Landshut tips for a city tour

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Castle Trausnitz in Landshut

Landshut tips

Are you ready for a trip to the city of Landshut? This city in the heart of Bavaria is known for its old town, which is rich in history and culture. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a repeat visitor, there's always something new to discover. Here we give you Landshut tips to get the most out of your stay in Landshut. We also discover Landshut hotels and Landshut restaurants.



Start your trip with a walk through the old town and admire the Gothic buildings and their architecture. Visit the magnificent town hall and Trausnitz Castle, which towers high above the city. The view from the top is breathtaking! If you are looking for some relaxation, there are also many green spaces in Landshut such as the Stadtpark and the Hofgarten.

For art lovers, the sculpture museum in the Hofberg is an absolute must. Here you will find works by contemporary artists from all over the world. If you like shopping, you should definitely visit the shops in the old town.

And when you're hungry, try the delicious Bavarian specialties on offer in the city's many restaurants and beer gardens. You will definitely have a great time in Landshut!

What can you do in Landshut?

What is there to do in Landshut? That is the question we ask ourselves before we visit the city on the Isar. Landshut is one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria. It offers a medieval townscape with St. Martin's Church and Trausnitz Castle, which is enthroned on a hill above the town. This is a cityscape worth exploring. We drive off spontaneously on an autumn day in October to take a closer look at the city. Buildings decorated in autumn to see.


With its well over 130 meters, the tower of St. Martin Landshut towers over
With its well over 130 meters, the tower of St. Martin Landshut towers over


Landshut already advertises itself as the “Gothic city” along the motorway, and it owes this advertising slogan not only to the brick Gothic style church with the highest brick tower in Germany (130 meters), which always draws our gaze upwards. The houses along the pedestrian zone in the city center have survived for centuries and are so well cared for by their residents that the city looks like freshly cleaned.


Allee on the Isar in Landshut
What can you do in Landshut - a stroll along the avenue on the Isar in Landshut


Landshut tips for the old town

What is there to do in Landshut? It is best to start a city tour of Landshut at the parking lot on Wittstraße. From there you can already see Trausnitz Castle and the spire of St. Martin's Church. We leave this on the right for the time being and first walk through the green areas along the Isar. A footpath runs along the shore under deciduous trees, from which views of the tower of St. Martin's Church and Trausnitz Castle open up again and again. I find the gurgling of the Isar river next to us and the ducks, which – not shy at all – swim past us chattering even better. Again and again we stop because we are offered views and photo opportunities.


On the Isar in Landshut
On the Isar in Landshut


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Are you looking for the best Landshut hotels? Here we present some of the most interesting Landshut hotels:

  • Hotel Golden Sun* – This historical hotel in the heart of the old town offers spacious and elegantly furnished rooms as well as an on-site restaurant with an outdoor terrace.
  • Hotel Restaurant Weihenstephaner Stuben* – A traditional hotel with a cozy restaurant serving Bavarian specialities. Here you can experience the real Bavarian attitude to life.
  • Romantic Hotel Fuerstenhof* – A charming hotel with historical flair and a beautiful garden. Here you can feel like a real nobleman.
  • Hotel Meridian* – A modern and stylish hotel known for its excellent breakfast buffet and its central location in the city. Here you can enjoy your Landshut experience with a touch of luxury.

In these Landshut hotels you can spend a pleasant stay in the city on the Isar. Book your Landshut hotel early, especially for the Landshut wedding.


Landshut old town tour

Right behind the city theater, we turn right and follow Theaterstraße through the Ländtor. It is one of the city gates of Landshut from the 14th century city fortifications that still exist today. Cars still come towards us here, but just a few steps further the pedestrian zone begins, which keeps part of the old town car-free. As we turn the corner, the tower of St. Martin's Church looms in front of us. It is so high that we almost always have it in view on our walk.

When we finally stand in front of it, it impresses us even more with its height. In Daniela Schetar's guide about Eastern Bavaria * (Advertisement) from DuMont Verlag (ISBN: 978-3-7701-7438-6), which we have with us for information, even says that structural engineers have calculated that this brick tower shouldn't actually stay standing. But he has been doing this for a very long time. Construction work on this Gothic-era church began in 1385.


The country gate in Landshut
The country gate in Landshut


Market stalls and cafes in the old town

In the old town of Landshut there are market stalls where local traders and farmers offer their products and goods. The Schwaigermarkt, where vegetables, fruit and flowers are sold, takes place here from Monday to Thursday. Again and again - despite the already cool autumn temperatures - invite coffee tables to linger. We postpone our lunch a bit and decide to take a closer look at the Gothic St. Martin's Church. As soon as we entered the nave, our breath caught. Not only the tower of this church is breathtaking.

What can you do in Landshut?


Trausnitz Castle in Landshut © Copyright Alexander Boden, Flickr CC BY SA 2.0
View from Trausnitz Castle to Landshut © Copyright Alexander Boden, Flickr CC BY SA 2.0


Visit Trausnitz Castle

A visit to Trausnitz Castle is worth it because of the view that you have from the castle hill over the city of Landshut. The castle rises directly above the old town. In the courtyard garden there is a lookout point on Landshut. This was once the castle park of the castle, but was opened to the public in 1837. Since then it has been a popular place for walks.

The castle is also accessible and can be visited. More information about opening times and guided tours can be found at Burg Trausnitz website.


What do you need for a trip to Landshut?

  • You will be walking a lot on foot in Landshut. Therefore are comfortable shoes important.
  • forget comfortable pumps not, because you can dine elegantly in some restaurants in Landshut.
  • We are happy to take one for city tours backpack with where we put everything we need for the day. There is also space for one or the other souvenir.
  • Tips for Landshut in one day * can be found in this brochure.
  • The most beautiful Landshut restaurants and taverns Landshut and surroundings * introduces this book.

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Visit St. Martin

At the sight of the long, slender columns with their height of 29 meters, we feel tiny in this church building, which otherwise initially seems rather unadorned. It is only when we take a closer look that we discover the interesting grave slabs of former city dignitaries, the exposed frescoes over one of the side entrances that were discovered during renovation work. I like the wrought-iron portals that lead to small side chapels on the back of the nave.


The imposing nave of St. Martin
The imposing nave of St. Martin
Landshut dignitary
Landshut dignitary


On the tour of the church, I notice the carved pews and a confessional with woodwork. The Gothic stone altar looks almost inconspicuous under the huge nave. This one has only in 19. Century rediscovered under a baroque superstructure.

Information about tours and guided tours can be found at St Martin's Basilica website.




Bavarian specialties in the Augustiner at the St. Martins church

Our tour of the interior of the church finally made us hungry, and we interrupt our visit to St. Martin with a typical Bavarian Lunch in the Augustiner beer industry at St. Martin's Church. The Munich brewery is obviously doing good business with church friends, because we are just getting the last free table. With a fresh cyclist, a Bavarian sausage salad for petar and autumnal mushrooms with bread dumplings for me, our hunger will soon be satisfied and we listen to our table neighbors as he explains the advantages of Bavarian cuisine to his companion in faultless English with a Bavarian accent. He obviously can't convince her completely because she carefully chooses a beef broth and white sausages with cabbage.


Main altar in St. Martin
Main altar in St. Martin


More Landshut restaurants

  • Your Landshut restaurant with hearty home cooking is the Heilig-Geist-Stüberl on Heilig-Geist-Str. 414.
  • One of the popular Landshut restaurants is the Nannan in Altstadt 337, which serves sushi and Thai dishes.
  • A popular Landshut restaurant is the juice shop at Schirmgasse 264. Here you can eat vegan and vegetarian, enjoy cakes and smoothies.
  • There are several restaurants on the Isar (with a beer garden), e.g. the Gasthof zur Insel at Badstrasse 16 or the Isarklause at Ländgasse 124 (with a raft on the Isar if the weather is nice)
  • At Burg Trausnitz you can eat in the castle tavern (with beer garden). The address is Burg Trausnitz 168.


Bavarian sausage-salad
Bavarian sausage-salad
Creamy mushroom with bread dumplings
Creamy mushroom with bread dumplings


Tour of St. Martin's Church

After this entertaining lunch break, we continue our tour of St. Martin's Church and discover a magnificent Gothic side entrance, a small chapel and other memorial stones for notables and dignitaries of the city of Landshut.


Castle Trausnitz above St. Martin
Castle Trausnitz above St. Martin


Finally, from the back of the church we look up at Trausnitz Castle, which rises above us on the mountain. In front of the hillside there are a few old but well-maintained small houses around a tree-lined square that gives this corner of Landshut an almost village-like character. It is only when we step through the gate that separates the church tower from the neighboring house that we feel Landshut for what it is again - the largest city in Lower Bavaria.


The Wittelsbacher on the facade of the landscape house
The Wittelsbacher on the facade of the landscape house


Back on the main street through the old town, we finally see a house with a particularly striking facade: the landscape house. The great Wittelsbach family are depicted on its front. From King Ludwig the Bavarian to Elector Maximilian I, everyone is represented. This building once served as a meeting place for the estates. Today, every second person who walks by pulls out their cell phone for a quick snapshot.

On our way back to the parking lot, we pass the remains of the old city wall and a house in a small side street where the building guilds once went about their work.

Landshut is a city where history can still be felt: in the Gothic brick church, but also in the old residential buildings, the city gates and the remains of the city wall, which we discovered on this tour. In this article we have shown you what you can do in Landshut.


Bridal couple Landshut wedding 2023
Bridal couple Landshut wedding 2023


The Landshut Wedding

What else can you do in Landshut? Have you heard of the Landshut Wedding? This historic festival is celebrated in Landshut every four years and is an incredible spectacle that takes you back in time.

The Landshut Wedding commemorates the wedding of the Bavarian Duke Georg the Rich and the Polish Princess Hedwig in 1475. Historical costumes are worn at the festival, reminiscent of the clothes of the late Middle Ages. The city is transformed into a huge medieval extravaganza with street theatre, music and dance performances.

One of the highlights of the Landshut Wedding is the bridal couple entering the city, accompanied by hundreds of participants in historical costumes. Spectators are taken back to the 15th century and can experience the festival up close.

The Landshut Wedding takes place every four years and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. It's an event not to be missed if you're in the region.



Landshut insider tips

Are you ready for some insider tips for your stay in Landshut? We have discovered some hidden gems in this city that you should definitely visit.

Start your day with a stroll through the Mitterwöhr district, located on the eastern edge of town. Here you will find some of the oldest houses and churches in Landshut, as well as some quiet and picturesque streets.

If you are looking for a place where you can relax and unwind, you should visit the Kneippbad in Landshut. Here you can bathe your feet in cold water and be pampered by the invigorating effect of the water.

A day in Landshut

What is there to do in Landshut? For example, here are some suggestions for a day in Landshut:

  • Start your day with a stroll through the picturesque old town and admire the impressive architecture.
  • Visit Trausnitz Castle, which towers high above the town and offers incredible views.
  • Take a tour of the Sculpture Museum in the Hofberg and learn more about contemporary works of art.
  • If you are looking for some relaxation, you should visit the Hofgarten.
  • Try the delicious Bavarian specialties in one of the many restaurants and beer gardens in the city.
  • Visit the Stadtmuseum Landshut to learn more about the history of the city.
  • Also discover the landscape around Landshut on a bike tour or hike.
  • Visit the Kneipp bath in Landshut and let your feet dangle in the cold water.
  • Stop by the charming little shops in the old town and find a souvenir.
  • End your day with a cold beer in one of the city's beer gardens or bars.

Questions and answers about Landshut

What is the best place for a bike ride in Landshut?

A popular route for a bike tour is the Isarradweg, which runs along the Isar through Landshut.

What historical sights are there outside of the old town of Landshut?

A visit to the Seligenthal monastery is definitely worthwhile. Here you can explore the baroque monastery building and the adjacent herb garden.

Where is the best place to shop in Landshut?

The old town of Landshut offers many small shops where you can buy unique souvenirs as well as handicrafts. If you are looking for big brands, you should visit the “Landshut Park” shopping center.

Where is the best place to try Bavarian beer in Landshut?

There are many cozy beer gardens in Landshut that offer Bavarian specialties and, of course, beer. The Augustiner - Gasthaus zur Schleuse or the beer garden Zum Burgblick at the Hotel Michel are two popular options.


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Landshut tips
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Source Landshut restaurants and Landshut hotels: own research on site and Daniela Schetar, East Bavaria, DuMont travel paperback, ISBN: 978-3-7701-7438-6. However, our opinion remains our own.

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Landshut tips for a city tour

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