Where is the best tea time in Victoria?

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Tea Time with scones

Where to have tea in Victoria

Tea Time in Victoria! There are different possibilities.

  • Afternoon Tea at the Empress Hotel (Tel: (250) 389 2727)
  • High Tea in Butchart Gardens in Winter and Spring (Tel. 250-652-8222)
  • Tea at the Hotel Grand Pacific as well
  • a tea ceremony at Silk Road in Chinatown

In this article's our tips.

Actually, it is no wonder that tea plays such a big role in Victoria. The founding of British fur traders and the seat of the colonial administration is one of them. Tea is almost a national drink in the British regions of the world. So it is no different in Victoria.

Tea Time in Victoria - Tea Ceremony
Tea Time in Victoria - tea ceremony

Tea Time in Victoria - The Afternoon Tea at the Empress Hotel

Sure is the afternoon - or evening - Tea time at the Empress Hotel the most famous tea ceremony Victoria has to offer. Every guide mentions them. In addition, queues and entry lists show how popular the tea break at the luxury hotel is at Victoria's port. Only those who register for high tea get a seat there. But you can do it differently. There are other ways to trace the tea culture.
Tea is served at the Empress Hotel between 12.00 and 16.45. Due to the high demand, there are now tea service between 19.00 and 21.00 clock. Reservations are advised by calling: (250) 389 2727.

High Tea at Butchart Gardens


Tea Time at Butchart Gardens
Tea Time at Butchart Gardens


Who his High tea In a well-maintained environment, you should take time for tea time at Butchart Gardens. In the house of the butchart family the tradition is upheld. There, guests are offered a tea ceremony. These are quite traditional with cucumber sandwiches, salmon rolls, cornish pasties and scones with maple butter and strawberry jam. In a pleasant atmosphere and with a pot of tea, created especially for the Butchart Gardens, you can spend a peaceful afternoon under plants.

High tea is served in the “The Dining Room Restaurant” in Butchart Gardens between 11.00 am and 16.00 pm Reservations for high tea are recommended on tel. 250-652-8222.

Tea at the Hotel Grand Pacific

With views of the harbor of Victoria you can in the Hotel Grand Pacific in Victoria enjoy his West Coast Afternoon Tea. Unlike Butchart Gardens, they specialize in summer drinks. On a tea basis, of course.

The creations sound delicious. The "Sunday Breakfast Cocktail" is a mixed drink made from Lapsang Souchong tea from China, each with a dash of bourbon, maple syrup and pureed basil. On top of that there is a strip of roasted bacon as an ornament.

What do you think of Epiphany? This lemon-flavored cocktail consists of a syrup of philosopher tea (a blend of lemon grass, citrus peel, rose petals and lavender flowers) and Absolut Citron. The whole thing is filled with sparkling wine and refreshes heavenly on a summer's day.

But also for those who do not like alcohol, is taken care of. There's Lychee Fruit, a drink made from a syrup made from Double Happiness Lychee Tea and Club Soda. Wonderfully sparkling and fruity. Just the thing in hot temperatures.

Tea Time in Victoria for those who want to know more


Japanese teapot
Tea Time in Victoria - Japanese teapot


If you feel like finding out more about tea drinking in Victoria, you might find yourself at one of them Tea tasting at Silk Road to enlighten. This shop is run by two women who learned the tea traditions in China. The two have trained there as tea masters. They brought with them a knowledge of how and how to mix tea. In addition to well-known teas are ingredients such as chocolate, fruits, flowers and herbal teas with names like Alchemist's Brew, Angel Water and Chamomile Bliss, The philosopher tea comes from the mixed kitchen of Silk Road.

Teas are served at a tea tasting at Silk Tea. Do not forget to ask about chocolate tea with the chocolate tea. As incredible as it sounds, this combination melts on the tongue and tastes amazing. You learn how to drink tea in China and learn little things that make tea even more delicious. Anyone who wants can indulge in Silk Road at the spa. Organic oils and aromatherapy included.

For a tea tasting or a spa treatment, you should also make a reservation by calling: 250 704 2688 (2). Silk Road is located at 1624 Government St. Victoria, BC.

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Where is the best tea time in Victoria?

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  1. Dear Monika,

    Without reading the article, I knew that you already lured me. I'm self-confessed drinking tea and I love love the High Teas in England.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Jessica,

      then you will also like the Canadian high teas. Some of them also have a “Canadian touch” :)

      Best regards,

  2. Dear Monika,
    is there really only tea or could I order a coffee?
    I mean, just in general :-) Tea is also delicious, especially if it is prepared and served so professionally.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Katja,

      Tea Time and High Tea are really only tea, but in a large selection. It's all about the ceremonial that goes with it. That's the afternoon tea. Of course, you can also order coffee at normal café visits.

      Best regards,

  3. Hi monika,

    I was not aware that the Canadians have adopted this typically English tradition. With such a portion as on the top of the photo I need then in the evening nothing more ... ;-)

    Nice also the typical Chinese teacup at the top. There are a lot of Chinese in Canada by now, so exciting that there were two women (no Chinese, I think?), Who got educated and brought the Chinese version to Canada.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Barbara,

      In Canada, the British heritage is still felt in many places, even if the country is probably the most multicultural country in the world. You are also interested in the things of the other cultures that live in the country.

      Best regards,

  4. Hello!
    It's really interesting that there is such a traditional tea time in Canada. I would definitely want to visit this when I'm in Canada. That sounds quite to my liking: a well-kept tea paired with snacks and lots of information. Really great, thanks for the tips :)

    1. Dear Anita,

      it is really fun. I also like watching the other guests at the Tea Times. It is a typical event for connoisseurs :)

      Best regards,

  5. Moin Monika and Petar, didn't even know that tea time is such a hit in Canada. I like to drink a lot of tea myself and often and would like to enjoy such a high tea afternoon. However, I have little desire to join a group and sit with loads of tourists in front of my cucumber sandwiches ... Did I understand you correctly that the hype in Butchard Gardens is a little less? LG, Eddy

    1. Hello Eddy,

      You do not have to wait in Butchart Gardens if you book in advance. Incidentally, this also applies to the Empress Hotel. Reservations are a must, as Canadians also like their Tea Times :) I recommend booking a table there as early as possible. Then nothing can go wrong.

      Best regards,

  6. I was in Victoria for 10 years ago and totally thrilled with the little town. I could have stayed forever. Unfortunately I did not know about the Tea Time. Should I go there again, I will certainly visit a tea time. I know tips for that now.

    1. Dear Ina,

      I also got to know these places only after many visits. Victoria definitely worth traveling.

      Best regards,

  7. Since one's mouth is watering! I've never been to an English ceremony, but I'd like to do that. Maybe I do not have to go to Canada for that.


    1. Dear Gina,

      that is certainly synonymous in the immediate vicinity. If, then definitely in England or Ireland :)

      Best regards,

  8. Hello you two,
    I would have known it all earlier!
    I just did not drink any tea in Victoria ... hupsi: D
    Maybe it was due to the heat, but then I preferred an Ice Tea Time. But your tips sound really good, I would like to try the philosopher tea of ​​Silk Road!

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Jessi,

      the teas we tried there were really great. However, the most beautiful thing I always found was the whole ceremony, which is connected with it. As in Victorian times :).

      Best regards,

  9. Hallo,
    that sounds right at home. Teatime is always a great thing to relax and reflect. The two ladies at Silk Road seem to be well trained. It was definitely exciting to listen to them and taste the different, also unknown varieties.
    Greetings and other nice tea time,

    1. Hello Kuno,

      you're right. I could have listened to the stories of the two ladies at Silk Road for days. And the tea blends they created were imaginative, surprising and so delicious!

      Best regards,

  10. Oh yummy, I would have liked to take part in teatime :).
    I wish you a good start into the week! Best regards!

    1. Hi Jenny,

      it's really fun too. We especially liked the ones in Butchart Gardens. Tea under the palm trees, more or less.

      Best regards,

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