Ezoic Experiences – What Are the Benefits of Ezoic?

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Ezoic experiences

Ezoic Experiences - Why We Value Cooperation

We have been using Ezoic for more than three years and have steadily increased our advertising revenue. This cooperation makes us increasingly independent of press trips and others forms of cooperation, through which we finance the operation of our blog. However, Ezoic is much more than an advertising agent. However, this report on our Ezoic experience is not intended to show how high our earnings are. Instead, you can find out here what other advantages a cooperation with Ezoic has. You can use their tools to control the operation of your website or blog via artificial intelligence. There are now numerous tools that you can use via the dashboard. The good thing about it: they are constantly being expanded.

Positive Ezoic Experiences

We are not focused on the revenue we generate from Ezoic. They are more of a positive side effect of using Ezoic. While the earnings are steadily growing, they are not our main motivation for using this tool. Ezoic can do so much more. It helps us with artificial intelligence and big data analytics to optimize our content for our readers and adapt it to current changes. When at the beginning of the corona pandemic our income collapsed practically from one day to the next, in the months that followed we concentrated the content of our blog on the topics that interested our readers the most at that time. We have opened up new subject areas and expanded existing ones. These have now become an integral part of our content and are constantly being expanded.

This opened up new sources of income for us that we hadn't even thought of before. In addition, the advertising revenue from Ezoic has become a reliable part of our monthly income as a freelancer.

How we use Ezoic

When we started, we used the WordPress plugin integration. Our blog now runs on Ezoic's name servers. We have used the LEAP tool for the last two years to technically optimize our blog. At the same time, we embed our videos directly on our website via Ezoic. Ezoic uses it to place ads that fit thematically. On top of that, we make the videos available on Humix, a new Ezoic tool, for posting on other sites. This generates additional income for us. Unlike YouTube, we earn from our videos, not YouTube. Through Trailblazer, we have access to the latest tool projects that are still in beta, allowing us to see where Ezoic's offerings are headed.


What Using Ezoic Gets Us

The advantages of Ezoic arise from the intensive use of the entire tool offer, which is based on artificial intelligence. Increasing ad revenue is just one of them.

Our Ezoic experience - ad revenue is steadily increasing

Since the amount of advertising revenue depends on many things, we do not name any amounts here. Success is measured by increasing your own income. This works great. An example is comparing how much our revenue increased in August 2022 to August 2021. You can see this in this table:


Earnings August 2022 vs. August 2021
Earnings August 2022 vs. August 2021 – Increasing monetization is just one of our Ezoic experiences


Using Ezoic's webinars and workshops and working closely with support will increase your earnings over time. We have been following this development for three years and have been able to constantly increase it even in times of Corona.

Ezoic is a good Google Adsense alternative

One of our key Ezoic experiences: It's not enough to just turn on Ezoic and hope for increasing earnings. Anyone who expects this can continue to use Google Adsense and hope that the advertising revenue will increase. Instead, continued cooperation with Ezoic is the key to success. The artificial intelligence, the tool set, the webinars and the workshops as well as the support help to optimize your blog or website technically and in terms of content. The increasing monetization is a positive side effect of this work.

Ezoic's big data analytics help optimize content

By regularly checking Big Data Analytics, we learn more about what currently interests our readers. This helped us as a travel blog in Corona times. This enabled us to publish content that was interesting for our readership even in times when travel was not possible. At the same time, we found out which types of travel are particularly interesting for them. However, these interests may change. It is therefore important to monitor this development. We adapt our content accordingly. This is helping us to regain traffic to our travel blog, which had fallen from over 50000 page views per month to just under 10000 at the start of the Corona outbreak. We are slowly approaching the traffic numbers before Corona again and are working on increasing them further.

Optimize the core web vitals with the Ezoic tool LEAP

A lengthy but successful optimization was the technical improvement of our more than 20-year-old blog for the Core Web Vitals. We use the tool for that Ezoic Leap. Despite advertising, we now meet Google's requirements in the desktop version. We're still working on the mobile version, but we're slowly getting closer to Google's requirements.

Update on October 6.10.2022th, XNUMX: As of today, both the desktop and the mobile version of our blog meet the requirements of the Core Web Vitals. With helpful support from Ezoic and the LEAP tool, we're now advertising on our blog while still meeting the Core Web Vital requirements.


Core Web Vitals optimized with LEAP by Ezoic
Core Web Vitals optimized with LEAP by Ezoic


Update on March 07.03.2023th, 100: Current status of our website in the Core Web Vitals: as of today, we meet 07.03.2023% of the Core Web Vitals with the mobile version. This value is possible despite advertising circuits via Ezoic. Our photo shows the status as of XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX:

2023-03-07 Core Web Vitals
2023-03-07 Core Web Vitals

Optimizing our blog with Ezoic LEAP increases the user-friendliness of our pages

Update from October 16.10.2022, 100: Google is now liking the user-friendliness of our mobile version better and better. It's been XNUMX% on desktop for months. Mobile is now also steadily approaching this value.


Usability Desktop
Usability Desktop

Ease of use Mobile
Ease of use Mobile

Version of 16.10.2022/XNUMX

Update from March 07.03.2023th, 2022: Since October 99,8, the user-friendliness of our mobile version has also improved enormously. It is currently at 100%. In the desktop version, it is constantly at XNUMX%.

2023-03-07 Usability Desktop2023-03-07 Usability Mobile

 2023-03-07 Usability Desktop  2023-03-07 Usability Mobile


Monetize videos with Ezoic

We have published several hundred videos about our travels in recent years. The competition on YouTube for travel videos is fierce. Therefore, it is difficult to make money from YouTube's monetization program there. Since Ezoic has offered the option of integrating videos with advertising on its own website, we have been using this offer with growing success. Our revenue from videos is growing. You can also build your own video channel with HUMIX, a new video tool on Ezoic. This works in a similar way to YouTube, but with the difference that the income generated from it goes to the content creator. We allow our videos to be embedded on other websites via HUMIX. Advertising is played out there, which increases our income.

We now (as of January 2023) also use videos from other vloggers via Humix. However, we regularly make sure that their videos match our content. With the large number of blog posts, it is not always possible to publish a suitable video on every page. But we are working on it. As a result, we notice an improvement in the quality of our site. How this will affect revenue remains to be seen. In any case, it's already more than we received via YouTube.

The Flickify tool is also useful for this. This allows us to generate videos from our content. This is of particular interest for sites that have not yet made any thematically appropriate videos.

Premium Publishers – our Ezoic experiences

We have been premium publishers at Ezoic since July. You cannot apply for this. You will be invited as a premium publisher. We were therefore very happy when the invitation fluttered into our house. Premium publishers get access to better advertisers that require much higher traffic on other ad networks. These go into the auction for the advertising space in the blog or on the website. Because they usually offer higher prices, their ads appear more often on our blog. Monthly fees apply to become a Premium Publisher. These are used to fund a matchmaking team that suggests these advertisers suitable websites and blogs for their products.

We tried the offer for free for two weeks, with amazing revenue increases in July. In August, income fell again somewhat, but is still higher than in the previous months. However, we have known this in the travel sector for years. Now we are curious to see how the income will develop in the coming months. A positive side effect: the monthly fee in August has also been reduced due to the reduction in income. Despite this seasonal development, we still benefit from membership as a premium publisher.

In September, premium revenues fell again. This is to be expected for a travel blog and is normal for this time of year since the peak travel season is over. Every year the traffic numbers then drop in the months that follow. Since then the advertising expenditures of the providers also decrease, this decline is not surprising. Despite this, the premium earnings are still higher than the cost of accessing the better advertising partners via premium.

Advertisers have been reluctant to invest in advertising measures in recent months. Since mid-January, however, expenses and with them our income have been slowly increasing again. In the premium segment, revenue stayed above the cost of premium ads all the time. This means that participation pays off constantly.


Helpful tools for content creation and blog maintenance

What we also like is that Ezoic is increasingly offering tools that offer maintenance and content creation. This saves external tools, for which one often pays considerable fees. We use the Broken Links Checker, which shows us on a daily basis whether and which calls lead to faulty pages. This allows us to keep our website free of broken links. Another useful tool is the Tag Tester. This allows you to test different meta titles and meta descriptions. There are also some new tools that we haven't tried yet. There is still a lot to do. I find it very positive that you can save on expensive tools and plugins over time. Ultimately, this also ensures that the income from the blog increases.

Conclusion: our Ezoic experiences - with Adsense we earned much less

Our Ezoic experiences show that this software can do much more than place ads. We learned a lot about the technical side of our blog and how to optimize it for SEO. At the same time, the analyzes provide us with helpful data on how we publish content that is currently of interest to our readers. This opens up new subject areas that we hadn't even considered before. It also allows us to address the issues that are most important to our readers. In this way, we get to know our readership much better. This enables us to offer them suitable content that really interests them. Of course we are happy if we can increase the income of our blog with these insights and tools. This is a welcome side benefit of using Ezoic. If you want to use this for your own website, we can highly recommend Ezoic. Get started with Ezoic now.


Ezoic experiences
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Source: own experience with Ezoic

Ezoic Experiences – What Are the Benefits of Ezoic?

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