Pictou Nova Scotia - Dinner with a view

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Salmon fillet with blueberries
Salmon fillet with blueberries in Pictou Nova Scotia
Salmon fillet with blueberries

Food with a view

What does a gourmet hotel really look like? The question is not so easy to answer, especially when I think of the Pictou Lodge Beachfront Resort in Nova Scotia. He lacks the coziness that I usually look for at a pleasure hotel. Neither does it have any charm that could make me recommend this hotel to you. But it scores very big in two categories: environment and kitchen. The location right on the Northumberland Strait is hard to beat. From some rooms and especially from the restaurant you have a wonderful view of the sea. The food is not gourmet, but there are great steaks with local ingredients that are imaginatively integrated into the recipes of the dishes that you put before us. Here you can really enjoy your meal in Pictou Nova Scotia.


Log Cabin Cottages in Pictou Nova Scotia
Log Cabin Cottages in Pictou Nova Scotia
At the Pictou Lodge Beachfront Resort, Pictou Nova Scotia
At the Pictou Lodge Beachfront Resort
Main house and restaurant in Pictou Lodge
Main house and restaurant in Pictou Lodge


The Pictou Lodge in Pictou Nova Scotia

We are already for the second time at Pictou Lodge Beachfront Resort guest. The resort is made up of several residences where the rooms are reminiscent of lodging at the time of year-long holidays with the whole family and entertained by the resort with bingo, tennis lessons or barbecues. Like in the Hollywood movie Dirty Dancing. Much has changed in this resort on the Northumberland Strait in Pictou Nova Scotia on the holiday to this day.

We are accommodated in a house with sea view. From our room we have an unobstructed view of the sea road that separates Prince Edward Island from Nova Scotia, and you can see the island province in the distance. Every morning and evening we watch the ferry docking near the resort, which we also crossed over from Woods Island the day before. The rooms are reminiscent of motel rooms, except that the walls in our house are thick wooden beams. The building is built in log cabin style. Our accommodation has a living room with a sitting area, a desk and a refrigerator and a separate bedroom. Wi-Fi is officially available, but so slow that on this day we refrain from going to the Internet.

Therefore, in the evening we use the invitation of the hotel to a folk concert in the main building. A singer from Newfoundland is a guest who entertains us with songs about fishing in the dangerous waters of the Atlantic and everyday life on his home island. Not much has changed here since the fifties: the resort still caters for the entertainment of its guests.


Tacos chili in Pictou, Nova Scotia
Chili with tacos
Baked Camembert with cranberries
Baked camembert with cranberries - great cuisine in Pictou Nova Scotia
Steak with potato gratin and fried mushrooms
Steak with potato gratin and fried mushrooms


Eat well in the Pictou Lodge

What attracted us to stay here for the second time, next to the ferry, is the good food served at the Pictou Lodge. The restaurant is located in the main house. Here we sit at the window with a fantastic view of the surroundings. In the evening, we watch as the sky over the Atlantic turns more and more colorful, until the last rays of the sun finally disappear over the horizon, and we can only see a few isolated lights in the distance. In the morning, we watch athletic early risers making their jogging laps on the gravel road that runs through the resort while enjoying our Eggs Benedict.

Our dinner from the evening before we have in good memory: Petar's starter was a huge pot of chili with tacos, which looked good. I was allowed to taste it and it tasted just as good as it looked. As an appetizer, I had ordered a baked camembert that was served with candied cranberries so big that I wondered if they were real. Petar's main course was a wonderful salmon fillet on a vegetable bed with fresh blueberries harvested during our travel time in the surrounding woods. It could not be fresher! And my juicy steak was not, as usually usual, served with fries, but with a great potato gratin, still bite-firm vegetables and fried mushrooms. Delicious was both! Just so big that there was no room left for the enticing desserts that were still on the menu.


View from the restaurant at Pictou Lodge
View from the restaurant at Pictou Lodge


But who knows? Maybe we will visit the Pictou Lodge Beachfront Resort a third time? If the opportunity arises, it is already high in our hotel selection. Pictou Nova Scotia offers a great place to stay.

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Pictou Nova Scotia - Dinner with a view

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