Bergisel Innsbruck - ski jump & top view

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Middle station at Bergisel Innsbruck

Bergisel Innsbruck is known to all winter sports fans. In addition, everyone who has about Innsbruck in Tyrol drive south, the hill has already been discovered. It falls to us to the left of the motorway kilometers before the turn-off to Innsbruck Austria on. Because it is on our program for Innsbruck, we pay special attention to it. However, it is also so obvious. It is only 1,8 kilometers from the motorway exit Innsbruck South away.


Bergisel Innsbruck
Bergisel Innsbruck


Bergisel Innsbruck - the ski jump

Even from a distance, the Bergisel ski jump looks impressive. But how much more impressive is it from close up! Like a phoenix it rises from the mountain wall in the air. It is the architecture of Zaha Hadid, the star architect from Iraq, who owes its appearance to the hill. This makes my admiration safe from the first glance. Hadid's buildings often accomplished the impossible. Many of them look as if they violate the laws of gravity. Nevertheless, they exist. That's why we gladly accepted the invitation to Innsbruck. Because seeing one of her works in a natural way was reason enough for us.


Stehränge am Bergisel
Stehränge am Bergisel


We visit the Bergisel ski jump in autumn. That is why we can see it at a time when it is not used for competitions. Martin Nagiller, show jumper and ski flying fan since his youth, leads us over the hill. “Actually, it is only open for competitions on the four-hill tour in January.” He explains to us what ski jumpers have to consider on this hill: the biggest problem is the south winds. If these blow, it is too dangerous. We experience this ourselves during our visit. Martin's colleague Markus Gruber takes over the show jumping on this day. Because the winds often change direction unexpectedly, there are always waiting times between his jumps. Nevertheless, we can watch him make his daring jumps into the valley. Photography is not included. The ski jumpers are just too fast for that.


Markus, show jumper
Markus Gruber, show jumper


The art of ski jumping

We take the cable car to the middle station, where Martin Nagiller introduces us to the secrets of ski jumping. So I know one thing for sure: for me it is nothing. If only because of my fear of heights, I can't imagine how you keep plunging into the depths from above. When I hear about how the ski jumper has to hold his skis against the wind during the flight, it is clear to me: my lack of sportsmanship is the best guarantee that I will not take this risk. Therefore I am interested in one question above all: how do you overcome the inner bastard before the flight? Martin says: “You face that before every flight. And it has to be conquered every time. ”Therefore, a lot is required to practice this sport over many years. They have my respect, the show jumpers and ski jumpers from Bergisel Innsbruck!


Martin, show jumper and our guide on the hill
Martin Nagiller, show jumper and our guide on the hill


Top view from Bergisel on Innsbruck

If we already have a great view of Innsbruck from the middle station, then this one from above is simply breathtaking. That's why our photos and cameras are looking down on the valley when we get off at the mountain station of the cable car. However, we have not arrived yet in the restaurant. There, the tables are reserved right in front of the panoramic windows for us. Because I look exactly at the ski jump below me, I can well imagine how the ski jumper feels before the jump. Even the adrenaline rushes into the blood behind the safe glass pane!


Bergisel ski jump Innsbruck
Bergisel ski jump Innsbruck


The food plays a supporting role for us here. We can not get enough of this top view of Innsbruck. Therefore, you will notice the visit of the Bergisel ski jump on your next visit to Innsbruck or the next car trip over the Brenner to the south. The Bergisel Innsbruck guarantees a terrific experience!


Another worthwhile excursion destination from Innsbruck is the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens in Tyrol. You can easily reach them with the shuttle bus from Innsbruck train station.


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Bergisel Innsbruck - ski jump & top view

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  1. Looking forward to the winter where our ski jumpers from Andi Goldberger as spokesman - up to our top athletes of Stefan Kraft, Hayboeck Michael, Fettner Manuel, etc., bring us exciting competition again. All good

    1. This time I will certainly look at the competition on the Bergisel ski jump. Although I'm not a fan of ski jumping, but the hill makes me curious :)

  2. After flying over a hill with a paraglider recently and an exciting roller coaster ride in the stomach area, we now have even more respect for the jumper jumpers!

    1. The roller coaster ride for the stomach area, I can understand very well :) My thing would not be ...

  3. As a kid I was always fascinated by ski jumping. I always believed that they were the only people able to fly. Today I do not have time to devote myself fully to the program, but my belief that they can fly has never really changed. Great pictures that reminded me a little bit of my childhood.

    1. I am glad, Stephie, if the contribution awakens childhood memories with you. Best regards, Monika

    1. Exactly the same thing I thought, Antje, when I got the invitation for the trip. The architecture of the ski jump is terrific. But I would never jump down.

  4. I am not a skier at all and have never even driven or jumped, but your article makes you feel like it :)

  5. The first picture is really awesome. Wow! And in the picture with the view from the top, I'm even a little dizzy in front of the PC ... A fear of heights greets. Thanks for the great article

    1. You really have to get used to that, Agnes. But with the glass in between, it goes: D

  6. Ski jumping is not my cup of tea. Haha: D But it's certainly interesting to take a look at it all. Thanks for the nice article!

    1. Honestly! I would not have expected that from you :). With sled dogs through the wilderness in Sweden and fear of heights?

  7. My grandmother lives near Willingen, where there is also a ski jump. I've been there more often. I always find it fascinating to be up there. I wonder how you can get the idea to jump down there: D

    1. Hello Lisa, I did not know that there is also a ski jump there. Sounds interesting. Maybe we should take a look at it :). And you're right: on the idea to jump down from there, I would never: D Greetings, Monika

    1. From ski jumping I had no idea until our visit to Bergisel. However, we found out there that you have to pay a lot of attention. Above all, the architecture and the view from the hill impressed us.

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