Kleinwalsertal Vorarlberg

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In the Schwendle region in Kleinwalsertal Vorarlberg

Kleinwalsertal Vorarlberg Austria

The Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg Austria is something special. Though the valley belongs to Austria, it can only be reached from the Allgäu in Germany. In the south, the Alps block access to the rest of Austria. This gives the valley its character. One has the feeling of ending up in a dead end. Instead of driving through, you stay here. It's worth it. Because the three main towns of Riezlern, Mittelberg and Hirschegg in Vorarlberg come up with a lot to entertain their guests.



Here you can relax in wellness hotels. Work out on mountain trails. Enjoyable hiking to mountain huts. Taste specialties from the gourmet region. Use the cable cars and enjoy the views from the mountain peaks. Drive into the side valleys and experience the silence in the seclusion of the mountain meadows. Go hiking. Or experience the traditions. The cattle drive in autumn is just one of them. It's worth visiting the restaurants in the valley. The valley has made a name for itself as a gourmet region with its beef and game products.

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Andi Haller Permaculture Garden Kleinwalsertal

Permaculture garden in Kleinwalsertal by Andi Haller

Nothing grows here Everyone had told him: "Nothing grows here". Even his grandmother was convinced of this, as she had tried for years as a newcomer to prove to the locals that a garden in the Kleinwalsertal in Austria is possible. In vain! All of her attempts to grow vegetables or fruit in this high valley were ...
Table decoration in the tavern Hoheneck

Top restaurants in Kleinwalsertal

Restaurants in the Kleinwalsertal The Kleinwalsertal in Austria is one of Austria's gourmet regions. “We don't grow much, but we have beef and game. And that’s what we make our gourmet products from.” This is what we were told during our visit. There's a little more, as we found in restaurants in the Kleinwalsertal in Riezlern...
Living and dining room in the Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal

Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal for a travel blogger flat share

For three days we were on the trail of late summer in the Kleinwalsertal. This time we formed a travel blogger flat share with our travel blogger colleagues Elena von Creativelena, Christina from City Sea Country and Fee and Lara von Fee is my name. At the invitation of Kleinwalsertal Tourismus in Austria we were ...
viewing platform

Mountain railways in Kleinwalsertal for hiking and skiing

Mountain railways in Kleinwalsertal will take you to the summit. Going into the mountains without reaching at least one summit is like traveling to the sea without even going for a swim. In the Kleinwalsertal you can spend a holiday in Austria with hiking for connoisseurs. There are eight mountain railways in the ...
Wedding crown

How the Walser came from the Valais Alps to the Kleinwalsertal

The Walser from the Valais Alps The similarity of the name is no coincidence: the Walser, as the inhabitants of the Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg call themselves, come from the Valais Alps in Switzerland. From there, at the end of the 12th century, the first groups of Upper Valais made their way over the passes ...

Kleinwalsertal Eating and drinking

Kleinwalsertal Eating and drinking is hearty and homemade. When the invitation to the Walser Gourmet Days fluttered into our house, we knew immediately that this is something we want to experience. There was something about the gourmet region of game and beef, a weekly market and hotels where indulgence and wellness ...
Colorful mountain meadow

Blooming mountain meadows in the Kleinwalsertal are most beautiful in spring

Mountain meadows in the Kleinwalsertal in spring A stay in the mountains has its charm in every season. Here you can always enjoy nature. It is most beautiful in the Alps when the mountain meadows are in bloom. The Kleinwalsertal in spring is a dream. This is what happened during our press trip to Kleinwalsertal...
Library at Travel Charme Ifen - Winter Wellness Austria

Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal

Check-in at the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal Our trip to savor in Austria begins with the check-in at the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal. Instead of filling out the registration forms at the reception as usual in hotels, we are led straight to the cozy lobby library. There we quench our thirst with a glass of orange juice ...
Kleinwalsertal Vorarlberg Austria

Road trip through the Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg

Road trip through Kleinwalsertal in mid-September We're lucky! For our road trip through the Kleinwalsertal in late summer, the weather after the dream summer really plays its part: the sun is shining - at least most of the time - and it is still so warm in mid-September that we will soon be able to ...
Walser culture Kleinwalsertal Vorarlberg Austria

Farms in Kleinwalsertal - Walser culture

Farms in Kleinwalsertal The farms in Kleinwalsertal are not the only places where you can experience the Walser culture. But they are good starting points. When you go on vacation on the farm, contact with locals is included. What better way to get to know the way of life in a region ...


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Kleinwalsertal Vorarlberg

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