Lifestyle and enjoyment

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You have grown pumpkins

Lifestyle and enjoyment

In these articles you will find out how much lifestyle and enjoyment shape a travel destination. Often it is they who make a destination appealing to us. You like a lot of it so much that you like to do it at home too. Find out here what defines the lifestyle of a region. This makes it easier to decide where to go. It also gives you tips on what not to miss on your trip.



Culinary specialties in Newfoundland

We discover culinary specialties in Newfoundland When I travel, I want to learn as much as possible about the country and its people. For me, this also includes the food that is served on site. Therefore, a visit to the supermarket is always a welcome opportunity to gain an insight into ...
Homemade butter tastes good

Making butter yourself in the butter barrel - That's how it works

Making butter yourself from cream or milk My grandmother showed me many years ago how to make butter yourself in a butter churn. As a child, I would often sit in her kitchen and watch her make butter. That was a long time ago though. I wanted to make butter myself like I used to...
Sight of Portuguese seafarers

Storytelling is a tradition in Newfoundland and Labrador

Storyteller Marketing in Newfoundland and Labrador Storyteller Marketing in Newfoundland and Labrador has a long tradition. Whether in storyteller events, at parties with friends or in literature - the Newfoundlanders tell stories. Willingly. Inventive. Adventurous. Newfoundland is made for stories of all kinds: icebergs jut out in the distance ...
The Quidi Vidi Brewery in St. John, Newfoundland

Iceberg Beer from Newfoundland

The Iceberg Beer from Newfoundland tastes great! I'm usually more of a wine drinker. But in Newfoundland I was taught otherwise, because there is a beer there that you won't find anywhere else in the world: the Iceberg Beer from the Quidi Vidi Brewery in St. John's Newfoundland. Making beer out of iceberg water...
Ottawa Fireworks on Ontario Winter Vacation

Ontario holiday for Christmas - experience a sea of ​​lights

Ontario Christmas Holidays An Ontario Christmas holiday in Canada can be a festival of lights. Cities adorn themselves with light decorations for Christmas. Natural spectacles are adorned with lights, the capital comes with Christmas decorations and sights are decorated for Christmas. These are four places to experience the holiday season in Ontario ...
Picnic with picnic blanket, picnic bag or picnic basket

Picnic Accessories - What do you take to a picnic?

Picnic accessories for a picnic in the countryside It's high time to get some picnic accessories. The sun is shining. Flowers bloom. The deciduous trees are green again. Birds sing and nature lures us outside. On our pleasure trips we have already discovered some picnic spots where you can enjoy this. Only, ...
Canadian ice wine

Canadian ice wine from Niagara

Ice wine from Niagara Canadian ice wine in Munich! We were invited to the presentation of Canadian wines from the Inniskillin Winery from the Niagara region. The evening took place in the Stromberg KOUNGE in Munich. Hosts were both the Ontario Tourism Board and Inniskillin Winery. This was even with her own cook ...
The museum in the Kornhaus in Bad Waldsee

The museum in the Kornhaus in Bad Waldsee

It's raining as if the floodgates had been opened that day in Bad Waldsee. We are glad that the Kornhaus Museum in Bad Waldsee is on our tour program today. As travel bloggers, we are invited by the Bad Waldsee tourism authority to get to know the city and its sights better. That is ...

Good pizza and pasta at the Italian in Victoria

We were looking for a restaurant in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Pizza and pasta are available at Zambri's on Yates Street. However, you have to know this beforehand, because from the outside the restaurant on the ground floor of a high-rise office building with its window front looks rather inconspicuous. The guests sit in front of wooden tables,...
Culinary travel means buying regional specialties

Shopping experience in Nova Scotia

Extraordinary shopping experience in Nova Scotia We almost missed it, the small parking lot in front of the Tangled Gardens in Grand Pré in Nova Scotia. And with it a great shopping experience in Nova Scotia. We had heard about this garden from friends and wanted to visit this little gem, which we warmly recommended...


Lifestyle and enjoyment
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Lifestyle and enjoyment

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