Three tips for bon vivants in Bad Wildungen

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Friedrichstein Palace - palaces and castles

Bad Wildungen sights for connoisseurs

Discover Bad Wildungen sights for connoisseurs in Germany. What can connoisseurs experience in Bad Wildungen? We asked ourselves these questions during our stay in this health resort in Hessen. With these tips for connoisseurs in Bad Wildungen, a stay will be an experience. At the invitation of Göbel's Aquavita Hotel in Bad Wildungen, we spend two days in the spa town in Northern Hesse. At first, however, the city confuses us a bit. Our navigation device shows us a path that leads past the town of Bad Wildungen. Instead we drive towards Reinhardshausen. Only then do we find out that Bad Wildungen has several districts. These still bear the place names of yore. Like Bad Wildungen, Reinhardshausen is a health resort.


Bad Wildungen
Bad Wildungen sights for connoisseurs in Germany


Bad Wildungen Hotel with wellness, thermal baths and enjoyment

Pure enjoyment in Göbel's Aquavita Hotel

In the center of Reinhardshausen lies Göbel's Aquavita Hotel. Our room is decorated in brown and purple. It invites you to relax with its sofa and terrace. Here we enjoy the sun with which Bad Wildungen welcomes us. From the terrace we look at the spa park.


Quellentherme Bad Wildungen Hotel
Quellentherme, one of the Bad Wildungen sights for connoisseurs


Bad Wildungen Wellness and Therme

The hotel is connected to the 2000 square meter spring thermal bath, one of Bad Wildungen's sights, via a bathrobe corridor. This is right next door. Hotel guests can comfortably reach the pool and the outdoor facilities of the thermal baths directly from the hotel room. The facilities of the thermal bath are free of charge for them. The wellness center is also located there. There you can be pampered with beauty and wellness treatments (for a fee).


Rooms at Göbels Hotel Aquavita
Rooms at Göbels Hotel Aquavita


Eat in this Bad Wildungen hotel

The gastronomy in the Aquavita Hotel is also impressive. Choosing the breakfast buffet is difficult, the range is so varied. We also enjoy the selection at the evening buffet.



Salmon for the evening buffet in the Hotel Aquavita Bad Wildungen Hotel
Salmon for the evening buffet in the Hotel Aquavita - Bad Wildungen, Germany


A walk in the spa gardens - one of the Bad Wildungen sights

However, the spring weather doesn't keep us in the room for long. The spa park is right in front of Göbel's Aquavita Hotel. Gardens and parks always lure us. There, walkers do the same and enjoy the spring air. The path leads us under deciduous trees to the Reinhardshausen foyer. There are regular spa concerts there. There is also a café for relaxing. It's too busy for us here, however, and we go back to the hotel.


Walk for connoisseurs in Bad Wildungen
Walk for connoisseurs in Bad Wildungen


On the way we use one of the park benches and watch the goings-on in the spa gardens. There are families out there who push their offspring in front of them in prams. Couples holding hands enjoying the walk in the park. Spa guests sit together on a park bench and get to know each other. A place for connoisseurs in Bad Wildungen that both locals and guests like to use!


What you need for a stay in Bad Wildungen

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Castle Friedrichstein
Friedrichstein Castle - Bad Wildungen sights


Cultural enjoyment in Schloss Friedrichstein

The surroundings of Reinhardshausen are also worth a visit. We make a trip to the main town the next day. There, Schloss Friedrichstein rises on the hill above the city and can be seen from afar. We park our car in the parking lot below the castle and walk over the cobblestones to the Schlosstor.


Castle gate, one of the Bad Wildungen sights


There we learn that at this point in 12. Century a castle stood. After changing ownership, she came into the possession of the counts of Waldeck 1263. One of the daughters of the house of Waldeck, Margaretha, is said to have served the Brothers Grimm as a model for Snow White. The seven dwarves were in reality probably miners from the mines of the region. Unlike the fairy tale, however, the story of Margaretha von Waldeck did not end with a happy ending. She died at the age of 21 years. Rumor has it that she was poisoned.


In the castle cafe
In the castle cafe


However, we do not get anything of that from our visit to Schloss Friedrichstein. From the top we have a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings. The Schlosshof also houses the Schlosscafé. In summer you can enjoy coffee and cake in a pleasant environment. Because the coffee terrace is tastefully decorated with flowers and garden decor.

During a visit to the museum you can inform yourself about the military and hunting history of Hesse.

What you can do in and around Bad Wildungen:

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Arrival to the Bad Wildungen sights

Flights from all over the world* gives way Frankfurt. Bad Wildungen is about 40 kilometers southwest of Kassel and 12 kilometers from the Edersee on the northeast edge of the Keller forest.


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Bad Wildungen
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Three tips for bon vivants in Bad Wildungen

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