Canada specialties between the Atlantic and Pacific

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A "naked" lobster - Canada travel tips

Canada specialties

What should gourmets in Canada want? There's only steak, salmon and corn there! Differences to the USA - there aren't any! Many think so. But far from it! Our Canada travel tips will show you. Typical Canada specialties are regional. They are also versatile.

Canada specialties beyond burgers, donuts and Co.

Canada is a treasure trove when it comes to delicacies. However, you have to dig a little deeper to do this. One has to look for local specialties and restaurants. They have nothing to do with burger stalls, coffee shops or fast food places. Anyone who sets out to explore Canada specialties can experience miracles of taste!

Seafood in the Atlantic provinces, an Venison in Quebec

A trip through Canada's provinces shows that Canadian specialties are influenced by the region and the ethnic groups. While on the Atlantic coasts the proximity of the sea fish, Hummer or Shellfish In Québec, game is very important. Here you eat Duck, Caribou or deer, seasoned with maple syrup, cheese and vegetables. These thrive along the Sankt Lorenz.

Indian bread with taco filling is one of the Canadian specialties
Indian bread with taco filling is one of the Canadian specialties

Fruit and wine are Canadian specialties in Ontario

The freshwater lakes of Ontario provide the harvest of freshwater fish. The whitefish of Lake Huron is definitely known. It is also particularly tasty. The Niagara Peninsula with its mild climate is one of Canada's wine-growing regions. In addition to wine, apples, peaches, pears and asparagus thrive here. These complement each other with game and lamb, which are bred in some places. Ice wine is also one of the region’s Canadian specialties.

Beef and bison of the Prairie Provinces

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Great Plains is herds of buffalo. These once moved across the prairie. In the meantime they have been replaced by herds of cattle. Buffalo are now mainly bred on farms for consumption. The animals spend most of their life in the pasture. Hence their meat is excellent. It goes well with rice or corn. Wheat baked with wild berries as a sauce, topping or juice round off a meal in the Prairie States. In some of these Banff restaurants you can try these Canada specialties yourself.

Salmon is just one of the Canadian specialties on the west coast

Of course, salmon is one of the fish the Pacific Ocean and British Columbia's streams and rivers offer. It is one of the Canada specialties that is world famous. But there is more. Cod, halibut or even kelp. These are algae that grow in underwater forests off the coast. They can be made into sushi. In the Canadian version of sushi, the kelp is hidden under the rice layer. The Canadians initially did not know it as a food. It was only Hidekazu Tojo, an immigrant from Japan, who came up with the idea of ​​swapping the two layers of sushi. He created the version of the raw fish dishes typical of Canada. The seafood in western Canada is complemented with wild mushrooms, pumpkin, rhubarb and wine from the Okanagan Valley.

Native American and Inuit cooks

On a trip through the culinary arts of Canada, the Canadian specialties of the indigenous people of the country should not be missing. Their dishes have entered everyday use in the kitchens of Canada: maple syrup is now an everyday ingredient in every kitchen in Canada. Just like corn, pumpkin or beans. Even so, there are traditional dishes that are more likely to be found in indigenous kitchens: frybread or Bannockbrot is just as much a part of it as pemmican. It's a meat and berry paste that they took with them when they were traveling. Because it is nutritious, healthy and, above all, durable.

The three sisters soup made from corn, beans and pumpkin is probably one of the most typical indigenous foods in Canada. It combines the three main types of vegetables that have been planted together in the fields of the tribes.

One thing becomes clear when traveling through the regions of Canada. The country's cuisine is well worth exploring. The palate thanks you for it. Because the taste experiences are often surprising, always tasty and sometimes astonishing. It is worth discovering Canada specialties.


Canada specialties
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Canada specialties between the Atlantic and Pacific

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