The Cabot Trail Nova Scotia

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The Cabot Trail Nova Scotia

On the Cabot Trail Nova Scotia

A drive on the Cabot Trail Nova Scotia takes you along the most beautiful scenic route that eastern Canada has to offer. Has. The road winds along long stretches of road directly along the steep coast. Especially in autumn, when the deciduous forests show their fall colors in the Indian Summer, a drive along the Cabot Trail is breathtaking.

Take your time. Only then can you experience the beauty of the landscape on hikes or whale watching tours. Also worth seeing are the small towns that line the coast. There you can visit art galleries or watch craftsmen. In fishing villages it is worth visiting the ports. There are beaches along the way that invite you to take a swim. On hikes you can admire the views of the sea and the coastline. It is worthwhile if you take several days to explore this piece of earth.

Belle Cote Beach at Margaree Harbor

Acadia on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Acadians on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Suddenly the beach road is no longer called Shore Road, but Belle Cote Beach Road. I find the Scottish-Acadian street names Chemin Old Grand Etang Road or Chemin McCarry Road in Saint Joseph du Moine even more beautiful. The villages are no longer as compact as ...
Scottish Caps Road Trip Canada

Cape Breton in the footsteps of the Scots

Cape Breton in the footsteps of the Scots The Cabot Trail is one of the most beautiful routes in Nova Scotia for a Canada road trip. It is named after John Cabot, an explorer commissioned by the King of England. We explored it for two days on our road trip and were on our way to ...
Sandy beach at Inverness on the Ceilidh Trail in Cape Breton Island Roadtrip Canada

Ceilidh Trail: on to the Cabot Trail

The Ceilidh Trail We explore the Ceilidh Trail in Nova Scotia on our photo road trip Canada and discover real insider tips. Do you know that, too? You drive to a country that you do not know and choose the most famous places as travel destinations. On site you will find out that it is also on ...
Owl on driftwood by William Roach

Cheticamp on the Cabot Trail: folk art with humor

Worth seeing: William Roach's Sunset Art Gallery in Cheticamp on Cape Breton We are on the Cabot Trail. On the outskirts of Cheticamp - coming from Margaree - we discovered the Sunset Art Gallery by William Roach. She was recommended to us because his daughter-in-law is German and supposedly a ...
At the Highland Heritage Center in Iona

That's how the Scots lived in Nova Scotia

The Highland Heritage Center in Iona We hear a muffled rhythmic trampling when we visit the first Scots in Nova Scotia as we walk up the forest path. What is that? Nothing can be seen that provides an explanation. Our path therefore leads us first to a small stone cave, which ...
The mash-ton of the distillery

Canada's single malt whiskey from Glenora

The Glenora Distillery produces Canada's single malt whiskey Canada's single malt whiskey is distilled in the Glenora Distillery & Inn on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. In addition to being a whiskey distillery, Glenora also has the Glenora Distillery Pub and a restaurant serving some of the best cuisine in the world ...
Beautiful beaches in eastern Canada

Beautiful beaches in eastern Canada

Where to swim in Eastern Canada In the past few years we have been touring the Atlantic provinces in Eastern Canada a lot. We very often followed the coastal roads. What is more impressive than views of the vastness of the sea, especially when they are interrupted by small archipelagos cuddling in bays ...
Keltic Lodge in Ingonish Beach

Luxury hotel and golf resort on the Cabot Trail

The Keltic Lodge Nova Scotia at Ingonish Beach This time I would like to tell you about our experiences at the Keltic Lodge Nova Scotia, a luxury hotel and golf resort at the beginning of the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. The travel magazine Travel & Leisure counts the Keltic Lodge Nova Scotia ...
John cabot

The Cabots and their voyages of discovery

John Cabot and the Cabots' Voyages of Discovery Have you heard of the Cabots and their voyages of discovery? In 1497, the Italian Giovanni Caboto, also known as John Cabot, embarked on a voyage of discovery on behalf of King Henry VII of England. Cabot explored the coast of North America and...


Cabot Trail Nova Scotia
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Source: own research on site. We would like to thank Tourism Nova Scotia, Destination Cape Breton and the Canadian Tourism Commission for the kind invitation to this trip. Our opinion remains our own.

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The Cabot Trail Nova Scotia

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