the beach bar, we usually get bored, and we look for places of interest in Lloret de Mar and the surrounding area where we can while away the time. Instead, we like to look at the places, get to know people and immerse ourselves in their way of life.


Lloret de Mar attractions: Dona marinera in Lloret de Mar.
Dona marinera in Lloret de Mar.


This is possible in and around Lloret de Mar, even if the place is still considered at first glance Seaside resort occurs with his shops in which from Swimsuit to sunglasses everything is sold that is important for bathers. Admittedly, we also spent an hour in one of the beach bars to enjoy one of the great fruit drinks, let the wind blow around our noses and watch the goings-on on the beach. After that, however, we went looking for interesting Lloret de Mar sights and we found what we were looking for.


Pineapple Iced Tea in a beach bar of Lloret de Mar
Pineapple Iced Tea in a beach bar of Lloret de Mar
The beach of Lloret de Mar in May
The beach of Lloret de Mar in May


What is worth visiting the Costa Brava?

We spent several days in and around Lloret de Mar and took the opportunity to visit the attractions in and around the city. At the beginning of May we enjoyed the travel time for the Costa Brava very much, because there was no high season yet. Therefore, we could visit many coastlines and sights in peace and without crowds. The temperatures were very pleasant, with a fresh wind from the sea that cooled us in the midday heat - just as we like it. On a walk along the beach promenade we also had the sidewalk almost to ourselves. And on the <a href="https://www.travelingmitch.com/mostrecent/best-beaches-costa-brava" target="_blank" rel="noopener">beach</a> there were only a few stalwarts, most of whom only held their toes in the water.


Lloret de Mar sights: the town hall
One of the Lloret de Mar sights: The Town Hall of Lloret de Mar
The blossom of a bottlebrush tree in Lloret de Mar
The blossom of a bottlebrush tree in Lloret de Mar


A walk on the beach

One of the main attractions for every visitor is the beach and the waterfront. Especially in May, a walk through the fine sand or along the promenade is fun, because you do not stumble on masses of holidaymakers. Instead, you have the beach almost to yourself and watch the waves breaking on the shore. Along the coastal path, you can hike along the cliffs along the coast until, in front of the beach of Lloret de Mar, the Dona Marinera, the patron saint of the place, offers a beautiful view of the city and the beach. Or you can enjoy the view from one of the beach bars over a large fruit cocktail as we did.




Even more interesting is the walk along the promenade of Lloret de Mar, if you make a detour to the city hall in the Plaza de la Vila. Between the Passeig de Jacint Verdaguer and the Passeig d'Agustí Font, the Embankment, there is a park with several street restaurants waiting for customers. We ate there one of the typical paellas that should be a part of every visit to Spain.

There are two attractions in Lloret de Mar that we liked most:


Lloret de Mar sights: the church
One of the Lloret de Mar sights that should not be missed: the Art Nouveau church


The Art Nouveau church Esglesia de Sant Roma

This church is located just a few steps from the town hall on Plaza de la Iglesia and can be reached via a side street. With its colorful roof and its extraordinary architecture, it is definitely worth a detour. That is why it is one of the most important attractions. It has stood here since 1522. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times in the course of history until it was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style in 1914 by Bonaventura Conill i Montobbio. Despite renewed devastation in the Spanish Civil War, it now shines in the brilliance of its colored domes and towers. This is thanks above all to the “Americanos”, Spanish emigrants who made their fortune in America and whose donations helped to rebuild the church.


Lloret de Mar Attractions: Catalan Modernism
Catalan Modernism
Art Nouveau figure Cemetery of Lloret de Mar
One of the most beautiful Lloret de Mar attractions is the Art Nouveau cemetery


One of the most beautiful sights: the Art Nouveau cemetery

Cemeteries have to be something special for us to visit. The Art Nouveau cemetery of Lloret de Mar is of great appeal and joins the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. Its grave monuments are so artfully designed and so beautiful, that we stopped in front of almost everyone to admire its details. Angels with sweeping wings adorn the tombs as well as enchanting female figures, whose long hair disappears in a cross of roses.

We also have a tip for a day trip to the neighboring Blanes: definitely worth a trip are


The Jardin Marimurtra in Blanes
The Jardin Marimurtra in Blanes
The Costa Brava at Blanes
The Costa Brava near Blanes - sights in Lloret de Mar and the surrounding area


the botanical garden of Blanes - one of the attractions in Lloret de Mar and the surrounding area

By public bus we drive to Blanes. A small tourist train takes you from the shore promenade up to the botanical garden, which is located on a hill above the city. It is one of the most beautiful sights, we discover during our stay on the Costa Brava. The park was laid out by a German: Karl Faust established the garden for botanical studies. On a tour, we can see the plant worlds of different continents in a confined space on the slopes along the coast. However, we also like the wonderful views, which are offered from the various terraces and pavilions on the coastal landscape. In addition, you can admire more than 3000 different plants in this park, which thrive in the climate of the Costa Brava.

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Arrival by plane, bus or train*. Inexpensive flights to Barcelona are offered by Vueling, for example. There are also shuttle buses from Barcelona Airport to Lloret de Mar. If you're planning a stopover in Barcelona, ​​check out Once in a Lifetime Journey. There are tips for Day trips to do from Barcelona can do (in English).


We stayed in the Evenia Olympic Garden Hotel in Lloret de Mar *, Further Hotels in Lloret de Mar * can be found at our partner booking.com.

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The current opening times and information about the Botanical Garden in Blanes can be found on this website.

Jardi Botanique Marimurtra in Blanes


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Lloret de Mar sights

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