Gardens and parks to enjoy

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Palace park - gardens and parks

Gardens and parks to enjoy

Gardens and parks are perfect destinations and destinations for those who seek pleasure on their travels. Nowhere is it easier to relax than in a beautiful setting, and gardens and parks offer just that. On our travels, we repeatedly discover such oases of tranquility, tranquility and scenic beauty, which in this case was mostly created by human hands. We present these to you at this point and maybe our reports lure you to relax in one or the other garden or park that we have found on our travels and to enjoy it with all your senses.


Spring flowers in Bad Driburg's Gräflicher Park

Bad Driburg Gräflicher Park – A spring walk

Spring is a time to take a spring walk in Bad Driburg's Count's Park. You don't have to stay in the hotel for this. Instead, you can pay the entrance fee to Bad Driburg's Count's Park and enjoy the parks on a walk. When the tulips and daffodils bloom in it, you're happy...
Yellow tulips in Holland

Keukenhof Holland to the tulip blossom

When the tulip blooms in Keukenhof Holland From March to May, Keukenhof Holland is a veritable sea of ​​tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. This is why the spring bloom at Keukenhof in Lisse is so popular. We've been here twice and loved it. There are also beautiful spring gardens in other countries, like Noel in his ...
Medieval garden in Château-Gontier

Mayenne France - The most beautiful gardens in the Pays de la Loire

Gardens on the Mayenne in France If you want to rent a houseboat on the Mayenne in France, make time for the villages along the way. Flower villages - that's what Michel promised us when he picked us up from the airport in Nantes for our houseboat tour on the Mayenne. And he was right! Not ...
Castle Wiesenburg

Schlosspark Wiesenburg im Fläming

We discovered Wiesenburg Castle and Park Wiesenburg Castle in Fläming when we were looking for excursion destinations for connoisseurs south of Berlin. There we experienced a couple of beautiful autumn days at the gates of Berlin in the region of Wiesenburg Mark, which made the trip unforgettable for us. Our trip to Germany took us to ...
Cloister in the Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami Beach

Spanish monastery in Miami Beach

"What is a Spanish monastery doing in Miami Beach?" You are probably wondering. We asked ourselves the same question. We discovered the Ancient Spanish Monastery on the map while preparing for our winter trip to Florida. Until then, I had never heard of it. But the reference to ...
Trick fountains in Hellbrunn Palace Salzburg at night

Hellbrunn Palace Salzburg and its trick fountains

Experience Hellbrunn Palace in Salzburg and its trick fountains You can visit Hellbrunn Palace in Salzburg and its palace gardens in all seasons. In summer, a walk through the castle park is fun. If it's really hot, then a visit to the water features will cool you down. If you are not careful, this can even happen in a ...
The Jardin Marimurtra in Blanes

Lloret de Mar sights

Lloret de Mar Sightseeing Beach holidays on the Costa Brava, where you lie on the beach all day, is not our way of traveling. After an hour in the beach bar, we usually get bored, and we look for places of interest in Lloret de Mar and the surrounding area where we ...
Altenburg Monastery on our monastery garden route

Monastic gardens in Lower Austria

Our monastery garden route - a journey to the self Three days we were on our monastery garden route through Lower Austria. We visited five monastery gardens. We expected it to be a treat for the eyes and senses. But the trip had more surprises in store for us. Our travel plan included ...
Edison's Winter Estate famous museums in America

Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers

The Edison Ford Museum in Fort Myers, Florida We were surprised by the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Florida, as we knew Thomas Alva Edison as an inventor who spent his life mainly dealing with electricity and electrical engineering. Henry Ford was to us as the founder of Ford ...
Upper Canada Village

Ontario's beginnings in the Upper Canada Village

In the Upper Canada Village you will immerse yourself in the history of Ontario. Today's Ontario is shaped by Canada's most important industrial center at the Golden Horseshoe, a conglomerate of several cities that have grown together to form a huge metropolis with more than eight million inhabitants. Toronto and its suburbs form the most densely populated ...


We collect magnificent parks in palace or monastery complexes as well as small gardens that we notice on our travels. If we come across special beauties, let's introduce them here. Garden architecture also plays a role in our selection, as does the intuition of a loving gardener who tends and tends to her own garden. There are many gardens that are well worth a visit. Get your ideas for the next weekend excursion here or plan a visit to these gardens on your next trip.

Discover beautiful parks around the world

A tour through the gardens and parks of the world promises enjoyment, relaxation and recovery from everyday life and the daily grind, for which our enjoyment travel tips through the gardens and parks of the world offer a great balance. Use our suggestions for your own tours and excursions into the gardens and parks of the world. There's a lot to discover. We would also be happy if you made your own suggestions for gardens that you found on your travels in the comments on our posts.

Gardens and parks are great destinations for those who want to spend their free time wisely and enjoy the enjoyment away from the stress of everyday life. We hope you enjoy discovering yourself!


Gardens and parks
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Gardens and parks to enjoy

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