On the way along the Alentejo coast along the Rota do Peixe

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Cais Palafitico

The Alentejo Coast along the Rota do Peixe

Our journey along the Alentejo coast in Portugal takes us for almost a week along the Rota do Peixe through Alentejo. Of Évora and Comporta to Cabo Sardão, this journey almost always led us along the sea. In the Alentejo coast map you will find an overview of our trip.

Alentejo coast map along the Rota do Peixe (our route)

Places on the Alentejo coast map mapped by Wanderlog, a trip planner on iOS and Android

In our Alentejo coast map we show you the route from Lisbon to Evora. Then we continue from Evora via Comporta to Santiago do Cacém. From there via Sines and Porto Covo to Vila Nova de Milfontes. Finally to Cabo Sardao, the Entrada da Barca and the Rota Vicentina. Each stage has its own charm. Lisbon offers lively city life, Evora impresses with its history. Comporta is known for its beaches, while Sines and Porto Covo are picturesque fishing villages. The Rota Vicentina offers breathtaking coastal hikes. Discover the diversity of the Alentejo coast.
Our journey started in

Évora, the largest Town in the Alentejo

It took us only an hour to get from the airport in Lisbon to Évora.There we spent our first night. We also had our first encounter with the fish of the region in this town in the Café Alentejo. Only a few steps away from the town square, we were allowed to taste spiny dog ​​soup, the specialty of the house. After an evening city tour and a night in the comfortable Vitoria Stone Hotel * we continued to the coast the next day.


Discarded boats on the Alentejo coast
Discarded boats on the Alentejo coast in Portugal



Evora - starting point for the Rota do Peixe


Comporta and Cais Palafítico on the Alentejo coast

In Cais Palafítico we finally reached the sea. Or better a lagoon. Here we experience, what is typical for the fishing trail of Portugal. From this small harbor, with its fragile boat jetties and crooked fishing huts, fishermen go out at high tide to catch fish in the sheltered lagoon. We were there at low tide and watched a fisherman preparing his next exit.



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Cais Palafitico, a typical picture on the Alentejo coast
Cais Palafitico


In the Restaurante A Escola the next Fish specialty waited for us: eel stew. Delicious! We also learned that it would be better to bring plenty of time for a lunch in the Alentejo. Ours lasted from one to five o'clock. But it was worth every minute. However, you should be hungry!


Eel stew in Restaurante A Escola, typical of the Portuguese fishing path
Eel stew in Restaurante A Escola


The beaches from Comporta to Sines on the Alentejo coast

On the way to Hotel Vila Park in Santo André * we stopped at several beaches. From miles of wide sandy beaches in the north Comporta to small sandy coves hidden between high cliffs, there is everything. However, they are all one thing at this time of year: almost deserted! We can't swim at average daily temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees. Instead, we experience fantastic sunsets and nature that is second to none.


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Comporta beach
Comporta beach


After a few trips to the beaches we finally treat ourselves to a dinner in the Restaurant Cais da Estação, Here we get to know another culinary specialty of the region: Açorda de Marisco. A meal that the poor fishermen of the region prepared. Despite its reputation as "poor people's food", it tastes delicious. You can find the recipe for this in our article about Portuguese fish specialties.


Açorda de Marisco
Açorda de Marisco on the Alentejo coast


The Alentejo Coast from Porto Covo and São Torpes on the Fishermen's Trail Portugal

The next day we follow the coast of the Alentejo. This time our journey takes us to the Beaches and coves between Porto Covo and Sao Torpes. In the small fishing village of Porto Covo, however, we wait in vain for the fishing boats. They obviously need more time that day to fill up their warehouses. Instead of this we walk along the coast, Small bays hide between the rough rocks. Most of them are accessible and offer summer bathing enthusiasts access to sheltered areas. In front of the bays, the waves of the Atlantic break in spectacular surf.


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Alentejo coast at Porto Covo
Alentejo coast at Porto Covo


Other than São Torpes: there is a wide sandy beach for miles almost to Sines. Above the coast, we find some fish restaurants that serve fresh fish dishes. We make lunch break in the Restaurante Arte e Sal, Where grilledFish is one of the specialties of the house. Carlos Barros, the landlord, serves us the whole thing with enthusiasm. Hospitality is very important here.


Carlos Barros In Restaurante Arte e Sal, delicacies on the fishing path Portugal
Carlos Barros In Restaurante Arte e Sal on the Portuguese fishing path


The Sines fish market on the Alentejo coast

It is he who accompanies us in the afternoon to the fish market of Sines. There we will witness how to get fresh fish on the coast. At the fish auction in Sines, fishermen are auctioning off their fresh catch from the sea. While fishing boats are constantly docking at the pier and delivering their catch, customers are waiting for it in the auction hall. The highest bidder finally does the business.


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Fishing port of Sines belongs to the fishing path Portugal
Fishing port of Sines


Vila Nova de Milfontes on the Alentejo Coast

We end our exciting afternoon with a great dinner at Tasca do Celso in Vila Nova de Milfontes. If you want to get to know the culinary skills of the Alentejo, you cannot avoid this restaurant. We enjoyed a real gourmet meal there. And that in a restaurant that is second to none.


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Grilled fish in the Tasca do Celso, typical food on the fishing path Portugal
Grilled fish in Tasca do Celso


We stayed the last two nights of our trip along the Rota do Peixe in a holiday apartment not far from in Monte do Zambujeiro *, This is located in an old farmhouse off the main road and can only be reached on a gravel road. Absolute rest during the night and a sunrise with breathtaking views make the overnight stay an unforgettable experience. Rest is guaranteed in this environment.


Lighthouse at Cabo Sardão on the Alentejo coast
Lighthouse at Cabo Sardão on the Alentejo coast


The lighthouse of Cabo Sardão on the Alentejo coast

The last day of our journey at the Rota do Peixe leads us first to the lighthouse of Cabo Sardão. It towers over a rugged coastline but is not open to the public. Instead, there are several trails that run along the coast with views of the cliffs.


Entrada da Barcas on the Alentejo coast
Entrada da Barcas on the Alentejo Coast Portugal


From there our journey goes on Entrada das Barcas just a few minutes drive away. in the Restaurante O Sacas we are already expected. The grandmother wants to join us in the small fishing harbor, which hides between the cliffs. There, meanwhile, the fishing boats have overcome the wild surf and brought their catch ashore. In the auction, she buys fresh fish directly from the fisherman and prepares it for us in the restaurant. Fish stew, octopus, sole and grilled shellfish fresh from the sea - never fish tasted so good.


Grilled sole
Grilled sole in Restaurante O Sacas


Hiking on the fishing path Portugal, the Rota Vicentina

After such a meal, a hike is good. For that offers itself the Rota Vicentina which is easily accessible from the restaurant. After a steep climb, the path follows the coastline with views of creeks and pastures where cattle graze. In between, we meet fishermen who throw their fishing rods from the cliffs. One even ventures out onto a rock in the water and tries to pull his prey ashore. It costs a lot of effort to catch the delicious fish along the Rota do Peixe. But it's worth it.


You need that for hiking on the fishing path Portugal

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On the Rota Vicentina on the Alentejo coast
At the Rota Vicentina on the Alentejo coast of Portugal


What would be good fish without wine?

The next day we travel back to the airport in Lisbon. We still have a little time for that Visit to a winery. Herdade do Cebolal in Vale das Eguas however, is not easy to find. Even Google is struggling with it. But after some asking, we discover the dirt road that leads to this winery. We are all the more surprised by the modern wine cellar that awaits us. The wine from Herdade do Cebolal tastes fruity and fresh. According to the winemaker, this is due to the proximity of the sea. In any case, it is a perfect complement to the fish dishes that we were able to get to know on our gourmet journey along the Rota do Peixe.


Wine tasting in the Herdade do Cebolal
Wine tasting in the Herdade do Cebolal


More tips for the Alentejo

You can also swim at sandy beaches along the Rota Vicentina. This swimwear you shouldn't forget the suitcase .


Questions and answers about a road trip on the Alentejo coast for connoisseurs

Which culinary highlights along the Alentejo coast should I not miss on my road trip?

On your road trip along the Alentejo coast you should definitely try the fresh seafood. Visit local restaurants and try specialties like grilled fish or cataplana, a seafood stew. The region is also known for its delicious wine, especially Vinho Verde and Alentejo wine. Don't miss out on these culinary delights!

Are there special places along the Alentejo coast where I can experience the local culture?

Absolutely! During your road trip along the Alentejo coast you can experience the authentic local culture in fishing villages like Porto Covo or Zambujeira do Mar. Visit the local markets, explore historical sights such as fortresses or castles and enjoy the relaxed attitude of the locals.

Which beaches along the Alentejo coast are particularly recommended?

There are many beautiful beaches along the Alentejo coast. Some highlights are for example Praia do Malhão, Praia do Carvalhal and Praia da Comporta. These beaches offer fine sand, clear waters and a picturesque setting. Don't forget to pack your beach essentials and enjoy the sunset on one of these amazing beaches!

Are there any particular wineries along the Alentejo coast that I can visit?

Yes, definitely! The Alentejo region is known for its wineries. Some of the recommended wineries along the coast are Herdade do Esporão, Herdade dos Grous and Herdade da Comporta. Here you can take part in wine tastings, learn about winemaking and experience the exquisite local wine culture.

Are there any hiking trails or natural parks along the Alentejo Coast that I can explore?

Absolutely! The Alentejo Coast offers many hiking trails and natural parks for nature lovers. The Southwest Alentejo Natural Park and the Costa Vicentina are great destinations. There you can go on coastal hikes and discover the fascinating flora and fauna of the region. Don't miss the hiking trails along the cliffs that offer breathtaking views.

Which historic towns or villages along the Alentejo Coast are worth visiting?

There are some historic towns and villages along the Alentejo coast that are worth visiting. Évora is a UNESCO World Heritage City with impressive architecture and history. The city of Santiago do Cacém with its imposing castle and the charming Vila Nova de Milfontes are also worth a visit. Immerse yourself in the rich history and explore the narrow streets of these places!


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Alentejo coast along the Rota do Peixe
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On the way along the Alentejo coast along the Rota do Peixe

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