Hike on the Path of Silence in the Jagsttal

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Spring bloom in the Jagsttal

Walking on the path of silence

We go hiking in the Jagsttal. From our accommodation in Landgasthof Jagstmühle in Mulfingen-Heimhausen let's leave for a four-hour one Hike on the path of silence, a name that this hiking trail between Heimhausen, Mulfingen and Simprechtshausen rightly deserves and that of the WanderSüden organization Baden Wuerttemberg was awarded. This hiking tour leads through an agricultural landscape with villages, gems like the St. Anna Chapel, through deciduous forests and past yellow flowering meadows where the dandelions are just showing their splendor. We also pass rapeseed fields that stretch to the horizon.


Landgasthof Jagstmühle in Mulfingen-Heimhausen
Landgasthof Jagstmühle in Mulfingen-Heimhausen - wellness hotel in the Jagsttal


Hiking in the Jagsttal on lonely paths

As soon as we leave Heimhausen on a tarred road that leads up the mountain, we reach a world in which the clocks run more slowly. Away from the traffic in the valley road, we hear the birds singing here. In the distance, a cuckoo calls and reminds its adoptive parents of its hunger. We walk past piles of wood that are waiting for the next winter. We take a look back towards Heimhausen, which is soon below us. The path of silence is one trailthat encourages you to let your mind wander. To come to rest. Again and again we stop and listen to the rustling of the wind in the tops of the beech trees above us.


On remote paths on the path of silence
On remote paths on the path of silence - hiking in the Jagsttal


What you need for a hike in the Jagsttal


The St. Anna Chapel in Mulfingen
The St. Anna Chapel in Mulfingen - hiking in the Jagsttal


First stage to Mulfingen

As soon as we leave the shelter of the forest, we feel that the temperatures have cooled off significantly in the past few days. Here in the meadows the wind whistles freshly around our ears and we make sure that we get back into more protected terrain. We find this around the St. Anna Chapel, a small pilgrimage chapel on the outskirts of Mulfingen, in which icons can be seen. There is a small Marian grotto in front of the chapel, and I can imagine that this is a popular stop here in summer as well, as several benches invite you to take a break. However, the morning temperatures are still too cool for us to rest here, and so we continue towards Mulfingen.


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Mulfingen in the morning haze
Mulfingen in the morning mist while hiking in the Jagsttal


A place in the Jagsttal - Mulfingen

The place is the largest settlement in this region of the Jagsttal and has some pretty half-timbered houses. We continue hiking, following the signs that clearly mark the Path of Silence. In the vicinity of the sports hall we discover a heron in the bed of the Röggelshäuser Bach and try to approach carefully. However, he discovers us and flies away.



The sheep take our advances much more calmly, they continue to pluck their grass from the steep slope comfortably and like to be photographed by us. We look in vain for the Limburg pasture cattle, which were once popular export hits among the princes of Hohenlohe, and whose meat even went over the sales counters on the French markets as “Boeuf de Hohenlohe”. Perhaps it is still too cold at this time of year and you will still stay in the warm stable?


Rapeseed to the horizon
Rapeseed to the horizon - a view while hiking in the Jagsttal


Hiking in the Jagsttal to Simprechtshausen

The reservoir of Röggelshäuser Bach is also not yet dammed up - probably because we are still here a little earlier in the year. We continue through forest trails to the small village Simprechtshausen, before our way past blooming rapeseed fields and deciduous forests again tends down into the valley of the Jagst. From the top we once again have a beautiful view of the Jagstmühle, which is invitingly located in the valley below the blossoming meadows with scattered fruit trees.


Picnic area above Zaisenhausen
Picnic area above Zaisenhausen perfect for a picnic while hiking in Jagsttal


A picnic near Zaisenhausen

Because we want to see even more of this beautiful cultural landscape, we get into the car here and set off on another journey of discovery through Hohenlohe, which takes us on a leisurely tour to the highlights of another stage of the Path of Silence: we drive back to Mulfingen and branch off there to Ochsental. A small sign on the left side of the road shows us the way to Zaisenhausen, which takes us along a narrow tar road past fields and meadows to a wonderful one picnic Area above the valley of the Ette. In the meantime the sun has won the battle against the wind and warmed up the air so much that we decide to take a look at this willow-fringed view Lunch picnic to do with a great view of the Zaisenhausen below us.


Lourdes grotto with a vile past
Lourdes grotto with a notorious past, discovered while hiking in the Jagsttal


You discover the Lourdes grotto while hiking in the Jagsttal

After our rest, we drive down into town and follow the small sign to the left of the road that shows us the way to the Lourdes Grotto. In the past this was said to have been a preferred meeting place for the village youth. However, since this was not particularly appropriate for the "virgins" of the place - as it is described in a description on a blackboard - it was turned into a sacred place where the village still meets today.


The almost 1000 year old linden tree in Hollenbach - hiking in the Jagsttal
The almost 1000 year old linden tree in Hollenbach. Doesn't that make you want to go hiking in the Jagsttal?


We discover the old linden tree in Hollenbach while hiking in the Jagsttal

Our journey continues to Hollenbach. In front of the church of this village is a remarkable almost 1000 years old linden tree, which impresses especially by its huge trunk and the huge crown. Behind it, the village church almost disappears despite its towering church tower.


Ailringen im Jagsttal - hiking in the Jagsttal
Ailringen in the Jagsttal


Worth seeing: Ailringen in the Jagsttal

We follow the valley of the Hollenbach up to the Rißbach, which flows into the Jagst at Ailringen. Ailringen is one of those pretty villages with half-timbered buildings that belong here in the region. The church towers over the village on a steep hill. Although I don't like to hike uphill, I climb up the mountain and the further up I get, the more beautiful the view becomes. The church is surrounded by flowering fruit trees with bees and bumblebees buzzing around their flowers.

After a short rest on a park bench after the steep ascent, we go into the cemetery, which looks unusual with its wooden crosses. As we learn, the graves are only allowed to be decorated with wooden crosses, with unmarried deceased receiving white wooden crosses and married brown wooden crosses. We could not find out why the graves of the priests also have brown wooden crosses. The floral decorations on the graves of Ailringen are also unique: they consist exclusively of “God's eyes”.


The wooden crosses in the Ailringen cemetery - hiking in the Jagsttal
The wooden crosses in the Ailringen cemetery - a stop while hiking in the Jagsttal


The Ailringen cemetery

After this hike and tour through the Hohenloher country, we return full of new and interesting impressions back to our Landgasthof Jagstmühle after a day that has helped us to inner peace and retreat. Hiking Baden Württemberg with WanderSüden is fun and very easy to plan with the information on their website. The perfect place to slow down and relax after a fun-filled journey! We will be back. Hiking holiday Germany, as he can hardly be more beautiful.

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Hike in the Jagsttal
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Hike on the Path of Silence in the Jagsttal

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