Chiemsee holiday tips for connoisseurs

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Chiemsee vacation tips

Chiemsee holiday tips for connoisseurs

With these Chiemsee holiday tips you can enjoy your stay at the lake and discover Europe by traveling to the lakes of the continent! Slow travelers and everyone who takes the time and leisure to get to know the lake and its surroundings will find suggestions and travel tips here. In Bavaria, the Chiemsee is affectionately called "the Bavarian Sea". Big as he is, you sometimes have the impression of being by the sea. There are sunsets to dream about and many places to swim in the lake. Camping sites as well as holiday apartments and hotels offer overnight accommodation directly on the lake. At the same time, the lake and its surroundings offer many sights that are worth a visit. Hikers will find paths directly along the lake, cyclists can explore the lake on their bikes, and it is also possible to drive around the lake by car. Here you will find tips on what you can do at the lake.


Camping at the Chiemsee

Camping at the Chiemsee - Here you will find campsites

Nice that you are interested in camping at Chiemsee! The Chiemsee is an absolute hotspot for all camping and nature enthusiasts. Imagine waking up in your tent or RV to a breathtaking view of the sparkling lake. On one side you see the clear water ...
Tips for a Prien am Chiemsee vacation

Tips for a Prien am Chiemsee vacation

Tips for a Prien am Chiemsee holiday We are always looking for opportunities for excursions in Bavaria. This time we decided to spend a few days at the Chiemsee. We spend a short vacation in Prien am Chiemsee. We drive to one of the places from which Herrenchiemsee Palace is easy to reach ...
Wellness weekend at the Chiemsee excursion destination Chiemgau

Wellness weekend at the Chiemsee and the surrounding area

Wellness weekend at Chiemsee and the surrounding area The Chiemsee is not only a slow travel destination in Chiemgau in spring and summer. In autumn as well as in winter you can spend a wellness weekend on Lake Chiemsee and the surrounding area. There are opportunities for this in Chiemgau and on Lake Chiemsee. We enjoyed a foot massage...
Hiking in the Chiemgau

Hiking in the Chiemgau for connoisseurs

In the Chiemgau Hiking for connoisseurs The Chiemgau is a hiking area that also offers hikes for all those who tend to avoid inclines. If you go hiking in the Chiemgau, you have a choice. The Chiemgau Alps offer hiking trails for everyone who likes to walk steeper routes. In the foothills of the Alps, on Lake Chiemsee and north of it, there ...
Holidays on the farm at the Chiemsee

Holidays on the farm at the Chiemsee

A vacation on the farm at the Chiemsee is an opportunity to experience this lake and its surroundings authentically and up close. At the moment, a farm holiday on Lake Chiemsee is trendy. During a Chiemsee farm holiday, you don't just stay with Chiemsee farmers. They will also be happy to give you tips on what ...
Holiday rental by the lake

Apartments on the Chiemsee for connoisseurs

Discover your holiday apartment by the lake at Chiemsee Which of the holiday apartments at Chiemsee meets your expectations? It's not that easy to answer. While one person is looking for a Chiemsee holiday apartment directly on the lake, it should be child-friendly for the next. The next person is looking for a Chiemsee holiday apartment with a dog or a ...
Culinary tip for a Prien am Chiemsee vacation - manufactories today

Freshly smoked trout and char from the Chiemsee fisherman

Chiemsee fish eating at the Chiemsee fisherman Eating Chiemsee fish once at a Chiemsee fisherman is something that connoisseurs should not miss on their Chiemsee vacation. We taste trout and char in a fisherman's hut right on the Chiemsee in Bavaria. We spend a day in Prien am Chiemsee and ...
In the Prientaler Bergbauernladen there are mountain farmers cheesecake

Where you can enjoy mountain farmers cheesecake

You can try mountain farmers cheesecake in Aschau. Slow food is good. It's regional. Consistent. Tastes fresh. And it's often homemade. The farmers in and around Aschau im Chiemgau prove this. But these mountain farmers products are not always easy to sell. A mountain farm is often remote ...


Chiemsee holiday tips for your stay

Do you want to escape from everyday life and relax in nature? Then you are exactly right at the Chiemsee! Here are some of our Chiemsee holiday tips that will help you enjoy your stay at the lake:

Stay right by the lake:

On Campsites you can sleep with your tent or mobile home right on the lake shore. If you prefer a little more comfort, stand Accommodation and hotels available.

Discover the area by bike:

The Chiemsee is surrounded by a beautiful cycle path. This allows you to easily cycle around the lake while enjoying the villages and landscapes along the way. In addition, there are always great vantage points and places to rest, where you can enjoy the surroundings to the fullest.

Explore the islands:

There are two islands on the Chiemsee: Herrenchiemsee and Frauenchiemsee. Herrenchiemsee is known for its palace, which was modeled after Versailles. Frauenchiemsee is a quiet place with a monastery and a pretty beach promenade.

Go swimming:

The Chiemsee is a popular bathing lake and offers the opportunity to jump into the water in many places. However, if you are looking for a special bathing experience, you should definitely visit the lido in Übersee. Here you will not only find a large lawn and clean sanitary facilities, but also a restaurant directly on the lake, where you can strengthen yourself after swimming.

Hiking at the lake:

There are many hiking trails along the banks of the Chiemsee with fantastic views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. If you are looking for a particularly beautiful route, I recommend the circular hiking trail around the lake. This path can be walked in stages and offers you the opportunity to view the beauty of Lake Chiemsee from different perspectives. There are also many sights and rest areas along the way where you can rest and enjoy the surroundings.

You can find more Chiemsee holiday tips in our articles. I hope our Chiemsee holiday tips have inspired you and you are planning your trip to the Bavarian Sea soon!



Questions and answers about the Chiemsee holiday tips

What are recommended activities at Lake Chiemsee?

There are many activities to do at Chiemsee. For example, the lake offers opportunities for cycling, hiking and swimming. You can also explore the lake by boat and visit the two islands of Herrenchiemsee and Frauenchiemsee.

How much time should you plan for a Chiemsee holiday?

Depending on which activities you would like to do, it is advisable to spend at least 3-4 days at Chiemsee in order to be able to explore the area in peace. This way you have enough time to get used to life at the lake and to discover all the sights. In addition, a longer stay offers the opportunity to take trips to the surrounding towns and mountains.

Which places are worthwhile outside of Lake Chiemsee?

Our Chiemsee holiday tips also include excursion tips in the area. There are many places worth seeing near Lake Chiemsee, such as the city of Rosenheim, which impresses with its historic old town and numerous shopping opportunities. Herrenchiemsee Castle, which is located on the island of the same name, is also worth a visit. And those who enjoy hiking should consider the Wendelstein massif, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the lake.

Can you also do water sports on Lake Chiemsee?

Yes, the Chiemsee offers numerous opportunities for water sports. For example, you can try windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing and stand-up paddling. There are also offers for beginners, where you can rent the respective water sports equipment and be instructed by experienced teachers.

What are the perks of an off-season holiday to Chiemsee?

In the off-season, Lake Chiemsee is less crowded and you can enjoy nature and the surrounding area in peace. In addition, the prices for accommodation and activities are often cheaper than in the high season, which is another advantage for a Chiemsee holiday in the low season. So if you are looking for a little more peace and relaxation and want to save money at the same time, you should consider the off-season for your Chiemsee holiday.

Travel guide with Chiemsee holiday tips

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Chiemsee holiday tips for connoisseurs

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