Level 8 suitcase review – the trolley Elegance mat with 4-piece organizer set

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Level 8 suitcase rating for Elegance Matte

Level 8 Suitcase Review – the Trolley Elegance Mat

Advertising and Level 8 Suitcase Review – You may remember our last one Testing the Level 8 suitcase set in Croatia. Back then we were pretty impressed by the quality. Now we have decided on the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte. And yes, this suitcase also convinced us.


If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.



Introducing the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte

The Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte comes with a 4-piece organizer set. This is not only practical, but also pretty clever. You can sort your clothes without everything getting mixed up. This saves you time and nerves because you no longer have to search for that one T-shirt.


If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.


Review of the test in Croatia

In Croatia we had already tested a Level 8 suitcase set. At that time we were particularly impressed by its robustness and the space it offers. But the Elegance Matte goes one step further. It is not only robust, but also extremely light. This is especially an advantage if you travel by plane. More space for souvenirs!

Practical features

The rectangular shape of the suitcase is another plus point. This means you can make optimal use of all the space in your suitcase and even in the car. No space is lost. The TSA locks are easy to use and provide additional security. And the four roles? They make transportation child's play.


Level 8 suitcase review
Level 8 suitcase rating – division of the interior by the optimizer set


Practical division of the interior: Level 8 suitcase rating of the trolley Elegance Matte

A well-designed interior can make all the difference when it comes to stress-free travel. That's exactly what the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte offers.

Description of the compartments and the room layout

The suitcase comes with several compartments and a clever layout. There is a main compartment for larger items such as clothing and shoes. There are also smaller compartments and pockets for underwear, cosmetics and other small items. What is special is the 4-piece organizer set. It helps you sort your things so you can find everything quickly. No more annoying digging!

Personal experiences and examples

We found the organizer set particularly useful. We were able to separate our day clothes from Petar's suit and even had a separate compartment for souvenirs. This really made the organization easier.

Another highlight are the inside pockets. They are ideal for smaller items that you want to have quickly at hand. For example, you can store passports and travel documents there. This means they are always ready to hand, but still stored safely.

A suit fits perfectly in the suitcase
A suit also fits perfectly in the suitcase


The 4-piece organizer set of the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte in the test

A suitcase can be no matter how big it is; if internal organization is lacking, packing becomes a challenge. This is exactly where the 4-piece organizer set of the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte comes into play. It promises to make packing easier and clearer.

Presentation of the individual parts

The organizer set consists of four parts: a large compartment for clothing such as trousers, shirts or sweaters, a middle compartment for shoes, for example, and two smaller pockets for accessories and cosmetics. All parts are made of the same robust material as the case itself and fit perfectly into the main compartment.



How it makes organizing clothes easier

The organizer set is a real game changer. The large compartment is perfect for sweaters, shirts, pants or skirts, the middle one for shoes. The smaller pockets are perfect for cosmetics, toothbrushes and toothpaste, charging cables and other small items.

The great thing about this is that you no longer have to rummage through your suitcase to find what you're looking for. Everything has its place and is easily accessible. And when you get to your destination, you can simply remove the organizers and put them in the closet or drawer. This keeps everything tidy and you can start enjoying straight away.

Rectangular shape and space: Level 8 suitcase rating of the Trolley Elegance Matte

The shape of a suitcase may seem irrelevant at first glance. But the rectangular shape of the Level 8 suitcase trolley Elegance Matte has some advantages.

Advantages of the shape compared to other suitcases

The rectangular shape of this suitcase is a real plus. In contrast to rounded suitcases, where valuable space is often lost, you can use every centimeter here. The main compartment offers plenty of space, and the clear shape allows clothing and other items to be arranged efficiently. This gives you more space for what is important to you, be it clothing, equipment or souvenirs.

Experiences when stowing in the car

The rectangular shape also shows its strengths when transporting it in the car. The suitcase fits perfectly in the trunk and can be easily combined with other pieces of luggage. On our trips, in addition to the Level 8 suitcase, we often also have a cool box and a few bags with us. So everything finds its place without us having to play Tetris.



Locks of the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Mat: Safety when traveling

Security is an important aspect when traveling, and this is where the TSA locks on the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte come into play.

Explanation of the functionality

TSA stands for “Transportation Security Administration”, a US agency responsible for traffic security. TSA locks are special locks that are tested and approved by this agency. They can be opened by airport security using a master key. This means your suitcase can be checked without damaging the lock.

Video instructions for operating the zipper locks

Operating the zipper locks is also incredibly easy. In our video about this case, Petar shows you step by step how to adjust it and close it securely. So you can be sure that your valuables are well protected while you explore the world.

Inner pockets of the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte: More than just storage space

A good suitcase should not only be robust and light, but also well organized. The inner pockets of the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte play an important role here. In this Level 8 suitcase review, we'll show you why these bags are so practical and how you can best use them.

Description of the different inside pockets

The Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte offers various inner pockets that ensure additional order. There is a large mesh compartment, ideal for clothes that you don't want to wrinkle. Then there are smaller zippered pockets for things like blouses or t-shirts. This means everything stays in its place and doesn't fly around in the suitcase.

Personal tips for use

The inside pockets are not only practical, but also versatile. The mesh compartment is ideal for shirts or blouses as it provides sufficient ventilation. Another tip: store your travel documents in one of the inside pockets. This way you always have them at hand, but they are still safely stored.

Quiet rolling and handling: Level 8 suitcase rating of the Elegance Matte trolley

Another often underestimated feature of suitcases are the wheels. They can make the difference between a stress-free and a nerve-wracking travel experience. The Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte scores in this regard.

Experience with rolling the suitcase

One of the first things we noticed about the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte was how quiet the wheels are. Whether in the airport, the hotel corridor or on the street, the suitcase rolls along almost silently. This is not only pleasant for you, but also for the people around you. The wheels also move very smoothly, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

Compared to other suitcases

We have tested many suitcases and not all of them can keep up in terms of rolling and handling. On some models the rolling was loud and bumpy, which can be quite tiring over time. The Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte is a welcome change. Its wheels are not only quiet, but also stable and easy to control.

Weight and air travel: Our Level 8 suitcase review of the Trolley Elegance Matte

The weight of luggage is a crucial factor when traveling by air. Every extra kilo can be expensive. The Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte offers a solution that increases your travel comfort.

How low weight helps with air travel

The Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte is a real lightweight. This has the advantage that you can take more luggage with you without exceeding the airline's weight limit. This is an invaluable advantage, especially for low-cost airlines, where every kilo counts. The suitcase is also easy to lift and carry, making check-in and check-out easier.

Free weight for souvenirs

Another advantage of the low weight is that you have more space for souvenirs and other purchases. Who doesn't know it: you find great souvenirs at your holiday destination, but your suitcase is already full. With the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte you are spared this dilemma. You have enough free weight to be flexible even at the end of the trip.

Four wheels for comfortable transport: Level 8 suitcase rating of the Elegance Matte trolley

When traveling, comfort is crucial, and that starts with transporting your luggage. The Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte comes with four wheels that make traveling much more pleasant.

Advantages of the four roles

Four wheels provide better stability and maneuverability than two. The suitcase can be easily moved in all directions, which is particularly useful in tight spaces such as airport gates or hotel lobbies. The four wheels also take the strain off your arms and hands, as you don't have to pull the suitcase behind you, you can simply let it roll along next to you.

Conclusion of our Level 8 suitcase rating for the Elegance Matte trolley

After extensive testing with the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte, it's time for a verdict.

Summary of strengths and weaknesses


  • Lightweight, ideal for air travel
  • Four quiet and stable wheels for comfortable transport
  • Sophisticated interior pockets and organizers for better organization
  • TSA locks for added security
  • Rectangular shape for optimal use of space

Possible weaknesses:

  • Since we have not yet tested the suitcase while traveling, we cannot yet give a final verdict on the durability of the material.

Final rating and recommendation

After all our tests and experiences, we can recommend the Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte. It scores in almost all areas, from handling and comfort to safety and organization. The well thought-out features such as the TSA locks, the inner pockets and the low weight make it an ideal companion for any type of trip.


The Level 8 Suitcase Trolley Elegance Matte is an all-round successful suitcase that leaves little to be desired. If you are looking for a reliable, comfortable and well-designed suitcase, this model is an excellent choice.

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Level 8 suitcase review
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Level 8 suitcase review – the trolley Elegance mat with 4-piece organizer set

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