Vancouver Island Spa Hotels between Port Hardy and Victoria

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Beach at Vancouver Island Spa Hotels

Discover Vancouver Island spa hotels on the east side of the island

As a tour guide I was often from Port Hardy to Victoria on the way. This route offers so much beauty. We got to know them even better on our trips as travel bloggers. In Telegraph Cove we observed orcas and bears – what an unforgettable sight! Further south, Campbell River impressed us with its waterfalls and great fishing opportunities. Then we were on Quadra Island. The island is simply fantastic: so quiet and with a magnificent view of the Discovery Passage. Courtenay and Comox offer a great mix of culture and nature. There are galleries, outdoor markets and relaxing hiking trails. In Victoria we walked through the enchanting Butchart Gardens. But also that Aquarium in Sydney was a real highlight. We stayed at some of the best Vancouver Island spa hotels along this route. They really are a treat for all the senses!


Vancouver Island Spa Hotels
Spa Resorts on Vancouver Island


Vancouver Island Spa Hotels on the east side of the island

These Vancouver Island spa hotels offer everything you need for an enjoyable break. Along the east coast there are luxurious accommodations characterized by exclusivity, local cuisine, Wellness: and sustainability.

Are exclusivity and privacy important to you? Many Vancouver Island spa resorts offer tranquil retreats. But be prepared: some hotels can get crowded during weddings or at the pool. Local cuisine plays a central role. Most spa hotels value regional ingredients. But there may be times when the menu has limited options. After all, the region is not a tourist hotspot.

First-class wellness offers are a must. However, some spas are smaller and have limited capacities. Access to nature was important to us. Many of these spa hotels Vancouver Island offer breathtaking views and access to hiking trails. But there are also hotels that are further away from outdoor activities.

Sustainability is also a big issue. Not all resorts are equally eco-friendly, but most make an effort. At Vancouver Island Spa Hotels you will find relaxation and luxury. The balance between exclusivity, regional cuisine, wellness and nature makes these accommodations so special.

Vancouver Island Spa Hotels for a Vancouver Island wellness vacation

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The Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa in Courtenay*

If you're looking for a seaside spa vacation, then Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa is a great choice. Located in Courtenay, directly on the Georgia Strait, the resort offers a relaxing atmosphere. We appreciate the proximity to the beach where you can walk or just relax. If you're looking for outdoor adventure, there are hiking trails and other activities nearby.

The “Ocean7 Restaurant” and the “AQUA Bistro & Wine Bar” offer regional cuisine. Fresh seafood and local ingredients are the focus. You can dine here in peace and enjoy the panorama of the sea. In the suites you can also prepare a meal in your own kitchen.

The highlight is the “Pacific Mist Spa”, which offers you special hydrotherapy. This spa area includes various treatment options so that you can relax according to your needs.

We were particularly impressed by their commitment to sustainability. Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa strives to maintain environmentally friendly practices. They reduce their environmental footprint by favoring local suppliers and reducing energy consumption.

Here you get a relaxing break with sea views, first-class regional cuisine and a spa experience that gives you peace. Pack your bag, treat yourself to a break, and pamper yourself at Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa!


  • The Hydropath at Pacific Mist Spa

You should know that:

The Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa offers you a relaxing break with wellness and sea views. Exclusivity and privacy are important for many travelers. However, despite quiet areas, the pool can sometimes be crowded. Here, too, it is worth renting one of the suites whose balconies open out to the sea.

Value for money is another factor to consider. Some guests find the prices too high, especially for the spa treatments. If you want a comprehensive wellness treatment, it is worth checking the offers beforehand.


Essential oils
Let yourself be pampered with essential oils at Vancouver Island spa hotels


Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa in Sidney*

The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa in Sidney is a great example of Vancouver Island spa hotels. It offers suites with private balconies and sea views. From here you can enjoy the relaxing view and find peace.

The “Haros Restaurant” offers regional cuisine with fresh ingredients and a selection of local wines. Here you can try delicious dishes and end the evening relaxing. The kitchen places particular emphasis on local ingredients and shows how diverse the region is in terms of cuisine.

The spa area includes a sauna and a fitness studio. No matter whether you want to work out or just relax – you will find the right offer here.

The hotel's location makes walks along Sidney Pier very attractive. You can take a leisurely stroll along here and get some fresh air. The good connection to the ferries allows you to easily plan day trips to other destinations.

The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa also attaches great importance to energy efficiency and supports community projects. It seeks to minimize the environmental footprint while having a positive impact on the local community. This means you can feel comfortable here and know that your stay is making a positive contribution.

The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa offers a great combination of sea views, regional cuisine, wellness and nature experiences.


Full Service Hair Salon & Spa

You should also know this:

The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa offers a great location in Sidney, but there are a few points you should keep in mind. The spa area is rather small, which can lead to limited capacities. If you want to treat yourself to a relaxing treatment, plan your appointments well in advance.

The hotel is also located in a lively district. As a result, the environment can sometimes be noisy, which can affect privacy. If you're looking for absolute peace and quiet, you might want to consider a quieter hotel.

Nevertheless, the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa offers some nice advantages, such as direct sea views and regional cuisine in the “Haros Restaurant”. Here you can enjoy walks along the pier and benefit from the good ferry connections.



Foot treatment
Foot treatment at Vancouver Island Spa Hotels


Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa on Brentwood Bay*

Located on scenic Brentwood Bay, Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa is an ideal place to unwind. The suites are equipped with private balconies so you can enjoy the view whenever you want. From here you can fully take in the beauty of the place.

The “Seagrille” values ​​regional products and wines. This means you can sample the region's finest ingredients while overlooking the tranquil bay. In the restaurant you will find fish, seafood and other specialties that come fresh to the table.

At the spa you can relax in a heated pool or whirlpool. You will also find massages and treatments here that will help you switch off properly. After a relaxing day at the spa, enjoy a stroll through Butchart Gardens. These famous gardens are just a short drive away. If you prefer to be active, try one of the many outdoor activities.

Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa pays attention to sustainability. They operate their own aquaculture and rely on solar energy to protect the environment. These practices minimize the environmental footprint and promote responsible travel.

The suites with a view of the bay, the “Seagrille” and the spa area make the resort unique. With its proximity to Butchart Gardens and commitment to sustainability, you'll get an exceptional experience here. Book your stay and discover Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa for yourself!


Brentwood Drift Signature Massage

You should also know this:

You can have a relaxing getaway at Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The prices in the “Seagrille” are perceived as high. If you want to dine here, keep this in mind.

The hotel is popular for weddings and events. That's why things can be a little livelier during these times. If you are looking for exclusivity and privacy, plan your stay accordingly.

Apart from that, the resort offers a relaxing atmosphere that is ideal for a break. Suites have private balconies overlooking Brentwood Bay. The spa area is equipped with a heated pool and whirlpool.



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Lemon Oil in Vancouver Island Spa Hotels
Let yourself be pampered at the Vancouver Island Spa Hotels


Our conclusion about the Vancouver Island Spa Hotels

These Vancouver Island spa hotels are ideal for a relaxing break on the west coast of Canada. They offer us unique experiences, from tranquil sea views to relaxing spa treatments. Whether we stay at Kingfisher Oceanside Resort, Painter's Lodge, Sidney Pier Hotel, April Point Resort or Brentwood Bay Resort - each of these hotels offers something special.

The regional cuisine is the focus. The restaurants utilize fresh seafood and ingredients that the coast and island have to offer. This will present you with an authentic taste of Vancouver Island.

The wellness aspect is another advantage. Many resorts offer spas, massages, and hydrotherapy, making it easy to unwind. Whether you use the sauna or opt for a full body massage, you'll feel like a new person.

Sustainability also plays a big role. Some of the resorts rely on local ingredients and energy efficiency to protect the environment and support community projects. This will make you feel like you are in good hands during your stay.

Vancouver Island spa hotels are perfect for a vacation on the island

These resorts are ideal for different types of travelers. If you are looking for exclusivity and service, you will find luxurious suites and attentive service here. Nature lovers can explore the beaches and hiking trails that are right on the doorstep. Plan your trip and discover the spa hotels on Vancouver Island. Here you can relax, eat well and experience the coast in all its beauty. Whether alone, as a couple or in a group – you will surely find your perfect break.

You can discover and book more Vancouver Island hotels using this map*


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Vancouver Island Spa Hotels
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Vancouver Island Spa Hotels between Port Hardy and Victoria

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