Discover Bad Belzig and the Hoher Fläming region

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Lehnin Monastery

Discover Bad Belzig and the surrounding area

We got to know Bad Belzig and the surrounding area during a short stay. We used a short stay in Berlin and combined it with a detour to the Hohen Fläming that lasted several days. A good decision, as it turned out, we discovered some tips that we can recommend to connoisseurs. That's how it is in Bad Belzig Castle Eisenhardt worth a visit. The Bad Belzig Therme offers wellness experiences. Combine all of this with a stay in a pleasant Bad Belzig hotel, where enjoyment and tranquility lure.


High Fläming Bad Belzig
Bad Belzig


That has to be in your suitcase for a trip to the region

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Fancy wellness in the Bad Belzig Therme
Fancy wellness in the Bad Belzig Therme


Bad Belzig - our tips

The Steintherme turned out to be the perfect start to a relaxing visit to this region. We had booked a massage in the Bad Belzig Therme on the day of our arrival. After our arrival from the south of Bavaria, a back massage works wonders. So the next day we were ready to explore the Hohen Fläming and the place.


Bad Belzig Castle Eisenhardt
Bad Belzig Castle Eisenhardt


Bad Belzig turned out to be a small town with a well-kept town center. The place of interest is the Castle Eisenhardtthat towers over the city. In addition to a museum, Bad Belzig Castle also houses a hotel within its castle walls. The castle tower is accessible and offers a view of the surroundings of the city. The ring wall is also worth seeing. This is completely preserved. It still surrounds the castle. Their defensive towers are also open to visitors.



But the best the castle has to offer is that Café in the castle courtyard. There is hot chocolate there that the landlady prepares from real chocolate. I have rarely enjoyed such good hot chocolate. Add a piece of chocolate cake – and life can hardly be more beautiful!


There is not only the Bad Belzig castle, but also the castle courtyard of Schloss Wiesenburg
Castle courtyard of Wiesenburg Castle


Castle Wiesenburg and surroundings

However, we spent the longest part of our first day in the Hohen Fläming in Castle Wiesenburg. Or rather its parks and its surroundings. The castle itself is closed to the public. Today there are apartments in it. However, the park is worth seeing. The castle is reflected in the castle pond. in the Autumn We are also impressed by the deciduous trees, many of which come from exotic regions of the world.




Schlosspark Wiesenburg - once a defense ring with the Bad Belzig castle
Schlosspark Wiesenburg once formed a defensive ring with the Bad Belzig castle


It's also worth taking a walk on it Kunstwanderweg, which begins in the Wiesenburg Castle Park. From there you can explore the Hohen Fläming region on a circular hiking trail to Bad Belzig. We hiked a small section in the area around Wiesenburg Castle. That's why we were able to get a taste of this world of silence and the vast landscapes that this region has Brandenburg distinguished. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Berlin and are looking for peace, a trip to the Hohe Fläming is worthwhile. And of course also for everyone who wants to complement their Berlin trip with an exploration of the area.


Region Hoher Fläming is Bad Belzig pure wellness
Region Hoher Fläming offers pure wellness together with the Bad Belzig Therme


Lehnin Monastery and Reckahn Castle

Im Lehnin Monastery We were also fascinated by the tranquility that you often find in the Hohen Fläming. Monasteries radiate silence. At Lehnin Monastery we also liked how well preserved the Gothic architecture is. The interior of the church is simply furnished. The slender columns draw the viewer's gaze upwards. The jewelry on the masonry, the windows and facades impress from the outside. If you want to visit the monastery, take your time. Sit on a bench in the monastery courtyard or under one of the ancient trees and listen to the calm. This is the only way to really experience the silence and atmosphere of this place.




Lehnin Monastery
Lehnin Monastery


Only a few kilometers from Lehnin Abbey is finally located Castle Reckahn. The castle is particularly interesting for its exhibition about the von Rochow family. Friedrich Eberhard von Rochow (1734-1805) was a fervent advocate of the Enlightenment. He strove to provide people with training on his estate. In this endeavor he was supported by his wife Christiane Louise. The two of them worked their whole lives to provide the farmers on their land with more than the usual school education. Von Rochow was a patron and also canon, agricultural reformer, educational educator and philanthropist. He is considered the pioneer of modern school systems.


Castle Reckahn
Castle Reckahn


Stay overnight at the Seminarhotel Paulinen Hof in Bad Belzig

We stayed during our stay at Seminar hotel Paulinen Hof * stayed in the tiny village of Kuhlowitz. There we found the perfect place that attuned us to the tranquility and the vast landscapes in the Hohen Fläming. The hotel is located in a former square courtyard. It has only recently been converted into a seminar hotel. Its buildings are grouped around an inner courtyard with a fountain. The hotel is on the edge of the village at the end of a cul-de-sac. That is why it offers its guests a very quiet environment.


Bad Belzig Hotel Paulinen Hof
Paulinen yard


A building wing of the hotel is used as a spa. Its wellness area consists of saunas, a fitness area and relaxation areas.


Eating at the Paulinen Hof in Bad Belzig
Eating in the Paulinen yard


We particularly liked the modern decor of the rooms and the food in the restaurant. A stay at the Paulinen Hof makes a short vacation in the Hoher Fläming Bad Belzig region an experience for connoisseurs. If you are looking for peace and a pleasant environment, this is the place for you.


Do you like to travel by motorhome?


Take a look at Petar's video about Bad Belzig and Schloss Wiesenburg. His photographs entice to a walk through the castle park.



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Bad Belzig thermal baths
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Discover Bad Belzig and the Hoher Fläming region

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