Hiking in the Chiemgau for connoisseurs

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Hiking in the Chiemgau

Hiking in the Chiemgau for connoisseurs

The Chiemgau is a hiking area that also offers hikes for all those who tend to avoid inclines. If you go hiking in the Chiemgau, you have a choice. The Chiemgau Alps offer hiking trails for everyone who likes to walk steeper routes. In the foothills of the Alps, on Chiemsee and north of that there are also hiking opportunities for those who like to take it easy. Hiking in the Chiemgau does not have to be strenuous. We present some of these easy hiking trails to you here. On none of these paths do you overcome an incline of more than 50 meters. At some you can sit on a bench along the route snack unpack at a picnic. Or would you rather stop off at an inn along the route? You can also go on a hiking holiday in the Chiemgau with a vacation on the farm connect at the Chiemsee.



Hiking in Bavaria

The landscapes of Bavaria are well suited for a hiking holiday. Hiking in Bavaria is varied. Lakes, rivers and the Alps invite you to go hiking.

Hiking in Bavaria doesn't have to be exhausting

There are many places and hiking trails where you don't have to perform at your best. Nevertheless, you can do mountain hiking and alpine tours in the Chiemgau Alps, where you can enjoy the Chiemgau mountains.


Hiking in the Chiemgau near Hohenaschau Castle
Hiking in the Chiemgau near Hohenaschau Castle

Hiking at Chiemsee and nearby

The Chiemgau Alps and the Chiemsee mountains are not only suitable for hiking in the mountains. There are also tours that show you the Chiemgau Alps without much effort. You can find one of them here.

The Bavarian Bankerlweg near Aschau shows you the Chiemgau Alps

The prime example of hiking trails for connoisseurs is the Bankerlweg below Hohenaschau Castle in the Priental. It is also known as the Bavarian deceleration path. Because that's what he is. There are benches and relaxation stations along the way. Some even come with tables and storage space Picnic fitted. (If you are in Aschau on Friday, you can get your snack in mountain farm shop in Aschau.) At other rest stops you can enjoy the views of Hohenaschau Castle, the Kampenwand, the Priental and the parish church in town from a wooden lounger. Chiemgau Hiking for connoisseurs could hardly be more relaxed.

Starting point: Heurafflerweg. target point: Pölching. Length: 1,7 kilometers. Duration: 1 hour. Ascent: 39 meters. Descent: 41 meters.



Mountain railways in the Chiemgau with enjoyable hiking trails

  • The Rauschberg hike is easy

    • Rauschbergbahn in Ruhpolding – The Holzgeisterweg adventure trail is even suitable for prams.
  • Chiemsee mountains for a hike near the Chiemsee

    • Unterbergbahn in Ruhpolding - With the chairlift to the high-altitude hiking area with a view from the Central Alps to Lake Chiemsee
    • Hochplattenbahn from Marquartstein – The Staffen mountain forest adventure trail is ideal for families.
    • Hochfelln cable car from Bergen - Enjoy the panorama from the Hochfellnhaus or take a circular hike on the geological nature trail.
  • Kampenwand circular hiking trail

    • Kampenwandbahn from Aschau – If you like it leisurely, go on the Kampenwand circular hiking trail. From the flat Panoramaweg you have a view of the foothills of the Alps and Lake Chiemsee.

The is helpful for orientation Hiking map Chiemsee, Chiemgau Alps*

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Ried belt near the Chiemsee Fischer
Ried belt near the Chiemsee Fischer

In the Chiemgau, fishermen hike to the Chiemsee with a view of the Chiemsee mountains

At the Chiemsee you can hike all year round. From Prien you can always hike along the lake to Chiemsee Fischer Reiter. If you start in the town center, the path first leads you to the shore of the lake, which you reach at the Prienavera adventure pool. From there you follow the shore of the lake. Through the reed belt that accompanies this shore, you have views of the lake, Herreninsel and the peninsula that extends from Breitbrunn into the lake. In the Fish hut rider you can try fish from the Chiemsee. The Reiter family catches and smokes them themselves. A real treat of Chiemgau cuisine awaits you.

Starting point: Crossing Seestraße / Jensenstraße in Prien. target point: Fischhütte Reiter, Forellenweg 29, Prien am Chiemsee. Length: 2,6 kilometers via Seestrasse. Duration: 1 hour. No height differences.



Herrenchiemsee New Palace Copyright Bavarian Palace Administration
Herrenchiemsee New Palace Photo: © Copyright Bavarian Palace Administration

Hike to Herrenchiemsee Castle in the Chiemgau

Chiemgau Hiking for connoisseurs is also good on Herreninsel in Chiemsee. From the landing stage of the ships on the Herreninsel it is just a kilometer walk if you take the direct route to the castle. If you want to have views of the lake on the way, then we recommend taking the eastern Seestrasse. It is a bit longer, but always offers views of Lake Chiemsee. On the way you will occasionally encounter the horse-drawn carriages that also drive to the castle. On this short hike, you can stop off at the castle café after your castle tour. Alternatively, you can also take a break in the Herrenchiemsee castle restaurant. This is located not far from the pier of the ships. There you can enjoy specialties from Bavaria with a view of the Chiemsee. (If you want a little more incline on your hike, you can also walk all the way around the Herreninsel. You will overcome approx. 90 meters in altitude. You will need about 3 hours for this.)

Starting point: Pier of the ships on the Herreninsel. target point: Herrenchiemsee Palace. Length: between 1,5 and XNUMX kilometers depending on the path you choose. Duration: between 15 and 30 minutes to the castle. No height differences.


Do you like to travel with the mobile home for hiking in the Chiemgau?


Chiemgau Hiking on Frauenchiemsee
Chiemgau Hiking on Frauenchiemsee

Hiking in the Chiemgau on the Fraueninsel – going for a walk on the Chiemsee

Chiemgau The Fraueninsel also offers hiking for connoisseurs. Actually, it's more of a walk along the Chiemsee. Because the distance is not long. You can easily walk around the island from the jetty on a path. It is particularly beautiful on the island in spring or autumn, when the summer vacationers are back home. Then you can enjoy the island. On the way you even have several possibilities to stop off. Chiemsee fish is available in the beer gardens of the fish smokehouse and from the island fisherman. You can eat Bavarian delicacies at Inselbräu, Inselwirt and Gasthaus zur Linde. So nothing stands in the way of a trip for connoisseurs.

Starting point and destination: Piers of the ships on the Fraueninsel. Length: 1,4 kilometers. Duration: 20 minutes. No height differences.



Hiking near Seeon Monastery in the Chiemgau
Hiking near Seeon Monastery in the Chiemgau

Hiking near Seeon Monastery in the Chiemgau

Lake Seeon is only four kilometers from Lake Chiemsee. However, little of the hustle and bustle at Lake Chiemsee can be felt here. At Kloster Seeon you have several options for hiking in the Chiemgau. The shortest route is the loop around the lake. You need about 45 minutes for this. It starts at the monastery, crosses the bridge and then goes around the lake back to the monastery. If you have more time and feel like hiking, then you can make a detour to the Weinbergblick on the other side of the bridge. From there you have a view of the monastery, which is worth the detour. Then you either go back to the lake circuit. Or you can continue via Engering and Waltenberg. There you reach the lake circuit again. On the way there is a stop at the Alter Wirt in Seeon. Alternatively, you can reward yourself with a snack in the monastery restaurant at the end of your hike.

Starting point and destination: Parking at Seeon Monastery. Length: Depending on the distance between 3,5 kilometers and 8,4 kilometers. Duration: Depending on the route, between 45 minutes and 2,5 hours. Height difference: 50 meters.




Hike happily in the Chiemgau

You will find some of these hikes for connoisseurs with detailed descriptions in this hiking guide. If you want to hike in the Chiemgau in regions that include more altitude meters, then you will also find what you are looking for in this hiking guide by Britta Mentzel. In her hiking guide she describes 30 relaxing hikes in the Chiemgau and in the Berchtesgadener Land.

You can get the hiking guide Order here*.

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Lovely Hikes in the Chiemgau can also be found at Reisespatz. The Phototravellers will also show you their most beautiful ones Hikes in Bavaria.


What you need for hiking in the Chiemgau

  • For example, what do you need for your hike in Chiemgau? A backpack doing good service. In our packing list for hikers you can definitely check what you need for your tour.
  • Good hiking boots are a must with every hike. Only then can you enjoy your hike.
  • You also need one for a snack on the go backpack. You can put your snack in a  lunch box as well as accommodate everything you need for your day trip.
  • When hiking, you should always have something to drink with you. Especially when the sun is shining, you have to quench your thirst on the go. We recommend one for this Metal drinking bottle *. It also withstands impacts and is sustainable because it can be reused.

If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.

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Hiking in the Chiemgau
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Hiking in the Chiemgau for connoisseurs

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