Discover Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest

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Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest

Spa in the Upper Palatinate Forest - Bad Neualbenreuth

Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest in the north of Bavaria is proud. The place is older. His status as a spa, however, he received only in November 2019, a few weeks after our visit to this village in the northern Upper Palatinate. What makes this place so special, we present to you in this post.




We had never heard of this place before our trip. When the invitation to Neualbenreuth fluttered into our house, we first had to see where Neualbenreuth was. The market is about twenty minutes by car from Tirschenreuth, not far from the border with the Czech Republic. A remote place. Quiet. Surrounded by an agricultural landscape and dense forests. In a cauldron, over which "the Bohemian" blows all year round. This is the name given to the wind that often brings cold weather from the east. The air is like champagne. It tingles.

It's a harsh landscape. We are in Autumn in Neualbenreuth. Some flowers that were left over from late summer are still in bloom. The last of the year. The mustard blossom turns some fields yellow. On others, potatoes are waiting to be harvested. The forests, however, are already wearing their autumn dress. At the slightest breeze, the leaves tumble to the ground as if in a dance with the elements. There they form a bed of leaves, under which the mushrooms disappear in autumn. On our journey we meet people who are looking for mushrooms in the woods. Your baskets are full. With chanterelles. Porcini mushrooms. Red caps. They are harbingers of the gourmet tour that awaits us the next day.



The Sibyllenbad

The main attraction in Bad Neualbenreuth is the Sibyllenbad. This owes its existence to a carbonated and a radon source. The Sibyllenbad has a sauna area, where you can relax after a trip to the region. Of course you can also spend a whole day in the wellness facilities, the saunas and the Turkish hammam. The offer is large and so varied that you can spend one or more days well with relaxation, deceleration and well-being treatments.


Sauna with colors in the Sibyllenbad in Bad


In addition to the wellness department, the Sibyllenbad in Bad Neualbenreuth offers medical spa treatments, which have a soothing effect on patients with rheumatic or spinal disorders. In order to develop their healing effect, the treatments must be carried out over a longer period of time.


Loungers in the hammam
Loungers in the hammam


Relax in the hammam

We like the Turkish Hamam best. As in 1001 night you can indulge yourself there and sweat. Marina is already a day earlier in Bad Neualbenreuth and experiences a stay in the Hamam. She describes how such a oriental bathing ceremony goes in detail. We'll take a quick sniff. Hot vapors swirl towards us. In each of the sweaty rooms a few degrees warmer than in the previous one. In between, you rest in the central vestibule. At least as long as you've been sweating before. Finally, you can relax with a cup of tea in the relaxation room. For a hammam ceremony you should plan at least one hour. More, if you also want a massage and a rest break.


Tea in the relaxation room
Tea in the relaxation room


Bad Neualbenreuth

The place Bad Neualbenreuth is small. Only 1400 residents counts the market towns. He dressed up nicely. The half-timbered houses in the center are restored. In one is the tourist information. Next door, the Egerländer Fachwerkhof offers a café and apartments. Just outside the town center, in the Turmstraße, stands the Sengerhof. He is a good example of the Egerland architecture. Fourseathouses such as this offered livestock and humans a home in a complex of buildings. These were accessible through a gate. In the yard was the dung heap. The bigger this one was, the richer the farmer was. Because only cattle makes crap. And the more of it in the stable, the bigger the pile in his yard. Another characteristic of peasant prosperity was the dovecote. This also took place in the courtyard of a Vierseithofs.


Farm in Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest
Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest


Today most livestock is missing. At most a few show goats entertain the guests for which rooms or apartments are available. The Kesslsimerhof or Frank'n Hof on the outskirts of Bad Neualbenreuth are beautifully restored. On the Frank'n Hof there's even a night on the farm with wellness.


Sleep in the Frankn Hof
Sleep in the Frankn Hof


Above the village rises the church tower of St. Lawrence Church. The baroque church comes from the 18. Century. In the interior, the coat of arms of the city of Eger testifies that Neualbenreuth once belonged to Eger. Only through the Treaty of Vienna Neualbenreuth fell to Bavaria. In general, one feels in the town and its surroundings strong proximity to the neighboring Czech Republic. Egerland is a region where people from both countries live.


Saint Laurentius Church in Bad

What to do around Bad Neualbenreuth

The hilly landscape around Bad Neualbenreuth invites you to hike, cycle and enjoy. The hills rise gently to the mountain ranges in the Upper Palatinate Forest. You can conquer it on foot, by mountain bike or e-bike. You can rent bikes at the tourist information. Alternatively, you can of course also take a tour by car. We really liked the picnic areas that are laid out in scenic spots in the area. So you can pack your snack in your backpack and enjoy it at viewpoints along the way. Nice view included. A selection of hikes in the Neualbenreuth area and in the Fichtelgebirge here.


What Bad Neualbenreuth in the suitcase belongs

  • Good shoes, because you will definitely go for a walk in the area around Bad Neualbenreuth
  • A backpack, for example by having a snack in the lunch box for the trip and everything you need for it
  • Be sure to check with ours hiking checklistwhether you have packed everything you need for your hike.
  • The picnic Accessories You shouldn't forget either, because there are great picnic areas with a view in the area around Bad Neualbenreuth.
  • A Bathrobe* for a visit to the Sibyllenbad.
  • A swimsuit or swimming trunks* for your stay in the Sibyllenbad.
  • non-slip Slippers *, with which you can move safely on damp ground.

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Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest
Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest


For long-distance hikers and cyclists we have a very special and inexpensive overnight stay tip. At the campsite Platzermühle on the outskirts of Bad Neualbenreuth you can stay very reasonably priced in a developed wine barrel. There is space for a large double bed, two benches and a picnic table. There are sanitary facilities in the main house of the campsite.


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Excursion destinations in the vicinity

It's not just nature that invites you to take a trip around Bad Neualbenreuth. There is also a lot to see. For example, the chapel “Die Kleine Kappl” is worth a trip. It can already be seen from the Sibyllenbad and arouses curiosity. In addition to its baroque interior, the inn next door also attracts with a good snack. The perfect destination for a walk or an afternoon to enjoy. Another destination that we can recommend is the Grenzlandturm. It is a tower that the Egerlanders had erected near the Czech border. From there they could look over to their homeland at the time of the Iron Curtain. Today the tower is a good vantage point for the area around Bad Neualbenreuth. In the associated café restaurant you can combine the view with culinary enjoyment.


Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest
Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest


Highlights in the region

Of the highlights in the wider area in the Upper Palatinate Forest we can not show you any photos, but they are so well known that we definitely recommend them to you. It is only a quarter of an hour by car to Waldsassen, where the baroque monastery basilica and the library of the Cistercian nuns are worth a visit. The journey to the pilgrimage church Kappl takes a few minutes longer and offers a great photo opportunity with its striking exterior.


Travel guide / maps for the Egerland *

If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.


On the Czech side are the spa baths of Marienbad (approx. 40 min), Carlsbad (approx. 50 min.) and Franzensbad (approx. 30 min.) worthwhile excursion destinations. Of course, the city of Eger, the Czech Cheb, is also worth a visit as the former administrative center of the region around Neualbenreuth. You can get there by car in just under half an hour.


Tasting at


Eating well in and around Bad Neualbenreuth

What would be a place that has made the well-being on the flags, without good food? Not interesting, right? At Bad Neualbenreuth there is no danger. There are nineteen restaurants and cafes in and around the market towns. So you could eat in a different restaurant every day for more than two weeks. This has also taken the place to heart. He offers his half-board guests the opportunity to have lunch or dinner at a different restaurant every day. You only have to reserve. Then you can feast on the delicacies that conjure the Neualbenreuther hosts on the table.




The selection is impressive. From traditional regional cuisine with liver sausage bread or a Brotzeitteller with smoked ham and Geselchten over Oberpfälzer and Egerländer specialties to French Flammkuchen and gourmet cuisine by a chef who has learned at Schuhbeck, everything is in the culinary offer of Bad Neualbenreuth and the surrounding area. Coffee and cake for the afternoon coffee during the walk are also missing. You only need time to taste all these delicacies. You can get a list of restaurants and cafes in and around Bad Neualbenreuth at the tourist information and accommodation of your choice.


Information about Bad Neualbenreuth and the surrounding area


Poppy seed cake with sprinkles - specialties in Bad


Conclusion: Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest - destination for peace-seeking connoisseurs

Anyone looking for relaxation and tranquility will definitely feel at home in Bad Neualbenreuth and in the Sibyllenbad. Enjoy the silence on walks and bike tours. Feast in the inns, cafés and Zoigl restaurants and try the local beer. Visit destinations in the area. Simply slow down for a few days away from the hustle and bustle. Experience a digital detox, because the WiFi is such a thing here. That is what Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest promises. You will look in vain for the hustle and bustle of large health resorts. Silence, nature and hospitable people lure people to Bad Neualbenreuth.


Travel Arrangements:

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For example, book your journey here by flight, bus or train*. The nearest airport is Nuremberg. You can then reach Bad Neualbenreuth by car via the A93 to Mitterteich. From there the place is signposted. Arrival is also possible by train. In this case you drive to Marktredwitz. The on-call taxi will take you from there Baxi to Bad Neualbenreuth.

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Ideas for short trips at the beginning of the year


Autumn vacation in Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest
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Source Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest: own research on site. We would definitely like to thank Bad Neualbenreuth for the invitation. However, as always, our opinions remain our own.

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Discover Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest

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