Discover Europe while traveling

Discover Europe while traveling - Ljubljana City Hall

Discover Europe while traveling

With these travel tips you can discover Europe while traveling by exploring the West as well as the Balkans. Find out how people live in different countries and get to know cities and the country. As a connoisseur and slow traveler you can go on pleasure trips and travel the Mediterranean region as well as Scandinavia. So you can experience the different cultures of Europe intensively and meet the people.


Discover Europe Travel


Travel tips for Europe

The tips and recommendations for pleasure travelers and slow travelers will help you make your trip through Europe an enjoyable experience.



Homemade Kniddelen – step-by-step instructions

Kniddelen: A piece of Luxembourg in your kitchen Welcome to the world of Luxembourg cuisine! It's all about Kniddelen, a dish that perfectly combines simplicity and taste. Every child in Luxembourg knows her. We tried them during our visit to the city of Luxembourg and have a special...
Stein am Rhein wine bar in the travel guide

Stein am Rhein: Your ultimate travel guide

Stein am Rhein travel guide Stein am Rhein is a place that harmoniously combines history, culture and nature. This city on the Rhine is definitely an ideal destination for slow travelers and leisure travelers. Here, medieval architecture and living traditions combine with the tranquility of nature. Therefore, learn the city...
Hotel Stein am Rhein and Restaurant Rheingerbe

The best hotels in Stein am Rhein for every budget

Find the best hotels in Stein am Rhein here Stein am Rhein attracts with history and culture. Here, where the river winds past the old town, you will find peace. Slow travelers as well as leisure travelers will find accommodation for every budget in Stein am Rhein. From cozy inns to stylish hotels...
Portugal as a travel destination

Discover Portugal: A travel destination full of surprises

Portugal is a travel destination that has fascinated us and continues to tempt us. My first trip to Lisbon many years ago showed me the Portuguese people's love of life, but also their melancholy. I think there is hardly anything that expresses the Portuguese people's attitude to life better than Fado. In the evening I was attracted by...
Tomato mozzarella casserole

Tomato mozzarella casserole on toast

Our recipe video for the tomato mozzarella casserole on toast has been published a long time ago. However, the recipe was previously missing from the blog. Since this video is now booming during Advent, it's time we made the recipe available to you here too. At first I was surprised that the video recipe was...
Vienna Christmas markets

Christmas time in Vienna – the most beautiful Christmas markets

Christmas time in Vienna The Christmas market season in Vienna begins in November. With these Vienna travel tips you will definitely be well prepared for the Advent season. Even though the Christmas season in Vienna hasn't officially started yet, from mid-November onwards, the whole of Vienna will be radiating Christmas glitter in the city center...
Hotel Marina Moscenicka Draga

The Hotel Marina in Moscenicka Draga: an Experience for the whole Family

Advertising and Hotel Review - The Hotel Marina in Moscenicka Draga in Croatia is located directly on the Adriatic coast and offers a mix of comfort and local culture. It has its own wellness area, but the surrounding nature also invites you to take part in activities. Whether hiking in the nearby mountains or a...
Opatija seafront promenade Lungomare

Why the beach promenade in Opatija is a must for every Croatia vacation

Enjoy your walk along the Opatija beach promenade The Opatija beach promenade Lungomare stretches over 12 kilometers and connects several coastal towns on the Kvarner Bay. Unlike other promenades, it offers more than just a walk by the sea. Along the way you will find statues and monuments that tell stories from...
Opatija old town

Opatija Old Town: Where history meets indulgence

Opatija's old town attracts numerous visitors year after year. A walk through the narrow streets will show you sights ranging from historic architecture to cozy cafes. The Old Town of Opatija in Croatia is a must-see for any traveler who wants to experience the true heart of the city. Here you will find...
Morning on the Opatija Riviera

Opatija Riviera: history, culture and beautiful landscapes

Opatija: The heart of Kvarner Bay Opatija is located on the northwestern coast of Kvarner Bay in Croatia. As an important part of the Opatija Riviera, the city offers a mix of natural beauty and cultural diversity. Here you'll find everything from picturesque coves and a lively seafront promenade to historic buildings,...


Discover Europe while traveling

Here we have great travel tips for you, so that you can experience and discover Europe intensively on your trip.

First of all, you should think about which countries you want to visit. Europe offers many regions and cultures for you to discover. Whether you want to explore the West or the Balkans or prefer to travel Scandinavia - there are so many options.

Discover Europe on trips for connoisseurs and slow travellers

A tip for you as a connoisseur is to try the local specialties of the countries. Whether it's pizza in Italy or paella in Spain, the countries of Europe all have their own delicacies. You can also go on culinary discovery tours and try new dishes and flavors.

As a Slow Traveler, you also have the opportunity to take your time and explore the regions of Europe in peace. You can travel cities and the country and meet the people and get to know their way of life.

It is also important that you prepare well for your trip. Find out about the entry requirements and the cultural differences of the countries you want to visit. Familiarize yourself with the local public transport system in order to be flexible and to be able to travel off the beaten track.

Europe offers endless opportunities for travelers looking to discover different regions and cultures. Take the opportunity to discover Europe while traveling to gain new experiences and be inspired by the countries of Europe. Have fun on your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you travel Europe as a Slow Traveler?

As a Slow Traveler you can travel Europe in different ways, such as on foot, by bike or even by public transport. You take your time and try to experience as much of the area and the local people as possible.

Are there uniform entry regulations throughout Europe?

No, there are no uniform entry requirements throughout Europe. Each country has its own regulations, which you should research and be aware of in advance.

As a connoisseur, what should you definitely try in Europe?

For example, every country in Europe has its own specialties and culinary delights. As a connoisseur, you should definitely try the regional dishes and flavors, such as pizza in Italy, moussaka in Greece or tapas in Spain.

How much time should you allow for a trip to Europe?

The duration of a trip to Europe depends on various factors, such as the number of countries and regions visited and the type of trip. In general, however, it is advisable to plan at least two weeks in order to be able to experience the different places and cultures extensively.

How to travel off the tourist track?

Discovering Europe traveling off the beaten track can be very exciting. To travel off the tourist track, you can use public transport, for example, or you can walk or cycle. There are also many interesting places to discover away from the well-known sights and cities. One should simply be open to new experiences and be inspired by the environment.



Discover Europe Travel
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Discover Europe while traveling

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