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Halifax landmarks

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Halifax offers something for everyone! From its strong maritime history to its vibrant culture, the capital of Nova Scotia many unique attractions that you should not miss. Prepare your itinerary and be sure to check out these Halifax attractions!



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Halifax attractions not to be missed


Citadel Halifax
Citadel Halifax Top sight in Halifax

Citadel Hill National Historic Site

Located in the heart of Halifax, Citadel Hill National Historic Site offers a unique look at Nova Scotia's military history. At this National Historic Site, visitors can explore a wide range of artifacts and restored buildings to learn more about the early days of Canada's defenses. The most impressive sight on Citadel Hill is the star-shaped fort that guards the harbor, a reminder of its important role in protecting Halifax Harbor since 1749.

5425 Sackville St
Halifax, NS B3J 3Y3,


That's what happened to a pirate
That's what happened to a pirate

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

One of the best attractions in Halifax is the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Through its exhibits, visitors can explore hundreds of years of maritime history, from the early days of famous seagoing vessels to their pivotal roles in operations during World War I and II. The museum also offers special programs such as narrated harbor tours of Nova Scotia's capital.

1675 Lower Water St,

Halifax Public Gardens
Halifax Public Gardens

The Halifax Public Gardens

The Halifax Public Gardens in downtown Halifax is a charming urban oasis. Spread over 16 hectares, the gardens feature a variety of floral designs and Victorian-style sculptures, as well as a number of historical monuments. Visitors can relax on benches surrounded by fragrant flowers or take leisurely strolls around the property—all for free. The gardens also include a Café Nova and gift shop for light refreshments and souvenirs during your visit.


Pier 21 in Halifax
Pier 21 in Halifax

Pier 21 National Historic Site

Just a few steps from the harbor is Pier 21 - a landmark of Halifax. This National Historic Site features stunning architecture, interpretive exhibits, and artifacts such as interactive displays, film screenings, and more that tell the stories of Canadians who sailed through the gates of Halifax to start a new life abroad. Stroll through the outdoor park and enjoy breathtaking views of George's Island and the Halifax skyline.

1055 Marginal Rd

Harbor Promenade Halifax at the Tall Ships Festival
Harbor Promenade Halifax at the Tall Ships Festival

The Boardwalk at Halifax Harbour

There's no better place to experience the Halifax lifestyle than the boardwalk that runs along the Halifax Harbor. The beautiful views of the harbor bay and the neighboring town of Dartmouth on the other side of the bay are just as much a part of this as the ships, ferries and excursion boats. For us, it's the best attraction in Halifax, as it's the best place to experience the feel of a port city. It is particularly beautiful there when the tall ships make a stopover in the port of Halifax.


Historic Properties in Halifax
Historic Properties in Halifax

Historic Properties in Halifax

As early as the 18th century, Historic Properties were the scene of shops selling goods that supplied schooners, barquentines and tall ships. Between 1800 and 1875, seven warehouses were built on Privateer's Wharf. When they were hardly used any more in the middle of the 20th century, they initially wanted to be demolished. But then they were placed under monument protection. Today you can buy clothes, knitwear, art, kitsch and souvenirs here. There are also restaurants and cafés for a break in between.

Point Pleasant Park

Enjoy spectacular views of the Halifax Harbor and skyline at Point Pleasant Park. Located in the South End, this 75-acre estate is close to downtown and offers many local trails, monuments, beaches and scenic overlooks. There is also a rich history associated with the park, including the ruins of Fort Ogilvie and the Prince of Wales Tower, built in 1793 to protect Halifax Harbor entrance.

Sights in Halifax that are worthwhile

Farmer's Marlet
Farmer's Marlet Halifax

Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market: a Halifax attraction that not everyone knows.

The Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market offers a selection of fresh produce, local goods and ready meals. Here you will find everything from croissants to fresh eggs and vegan delicacies. Although not always easy to find due to its location, true foodies know this is a gem waiting to be discovered!

961 Marginal Rd,

Scallops with Thai curry sauce on rice
Scallops with Thai curry sauce on rice

Halifax food you'll love.

If you're looking for delicious food in Halifax, there's no shortage of hidden gems! We love fresh seafood. So we enjoyed the scallops in Thai curry sauce on rice at Salty's on the waterfront (1877 Upper Water St) with a magnificent view of the harbor. In summer you can also enjoy your food outdoors right by the water. If you like Mediterranean food, you can also get that at Daryâ on the waterfront (1709 Lower Water St #110).


George's Island
George's Island

Explore Georges Island: Discover the beauty of an island gem in Halifax Harbour.

Located in Halifax Harbour, just a short ferry ride from downtown Halifax, Georges Island is one of Halifax's best kept secrets and is a must visit. Explore the island's mysteries and discover its hidden beauty on a guided tour or explore on your own. Enjoy breathtaking views of Cobequid Bay as you explore centuries-old fortifications, rich flora and fauna, and scenic picnic spots. Enjoy a peaceful day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city while discovering this unique island gem.

Coastal Hikes Near Halifax: Find Your Hidden Hideaways.

Additionally, if you're looking for the perfect hidden gem that's not too far from Halifax, why not explore some of the beautiful coastal walks around the harbour. the Beechville Trail For example, is a longer four-mile trail that offers many glimpses of Nova Scotia's natural beauty with its variety of bushes, trees and open fields. This trail definitely offers a great opportunity to escape the city and discover hidden hideaways close to Halifax attractions!




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Discover Halifax attractions

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