In Toronto this tastes good

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Chocolate with crystal salt

In Toronto, that tastes good - even chocolate with crystal salt

Offer me chocolate and I won't say no. It tastes just as good in Toronto as it does anywhere else. I love chocolate in every form and intensity. And so I can rarely go past chocolate, pralines, chocolate pudding or chocolate cream. Any dessert menu that contains chocolate dishes has already won for me, as has a shop that makes its own pralines, caramels or chocolate. It was the same the last time I was in Toronto. But first from the beginning:

Biff's Bistro on Toronto's Front Street - Tastes good in Toronto

We discovered a new bistro on Front Street off St. Lawrence Market and had dinner there on each of our three evenings in Toronto, so delicious were the dishes and the atmosphere was so pleasant. The first dinner I ordered was a wonderful beef bourguignon that I liked so much that I insisted on going back the next evening to enjoy it again. The only drawback was that I could not order another dish to better appreciate the offerings from the kitchen at Biff's Bistro.

Petar, on the other hand, tried different dishes. And so, through nibbles from his plate, I was able to enjoy fried pork belly with spaetzle and fennel. An unusual but interesting combination of dishes reminiscent of Alsatian specialties. There was also excellent filet mignon with bacon and brandy peppercorn.

Pleasant ambiance in a French bistro in the middle of Toronto, Canada

In addition to the food, we liked the welcoming atmosphere at Biff's Bistro. On the second evening, the young lady at the reception welcomed us like old acquaintances. On the third evening she told us that she came from a winemaking family from Niagara on the Lake and that she earned her spurs for her restaurant at Biff's. The rest of the staff was just as nice, courteous and well-trained. Each of them tried to fulfill our every wish and made sure that we felt comfortable every evening.

The wine was poured from the right side - the selection of which was fantastic, by the way. There was homemade mustard as a side dish, “because the guests like it so much.” At least that's what our waitress told us when we asked. The food was served after a pleasant wait, and once the glass was empty, wine was immediately poured in again. We were very pleased with the courteous and attentive service and there was nothing to complain about on any of the evenings.

And we also liked the regular customers at Biff's Restaurant. Since we only ate there in the evening, it was mostly office and bank employees from the surrounding shops, office and bank buildings. They met up with friends here or squeezed in a meeting in a pleasant environment into their daily routine before heading home. Apparently many of them were guests who were not dining at Biff's for the first time, which also speaks to the quality of the restaurant.


Chocolate pralines - It tastes good in Toronto
Chocolate pralines – In Toronto it tastes good

Surprising dessert - it tastes good in Toronto

So far so good. But now about chocolate: If I want to get to know a restaurant, I like to try a dessert with it to get the most comprehensive picture possible. And as I mentioned at the beginning, I can hardly avoid chocolate. That was also the case at Biff's Bistro. So it was clear to me from the start that I would choose the “Chocolate Pot de Crème” as evidence.

Said and done. Since I could not think of anything specific at first, I asked our waitress what it was all about, and got the answer that it was a simple dessert, like pudding. Sound promising! So I ordered the chocolate pot.

And sure enough, a small pot of chocolate cream arrived that was reminiscent of pudding, only fluffier. It was decorated with white crystals. “Aha, sugar crystals,” I thought to myself, confident that I knew the right ingredients. But what a surprise awaited me: when I put the first spoonful of this delicacy into my mouth, I swallowed, completely perplexed. The white crystals were salt! After the first spoonful, I tested a second one just to be on the safe side, and sure enough: salt! And since I actually – and surprisingly – liked it, I ate the rest of my dessert.

Since I was not completely at ease with the whole thing, I decided to order the same dessert again the next evening - maybe the cook had made a mistake in the pot. But - lo and behold - again the chocolate cream was served with crystal salt. My conclusion: an extraordinary, but surprisingly good-tasting taste experience that made my visit to Biff's Bistro even more interesting. It tastes good in Toronto!

Chocolate pralines with crystal salt - it tastes good in Toronto

We found out that this combination of chocolate with salt is nothing unique when we visited the SoMa Chocolatemaker on King Street in Toronto. A shop exactly to my taste, everything is made there: pralines, chocolate and caramel. Everything is homemade in stores. It tastes good in Toronto.

And here, too, I find this unusual combination of flavors of chocolate and salt, this time in the form of pralines. SoMa chocolates are filled with very exotic ingredients. There are, for example, whole milk pralines with chai masala, pineapple pralines, chocolate pots filled with 8-year-old balsamic vinegar, or chocolate cones that olive oil contain. So it's no surprise that we come across the combination of chocolate and salt in this shop too, with butterscotch pralines thickly coated in chocolate and generously sprinkled with crystal salt. Here again an experience for the palate.

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In Toronto this tastes good

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