New Culinary Highlights in Fort Lauderdale: Restaurants & Breweries 2023

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New Fort Lauderdale restaurants

Fort Lauderdale is more than just sun and sand. The city surprises with a diverse culinary scene that is constantly growing. Flavors from all over the world merge here to create unique taste experiences. And the best? Fort Lauderdale is increasingly becoming a hotspot for beer lovers. More and more breweries are opening their doors and offering craft beers that you won't find anywhere else. Discover new Fort Lauderdale restaurants and breweries here.



For American gourmets, the city has long ceased to be an insider tip. But German gourmets also get their money's worth here. The mixture of traditional and innovative dishes captivates everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of seafood, vegetarian food or hearty meat dishes. In Fort Lauderdale you will find everything your heart desires.

The growing brewery scene completes the culinary offer. Here you can not only discover new types of beer, but also learn more about the brewing process. In short, Fort Lauderdale is the ideal destination for anyone who loves good food and drink.


Olive and Sea Dips and Spreads - new Fort Lauderdale restaurants
Olive and Sea Dips and Spreads is one of the new Fort Lauderdale restaurants Photo: (c) Kenneth Smith


New Fort Lauderdale restaurants and breweries

These are the new Fort Lauderdale restaurants and breweries that have or will open in 2023.

The Olive & Sea - New Fort Lauderdale Restaurant

A highlight among the new openings is the "Olive & Sea". This restaurant is located in Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina Hotel* and offers an impressive view of the surroundings. But not only the view attracts visitors. Modern Eastern Mediterranean cuisine is the focus here.

When entering the "Olive & Sea" you immediately feel the Mediterranean atmosphere. The dishes are inspired by the fresh flavors of the Mediterranean. Here, traditional recipes merge with innovative ideas. The result is dishes that are both familiar and surprising. From hearty meat dishes to light seafood, there is something for every taste.

The special thing about "Olive & Sea" is the feeling of sitting right on the beach. The decor, ambiance and dishes reflect the relaxed Fort Lauderdale attitude to life. You hear the sound of the sea, feel the breeze and enjoy a delicious meal. It's like taking a culinary journey along the Mediterranean coast without leaving Fort Lauderdale.


Olive and Sea - new Fort Lauderdale restaurant
Olive and Sea - New Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Photo: (c) Will Pryce


The 2ONE2 Breeze Lounge

One of these exciting new additions is the "2ONE2 Breeze Lounge". You can find this exclusive lounge in the Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort*, one of the hottest hotels in town.

As soon as you arrive you will feel the difference. A valet takes the car from you and you immediately feel like a VIP. After a short stay at the reception you will receive a key. This opens the door to a secret lounge access. A world of luxury and relaxation awaits behind the door to Suite 212.

The "2ONE2 Breeze Lounge" is not just a place to relax. Great value is also placed on the culinary experience here. The cocktail program is varied and offers something for every taste. It doesn't matter whether you prefer classic drinks or new creations, you'll find what you're looking for here. But not only the drinks are a highlight. The culinary program also leaves nothing to be desired. From small snacks to upscale dishes, everything is included.

Sweet Green: Fast, fresh and sustainable

Things are happening in fast food at the new Fort Lauderdale restaurants. "Sweet Green" is leading the revolution and showing that fast doesn't have to mean unhealthy. This new restaurant focuses on freshness and sustainability and takes the concept of fast food to a new level.

What makes "Sweet Green" so special? It's the menu. You won't find greasy burgers or fried snacks here. Instead, Sweet Green offers a selection of fresh, plant-based dishes. Salads, bowls and wraps are prepared from the best ingredients.

But "Sweet Green" not only has a positive effect on the taste buds. The restaurant also sets new standards in the food industry. By focusing on sustainability and local products, "Sweet Green" supports local farmers and reduces the ecological footprint. This means that you can not only eat deliciously, but also with a clear conscience.

Dream State Brewing: A beer paradise in the Sistrunk Marketplace

Fort Lauderdale has a new attraction for beer enthusiasts: Dream State Brewing. Located in the bustling Sistrunk Marketplace, this beer paradise has quickly won the hearts of locals.

What makes Dream State Brewing so special? First of all, the impressive selection. With over 20 specialty beers from all over the country, the brewery offers a variety that is second to none. Whether you're a fan of hoppy IPAs or malty stouts, you're guaranteed to find your new favorite beer here.

But "Dream State Brewing" is more than just beer. It is also a meeting place. The brewery regularly organizes events that go far beyond normal beer tastings. From exciting tap takeovers where other breweries showcase their creations, to charity events where people drink for a good cause. There's always a reason to stop by.

So why are beer lovers flocking to Dream State Brewing? It's the combination of first class beer, great atmosphere and the feeling of being part of a community. Here you can meet like-minded people, exchange ideas and discover new things over and over again.

Popilicious Popcorn: Sweet temptation at Pompano Beach

One new Fort Lauderdale restaurant that stands out is Popilicious Popcorn in Pompano Beach. This is South Florida's only popcorn bar, and it packs a punch!

Imagine stepping into a place where you can personalize your very own popcorn bucket to suit your mood. With "Popilicious Popcorn" this dream comes true. Choose from a variety of toppings, from sweet to salty, and create your own snack. But that's not all. For those who like it particularly sweet, there are the world-famous popcorn cakes. A must-try combination of crunchy popcorn and sweet surprises.

But why is "Popilicious Popcorn" so popular? It's the unique blend of creativity, fun and of course the delicious popcorn. Here you can not only snack, but also let your imagination run wild. And the best part? You never go home empty-handed. Whether you're looking for a quick snack on the go or a special gift, Popilicious Popcorn has you covered.

La Fuga: Italy meets South Florida at this new Fort Lauderdale restaurant

A highlight among the new restaurants in Fort Lauderdale is "La Fuga". This restaurant, located in Kimpton Shorebreak Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort*, brings a piece of Italy to South Florida.

"La Fuga" stands for a fusion of classic Italian dishes and the fresh flavors of the region. This means that you will not only find traditional pasta here, but also creations inspired by the local ingredients. The handmade pasta combined with fresh seafood is a real taste experience. Each dish tells a story that reflects the passion of the kitchen team.

But what makes "La Fuga" so special? It's the attention to detail. Here, value is not only placed on high-quality ingredients, but also on the presentation. Each dish is a small work of art that not only pleases the palate but also the eye.


On Las Olas Blvd
Restaurant on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale


The Cove Brewery: Coming soon to Deerfield Beach

An exciting new project soon to open its doors is the Cove Brewery in Deerfield Beach. It will be the premier brewery in Deerfield Beach and promises to be a real hit.

The "Cove Brewery" covers an impressive 7.000 square meters. But it's not just the size that impresses. The establishment will be designed in an old Florida style, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Here you can relax, meet up with friends and of course taste some of the best beers in the region.

But beer isn't the only thing Cove Brewery has to offer. The menu is inspired by Asian flavors and features a selection of dim sum and seafood. This combination of craft beer and exquisite cuisine makes the "Cove Brewery" something very special.

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Fort Lauderdale has developed into a real culinary hotspot in recent years. With a variety of new restaurants and breweries, Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of tastes that is second to none.

Whether you're from the United States or traveling from Germany, Fort Lauderdale's culinary wonders are just waiting to be discovered. From Mediterranean delicacies to fresh seafood to innovative fast food - there is something for every taste.

If you are planning to visit Fort Lauderdale, the best time to visit is between November and April. During these months you can not only enjoy the pleasant weather, but also take part in numerous events in the region. From food festivals to beer tastings to cultural events, Fort Lauderdale is buzzing with life.


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New Fort Lauderdale restaurants
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New Culinary Highlights in Fort Lauderdale: Restaurants & Breweries 2023

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